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  1. In the last 12 months.

    Canoe and Splendido are the recent fine dining restaurants.

    In the 12 months before that at visits to Senses and Scaramouche the cooking was up to a good standard.

    I have also eaten at Truffles recently - but this was a just a banquet tasting.

    I think the cooking is good to excellent (I wont say reliable as I dont visit enough to do a sensible comparison).

    The ambiance of the dining room is good (if a little dark for me).

    Attention to detail presentation of food and the table environment both rated highly for me.

    I want to try Susur this time and a wedding reception at the Four Seasons so will mean at least 1 meal there :laugh:

    I am still working on an old 2006 Toronto Life list for the best so always interested in other highly rated restaurants.

  2. I always hear lots of mixed reviews regarding Splendido. Just when I seem to get a predominantly positive feeling - you get a review like this

    So where does everyone stand currently

    My visit was around new year. Could not fault the combination of service, style and cooking.

    They had fresh bluefin which we had tartare - But the amuse was using the bluefin... enough care was taken to ensure the people ordering tartare had alternative amuse's.

    Rest of the meal was balanced, well cooked and presented.

    I still rank it as the best I have had in TO.

  3. Renka - Just changed my camera to a Panasonic LX2 which has a lot more manual features which is why I am interested how to get the best food pictures. The previous sony gave too little control over white balance etc to get a good one without flash. Its not a bad obsession to have though is it ?.

    ps what is your favorite spot for steak frites ?....

  4. I would look for a balance.

    Definately finish with Gordon... RHR is fantastic.

    But move around a bit. London has a fantastic collection.

    My Choices would be

    Racine - Classic Bistro

    Nahm (Thai 1*)

    Umu (Japanese 1* - Full Omakase)

    Hakkasan (Chinese 1* - Dimsum)

    St John (Suckling Pig Roast !!!!!)

    Joel Robouchon (1*)

    Sketch (1* - Library)

    The Fat Duck (3* Fantastic - to compare where the above will be in 2-5 years)


    Gordon Royal Hospital Road (for perfection especially the service.)

  5. The Best Steak Frites I've had were at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar. I have a friend that swears by Le Papillon ( I can only vouch for their Moules Frites)

    Gordon.... Jamie Kennedy is on my list for my next visit in a couple of weeks. Thuet is also on the list as we are there for 2 weeks this time. Will report back on the frites quality :biggrin:

    For fine dining tho' maybe Susur this time.

  6. Thanks to everyone else for the recommendations. I am not a big fan of buffets (brunch or otherwise) but my sister in law likes the idea of them especially the type done by the big hotels in Florida and the like.

    Web searching had thrown up a blank for Toronto so though I would ask people in the know.

  7. Thanks Renka - I love "high-end" food but like variety even more so eat every where from Gordon Ramsay through Dim Sum to Pizza....

    I didnt see the interior (edit - I should read others posts slower !!!!) pictures as I was a little more focused on the food pictures as I skipped through the album. I noticed that you have been eating out a lot since November.

    Also it looks like you have changed camera or settings at some point as the night shots are a lot brighter with the more recent ones. Mine always come out with the darker look.

    Edit - Yes :rolleyes: I did see the "interior" pics of the steak (just took a look at the link). It did look nice if a bit overdone for me :biggrin:

  8. I'm an occasional visitor to TO (my girlfriend's family are there). Every time we are there we try somewhere else. So far the highlights have been Canoe, Splendido and Scaramouche.

    I have eaten in Bistro 990 a couple of times and their frites are good. I have only had the tartare with frites there... which was pleasant.

    The fries were well fried with good colour and texture (crispy but not over cooked) and the flavour was right on the money. I would think a contender in your list.

  9. Renka saw your fantastic pics from a link and looked at the Le Select ones.

    How was the meal ????. I love the look of the cassoulet and other dishes from your photographs.

    I am back again in under 2 weeks and looking for different places to try.

  10. Are there any good buffet style brunch menus in TO ?.

    I see from the Toronto Life articles that the Four Seasons does this on Mothers Day and New Year but is this an all year round thing ?.

    Are there any others worth visiting ?.


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