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  1. Totally didn't think to consider modeling clay. You're right, modeling chocolate does rock!
  2. Hi All, I have to make 6, 4.25 x 6 in. pieces of fondant that look like window panes where the panes measure 1.75 in. square and are laid out in a 2 x 3 grid. I experimented a little and at first I tried a thicker piece of fondant but it distorts more than a thinner measurement of about 3/8 in. I used a square cookie cutter for the panes. It is not the exact size I need so I make multiple cuts - one for each corner of each pane. Also, I've cut a plastic template to guide my cuts. I plan on cutting them and allowing them to dry so that they are stiff when I need to apply them to the cake. The problem is that as I cut the panes out, the strips of fondant between the panes start to distort from the displacement of the cutter. Also, the entire shape has to have 90 degree corners to look correct. I found that cutting the panes out first and then cutting the entire window from the rolled fondant lessens the distortion. But there is still some distortion. So, can anyone suggest a better technique to achieve this shape? Also, I was wonder if cutting thin strips of fondant and then piecing them together on the cake might be better than making the whole window pane. I still think that making them square and straight would be a challenge. I hope this description makes sense and that someone has some tips to share. I've seen cakes with fondant applications that look so clean and straight and even and always wondered how its done. Thanks so much, Chris
  3. Hi All, I have a number of wild strawberry plants that produce all season and thought it would be fun to try to make wild strawberry extract. Has anyone made any berry extract for flavoring baked goods? I've read through the vanilla extract thread and was wondering if its a similar process - steeping the berries in the spirit of choice or if there is something else to it? Thanks for your ideas, Chris
  4. Hi All, I'm in a bit of a quandary over buttercream storage. According to The Cake Bible, Mousselline Buttercream can be stored at room temp for 2 days but Classic (egg yolk) can only sit out for 6 hours. Is this true in your experience? I ask because I left a recipe of Classic buttercream out for 24 hours and before I chuck it I want to hear about other experiences. Thanks! Chris
  5. Hi All, I'm fairly certain that this topic has come up before but I couldn't find a relevant thread by searching the forum. I have a cake order for vanilla cake/strawberry filling/vanilla buttercream. For the strawberry filling I am making a mousse. The person said that they want the cake to be moist. Does anyone have a fav recipe to achieve this? Is the only way to ensure moistness to use a simple syrup on the layers? Thanks and sorry if this question is repetitious. Chris
  6. Thanks for that reference. I will have to find my copy and read it more thoroughly. This is all very interesting info. I have heard of pie safes but never really thought about them. Makes sense that they were meant to keep the critters out of the pies including critters of the human variety.
  7. I'd eat it too. I don't worry too much about pies like that. Fruit pies either. All the components are cooked/baked and overnight shouldn't be a problem. What do you think people did before they had refrigerators?! I guess they just threw away all their leftovers... ← ...or just ate them all??! Thanks for your advice!
  8. Hi All, Someone asked me if it is ok to eat a slice of lemon meringue pie that they left out overnight and I was not sure so I thought I'd ask the experts The pie consists of an Italian meringue and lemon curd in a pastry crust. I put it together yesterday (Sunday) morning. The curd was made on Saturday and the meringue was made yesterday. I'm sure that you can't eat it but thought I'd ask as there is no cream component in it. What else would spoil overnight? Thanks, Chris
  9. Hurray! It worked! Thanks so much! Chris
  10. I am making a cake which I am planning to fill with a strawberry puree firmed up with gelatin. I accidentally added half the amount of gelatin I needed to the puree and didn't figure it out until it was sitting in the fridge for an hour or so. Will it gel properly if I reheat the puree/gelatin mixture and add the remaining gelatin that is missing? I know not to boil gelatin but I am unsure about reheating it. I am using powdered gelatin. Thanks for your help! Chris
  11. Hi lenabo, The filling was chocolate icing (the recipe called it frosting). The cake layers alternated between vanilla and chocolate. The entire cake was smoothed over with the same icing so that it looked like a chocolate cylinder before I applied the fondant. The cake did not have a support shank but each tier had its own series of supports - like wedding cake construction. It did not require too many dowels. When they served it, they removed each tier before cutting. I'm so glad that you liked it. Its a pretty quirky cake, I guess, but I've done quirkier. Take care, Chris
  12. The day that I was to make the cake, I saw the ace of cakes one so naturally I got intimidated. I used an entirely different technique than they did. Pretty much everything is fondant. I rolled each half (the white strip and then the red strip) of the background and applied them separately. The letters were traced and cut from fondant as was the label in the center. Only the word 'condensed' was piped. The bottom row of gold 'fleur de lis' type figures was applied with a stencil that I cut out along with gold luster dust. There were 3 tiers. 2 were cake (8" in diameter by 4" tall) and 1 was styrofoam (also 4" tall) because they did not need 3 tiers of cake. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Chris
  13. I agree that its probably brush embroidery. You can make it more dimensional by piping fairly thick outlines to start from and pulling them inward. Its easy to practice and experiment with line thicknesses on a piece of cake board. The effect is very pretty.
