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  1. Kathryn's views on Blue Ribbon overlap precisely with mine. I have been there so many late nights over the years, hoping to finally get what is so great about it and how they can charge what they do...and have found that the bread, oysters and marrow are very good, the desserts indulgent, and the rest of the food menu so hit or miss and over-priced as to not be worth a venture. I'm sure I'll still find myself there again in the near future, but its more of an incidental, never a destination.
  2. One thing always puts a smile on my face though. I love it when servers cut themselves cutting lemons or bread or something retarded like that. Shows how inept they are at even the most mundane of tasks. Yeah, I'm a dick..................... ←
  3. Hi Chef, This was really great. Perfect balance of sorrow and humor and food. Thanks, Rachael
  4. Miso? Standard. Raxelita is very tired of Brooklyn standard.
  5. I am working in DUMBO now and have been curious about what's good too. I hear Iron Chef Sushi is the closest go-to Japanese. Confirm, Deny?
  6. Made my eggs for some huevos rancheros in duck fat-- fabulous. In general, it's my favorite fat in which to cook scrambled eggs, even better than pig fat. I made potato chips on a deep pan full of duck fat. Messy but delicious. Rubbed a whole chicken with a mix of herbs, butter and duck fat. Browned meats in duck fat. There have been more experiments. I'll try to recall. Overall, I've never regretted using it.
  7. I eat at Pies and Thighs frequently and find their food to be stellar. It is annoying that they don't have the thighs during brunch hours, but Steven's biscuit and gravy is the second best (my granny's being the best) example of that dish I've ever had. During normal hours, their fried chicken is pretty damn great. That said, the "Rock Star" bar is a horrible place to enjoy the food. It's dark, dingy, sometimes smoky and smells like a dive bar. Fine at night, but very depressing during the day (unless you're the next Bukowski). I normally either do take out, or have my food outside on their patio.
  8. I agree about Upstairs and Danube would like to add Il Buco and Cafe Boulud
  9. L'Hereu Cava at about $13 a bottle retail is a very dry, tart Cava that would make a great float. Cristalino Cava seems to be the house industry standard -- I've seen it used in 2-3 star restaurants all over Manhattan as the mixing bubbly. They also make a rose if that appeals...
  10. Evening! After experimenting with Orange and Angostura bitters-making, we think we're ready to delve into peach. Has anyone here made peach bitters or seen a recipe?
  11. raxelita


    Thanks so much for the report, John. Do you remember what the Amuse was?
  12. I ate a bad oyster. That is, I put in my mouth and spit out a bad oyster. Worst part was, I shucked it myself so I had no one else to blame. Runner up: A half-frozen beef pattie from Clinton Papaya eaten in desperate post-dancing late night shame/inebriation.
  13. Happy Holiday Preparation Frenzy! Gotta bring some ready-made apps to a couple holiday parties this year. One idea I'm working on is a little crispy potato sandwich thing. So far I'm thinking I'll slice the potatoes about 1/4 centimeter thick and roast them in a bunch of fat (maybe pork or duck) till crisp and let cool. For the inside I'm thinking maybe lump crab (or smoked salmon) cream cheese, and chive mixed together and chilled. Or does anyone have a recipe for a "quick" pate that might go nicely with a little jam or mustard inside? Trying to find a filling firm enough that it won't gush out from the potato on the first bite), and one that's foody-friendly but not a 46 hour process. Thanks, R
  14. I lived, ate and drank in SF for six years and often miss it so. Was back this Summer and did Swann Oyster Depot, Delfina, Puerto Allegre, La Taqueria, Shalimar, Tartine and Tu Lan, all the favorites... Perhaps you'll outline the special places for you? I also fondly remember drinks at Zodiac and Orbit, but I fear things have changed...
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