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  1. Now you've confused me. I've got some Ghiardelli double chocolate chips I want to use for some really chewy chocolate chip cookies, and I was about to go for the Big Chewy recipe, and now you bring in this one! Interesting that it uses corn syrup. Doug
  2. We went! I had a great steak and lovely garlic mashed potatoes. Helen had the roasted veggie brioche, and we had the Valhrona chocolate cake (huge) and lime basil pound cake with lime basil syrup. A great meal. Doug
  3. We'll be in Okemos Friday night July 30th -- how far ahead should we book? I live in the UK but my family live in North Manchester, Indiana, and we are coming over for my niece's wedding. <My wife and I are also doing a Michigan road trip, ending up with a dog agility show in Lansing on the 31st. Doug
  4. I'm not a beer drinker, but I shall have to try some in Bruges! Doug
  5. Any suggestions for an inexpensive restaurant/cafe where I can get this and/or rabbit in beer? Good place for waffles/pancakes? Thanks. Doug
  6. I don't like milk chocolate at all. I like dark chocolate, the darker the better. Just had some 90%, lovely. But then I like Waitrose continental chocolate. And Black & Green's. And Valhrona. Doug
  7. Thanks Peter. But the MFA web site lists only 2 food venues open on Sunday, neither with anything about an 11:30 seating. Looks like the Fraser Garden Court Terrace is closed on weekends. Perhaps the brunch is a thing of the past, that's my impression. Doug
  8. Thanks to researchgall and Peter for those helpful tips. I am coming to the conclusion that Sorella's is too far, shame. And certainly Saturday's breakfast is governmend by the time between when Helen gets up (I'm always up early) and getting to the tour by 10. Everyone seems to recommend Charlie's on Columbus, so if we can get to it I think we'll try. Or just walk along Tremond Street, which is just one block over. Peter, I'm not sure what the MFA hours mean -- 11:30 to 3 but 11:30 seating only? What's that mean? I think that sounds a good idea as it takes us to a place we should probably see anyway.
  9. We're getting organised. We've booked a North End Market tour with Michelle Topor, so we'll be nibbling 10 to about 1:15 on the Saturday, then maybe Artu's or Pizzeria Regina (or Fig's or Pomdoro, we've got a short list but will be meeting someone there (via another mailing list, we don't know her) and will choose at the time. Dinner at Durgin-Park. I really want that prime rib. Michelle Topor says it's still great. Friday night, if we don't eat on the train, probably King Fung Garden. That still leaves decisions about breakfasts, where we really want a good variety of pancakes, and Sunday lunch. I haven't figured out if Sorella's is too far to get to for breakfast (we're at the Doubletree opposite the NE Medical Center T stop). If it seems reasonable it sounds good. Doug
  10. We're going to Barcelona this coming Sunday. Can anyone recommend a buffet style (not vegetarian). Also was interested in the Brazilian restaurants, with all the meat -- anyone have any experience of them? Thanks. Doug
  11. Thanks. That's enough for me to find it. I last had fried clams a few months ago at a Howard Johnson's restaurant. I'm sure these will be better! Doug
  12. Figs sounds very good. Deinitely one for our list. Where do you get the fried clams? We've got time for a Sunday brunch. Would prefer an American style brunch, maybe up to ฤ each but not one of the ุ ones! Thanks. Doug
  13. Going to Barcelona for 2 days in February. Not looking for 3 star -- cafe's, buffets, nice places for cakes and ice cream and Catalonian sweet stuff. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. We had a great meal at the Sang Kee Duck House with another couple we'd met in Rome (and hope to see in London in January and Boston in April!). Peking duck, two huge bowls of soup, the stirfry from the duck, General Tso's chicken, 6 dumplings, all four about โ. Scratch meal at the Reading Terminal Market, I had Chinese, nothing to write home about. I should have tried anyone of several other places, eg Delilah's or the Down Home Diner. But we did have breakfast at The Dutch Eating Place there. Scrapple and blueberry pancakes, great! And a meal at a wholefood place on South Street. There are two, this was the big one, can't remember its name. Great place, with tables and a microwave where you can take your food. I had some excellent sushi and some London broil, a couple of great rolls, and some melon. And the last afternoon on the way to the airport, a Vietnamese chicken hoagie from Ba Le.
  15. Thanks folks. Franklin Cafe sounds interesting. How about the Blue Diner? We'll be close to that. Going to try Durgin-Park also. Maybe elsewhere in Faneuil Hall?
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