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  1. @ LODGE restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just had a little drink of apple cider and 'bison grass' vodka. Crisp and refreshing, just like the seasonable weather. but WHERE to buy bison grass vodka?
  2. There's a very good BYO sushi place called Jo Sho, it's off Easton Avenue, at 120 Cedar Grove Lane in Somerset. And I know you are sick of Easton Avenue, but you should seriously try the shrimp won ton soup from Noodle Gourmet if you haven't already, it's my favorite food in the universe.
  3. Bamboo Brook/Willowood Arboretum is a very nice place in Chester Township in Morris County. It has a stone barn and beautiful gardens and grounds. It is a little pricey to rent, especially if you're not from the county! However, you can bring your own caterer. Check out the website of Morris County Parks Dept. for more info www.morrisparks.net.
  4. Ota-Ya 21 Ferry Street Lambertville, NJ
  5. pay day! i'm off to the market with my 30 euros.
  6. hi! i am new to eG (not new to reading it, just to particating!) and i'd like to take part in this project too. count me in!
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