  14. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! Chris
  15. The cake was 12.5" tall and 8" diameter. I couldn't stay at the party until the cutting but I told them how to disassemble it and apparently they had no problems with it. It was an art themed party with a bunch of 7 year olds. The kids were so excited about the cake until the hostess told them that rather than cake, they'd be having soup. Then they got real quiet. But she corrected herself before any riots broke out
  16. The cake was due last Saturday and everyone was happy with it - I think that includes myself. I see so many flaws when I look at the photos. For that reason, I am nervous about posting it here - I guess this is a growing exercise for me. So, here it is. Please be kind. Thank you for all the very very helpful advice! I used two separate pieces of fondant for the red stripe and the white stripe. Take care, Chris
  17. I love the idea, however, they have their heart set on a can shaped cake. I am enjoying your cake thoughts, though!
  18. Well, as the cake is meant to be a Warhol reference, maybe I should make two smaller ones....or not....I'll have to think about this. Thanks! Chris
  19. No problem...I live 8 miles west of Chicago in a town called Forest Park. Wow, 12" high. The cake is for 40 people at most. I'm wondering if I should bring it down to 6" diameter. Or I guess I can use styrofoam for the additional height...hm... So chocolate clay will roll out to such a large size (12" x 26" or so) and still be manageable?
  20. I have not considered that. Is there an online source for ordering such a thing?
  21. Hi, Thanks for your tips! This cake is for Jan. 20. I will be making 8" cakes but I have not worked out the math for how tall it will have to be -- definitely taller than 8". Is that considered small? bripastryguy: When you said I'm unclear on the correlation between the thickness and people eating it. I'm sorry if I'm being dense.Thank you for your generous offer of further advice via phone. I would hate to impinge on your time. K8memphis: what type of candy clay do you recommend? The white chocolate/corn syrup combination or is there any other that you think would work better? Where do you usually purchase your powdered colors? I will post pix (if I am brave enough ) Again, many thanks! Chris
  22. HI All, I am making a cake in the shape of a Campbell's soup can - label and all. It will be in the shape of a cylinder with a fondant 'label' around it. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on the following... 1. Should I roll out the fondant, paint on the writing and then apply it to the cake? If so, what is the best way to keep it from drying too much while I write on it? 2. The top of the label is red and the bottom is white. Should I make the colored label as two separate pieces of fondant (one red/one white) and then apply them to the cake individually? I know that it will be tricky to maintain a straight horizontal line where the two colors meet. Or should I just paint the top red with petal dust and apply the label as one piece of fondant? Thanks for any and all thoughts on this. Take care, Chris
  23. Hi, I am making a gingerbread house cake that will be about 9" x 13" x 15" high. It will have a steep peak. I was hoping to have most of the roof covered in "snow". The effect that I would like is a smooth coating of snow that smoothly mounds right above the edge of the roofline. I have been trying out different possibilities but I'm not satisfied yet with the results and was hoping for more suggestions. I would really like to avoid buttercream or fondant mostly for weight reasons. Ideally, Italian Meringue would look great, however, it would not be baked and I don't think that it would be stable long enough -- I am applying it the night before the event. I also considered Marshmallow Fluff -- perfect color, great consistency but I'm worried that it will flow off the cake because of the steep roofline and it takes a long time to firm up. I'd appreciate any other suggestions. I know that this is an odd question but I figured there might be someone with some ideas out there. Thanks so much! Chris
  24. I take it you can't order wholesale from a bakery supplier, right? If you can, most bakery suppliers (at least out here) carry the white satin ribbon. If not, you can use nearly any good quality white chocolate, just DON'T use white chocolate chips. They have additives to help maintain the chip shape and do not melt well at all. ← Nope I can't order wholesale. I know about the chips. I just have to use a white chocolate that tastes good yet won't break the bank....hmmmm......I'll have to shop around a little. Thanks for your advice! Chris
  25. Yes, much to my dismay, it didn't find anything either - as you said, even on Guittard's site. Do you have a secondary recommendation?
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