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    San Francisco Lounges

    That list didn't include The Orbit Room on Market Street, which is hands down one of my favorite places for a cocktail. That "little guy" behind the bar has a mean muddle and a big pour.Sure, Orbit has its quirks. I like it because it is not pretentious, the pricetag is lower than most San Francisco lounges and the cocktails are above and beyond extraordinary.
  2. There are two "obscure" choices that I sneak into most cocktails at my bar. Chartruese and Campari. Most people not in the know tend to run from these flavors- but I manage to sneak it in most of the time. As we head toward Spring- I enjoy muddling grapefruit and cucumber then adding a squeeze of lime, housemade bitter infused simple syrup, Plymouth Gin & a splash of green chartreuse. Served up. Mmmmmm Delicious! For winter- Try a simple but warming combination of Irish Whiskey and Green Chartuese. (3 parts, 1 part)
  3. I disagree. I think Alberta Straub and The Orbit Room are one of the best things to develop in the San Francisco bar scene. It depends on what you are going to a bar for. When I go to a bar I want an environment where I can relax and forget about my worries. Alberta always offers a warm, friendly, inviting atmosphere but even better... she will tailor any drink to your personal likes. So- if it does happen to take a minute or two longer it is only because she is always going that extra step to better service you and make your experience a pleasant one. I have been a bartender and restaurant professional for several years- and I am amazingly suprised and overwhelmed by Alberta's creations and her ungoing high level of hospitality. Here's a scenario for you: When you go out would you rather say " i like a citrusy drink with gin, or i feel like a drink that would make me feel like im on an island somewhere" and get a hand crafted concotion that will put a smile on your face? Or would you rather have a gin and tonic slung at you haphazardly with a half browning lime and several drops of your well gin spilling onto your beverage napkin and going unnoticed? If thats the case then perhaps Orbit and Alberta is not the match for you- and you can nuzzle up to the bar at The Transfer or your local Applebee's and get a Cooper Camel or Tijuana Chuckle or some awful sugary factory made drink with an umbrella in under 30 seconds. However for those who enjoy finer cocktails and a unique experience that no one else can dupicate, then you should undoubtely stop by.