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  1. My husband's best friend (who views himself as a gourmet) likes to make fun of my husband and his food tastes. He jokes about him saying that the most adventurous he will go is a Chinese restaurant and that he only orders Almond Boneless Chicken. And, yet, for our first date my husband took me out to a fun Spanish tapas restaurant. He also will good naturedly try to eat anything at least once. He just needed to find someone who was interested in trying new foods.
  2. I humbly bow down in the face of those with far more cookbooks than I even have bookshelf space. Seriously, where do some of you put your cookbooks?
  3. I've enjoyed reading this thread. The hummous "debate" was entertaining. As for the question of why North African food doesn't seem to have taken off, well, for people to try a new food it does have to be available. I've actually actively sought out North African restaurants without success - I live in a metro Detroit suburb and I've done a decent amount of travelling.
  4. I love it done very simply. Grilled with 1/2 a fresh lemon, a couple of pats of butter, freshly ground black pepper, and sea salt.
  5. Maria

    Ethnic Pop

    I tried Miranda when I was in Mexico. It's probably the same as Sunkist orange or any orange soda though. ;-)
  6. Thanks for the wonderful in depth review, Phoebe! Angel's was kind of one of those little finds. I was sad when it closed down for a while. The food and price was always good and yet it was never packed like some of the other places in Ferndale. I definitely am going to revisit it sometime soon.
  7. What I found so odd was that my husband, who was tagging along, actually knew Tammy, had been to a party in someone else's house (A house in Ohio with a hidden room), and grew up within a few miles of where Devilkitty grew up. The squash was fantastic. That should be an annnual tradition. As for dried pears. I've seen them quite a few times. I would check out health food stores or the health food section of major stores. I am fairly sure Whole Foods would have them.
  8. Has anyone eaten at Angel's Cafe in Ferndale? A group of friends and I used to get together there once a month. It was a nice little place. I was wondering how it was now-a-days since it looks like it reopened.
  9. Tammy, Have you seen a book called "Will Write for Food."? It's about the food writing business.
  10. I told a friend about folks suggesting Emily's. So, she and her husband are going for their anniversary. So, I am looking forward to what she thinks. I told my husband I would like to go there next.
  11. It's pretty interesting that people can have different experiences at a restaurant. My husband and I stopped by Via Nove for dessert and they had changed their menu so that chestnut lovely dessert was no longer offered. The dessert I ended up with was alright, but nothing like the one we had before. I'm not fond of pasta, so I normally do not have a pasta dish.
  12. Ah, my friend backed out, so only my husband and I will be attending.
  13. Thanks, Tammy. I will let my friend know. Before I forget. The wines I have in the basement leftover from our wedding are: Alexander Valley Vineyards Chardonnay 2003 Alexander Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 Should I bring a few bottles? If so, how many of each? http://www.smallwinemakers.ca/AlexanderValley.html http://winebork.com/rev.php/AlexanderValley02Cab P.s. I won't be offended if everyone wants to pick out a different wine. I'm not a wine drinker.
  14. Here's a nice little find in Ferndale, Michigan. Via Nove which means "Nine Mile" in Italian. Here's a Detroit News review on Via Nove http://www.detnews.com/2005/eatsdrinks/050.../E10-128169.htm Here's an AOL City Guide review on Via Nove http://www.digitalcity.com/detroit/enterta...adp?sbid=191264 Appetizers, main meal, dessert, a couple of cappucinos and tip will set you back around $50.00 per person. Once a month a couple of women friends and I get together to spend an entire evening leisurely eating and talking. Unlike my husband and his friends who get together once a week at a Bill Knapps, my friends and I usually choose a nice restaurant. In 5 years we haven't yet eaten at a bad restaurant. This time my one friend, an Italian American, chose the restaurant. She had seen it once and wanted to try it. Because she had never eaten there herself, she was a bit nervous about how things would turn out. When we first met up we did get confused and could not find her. We were not aware that there were two floors to the restaurant and that she was already seated upstairs. So, if you are meeting someone there, do be aware that there are two floors to the restaurant. If you want a quiet dinner where you can talk, you might want to eat on the first floor instead of the second floor if they have entertainment. It can get rather loud up there (or at least too loud for lots of quiet conversation) since there really isn't anything to absorb the sounds. The decor is modern without being weird and way out there. The staff was most helpful and pleasant. Our waiter was very cognizant of the ebb and flow of our conversations and did not interupt us at the wrong times. Although friendly, he was not overly familiar. The food was great. I wish I had tammylc's gift of remembering and describing food. What I could remember was that I could taste each ingredient that was in each of the dishes. I know that sounds kind of weird, but a lot of times dishes are so overdone with spices and sauces that you really cannot taste the ingredients. At Via Nove, though, the food was bright, vibrant, fresh. And they gave us more than enough food. What was also great, was that they had a good selection of interesting dishes for vegetarians to eat. One of our group is a vegetarian and it is always a challenge to find a good restaurant with a good selection of foods that a vegetarian can eat. The appetizer and main meal was great, but nothing prepared us for the dessert. Ok, dessert was nothing short of orgasmic. I had the roasted chestnut charlotte with chestnut mousse and a dab of hazelnut/chocolate gelato. I had no idea how it was going to turn out. In fact, I was about ready to beat myself over the head for not going with one of the chocolate desserts, that was, until I had my first bite. I do not use the word orgasmic lightly (actually I rarely use the word), but nothing on earth prepared me for this. My dinner companions enjoyed their desserts also (and for the life of me I cannot remember what they had). The mmmms and groans that emitted from us as we ate surprised even us. Our friend who chose the restaurant beamed as we praised her for her find.
  15. We finally ate at The Tribute. I realize how much it's praised as a restaurant and I will probably become much reviled after my comments, but here goes. My husband, guest from San Diego and I were not impressed by The Tribute. Our guest was a VP Sales of a major corporation, so she is used to wining and dining around the USA. She was like "ho hum" about the whole experience. It's been a while, so I cannot remember exactly what we all ate. The first thing that I remember that was annoying was the parking situation. They had required valet parking. The parking lot was nearly empty, the whole parking lot could be crossed in 60 seconds or less (ie., not very big), so required valet parking seemed a little overkill for a suburban restaurant with a moderate parking lot with lots of empty parking spaces. The food was ok, but the portions could have been a lot bigger. I've never eaten at a restaurant where I did not feel full and did not have leftover food on my plate (ok, except for the salty carrot sorbet ... see below). The deconstructed carrot cake had my husband and I laughing for quite some time. He said the actual carrot cake was good, but it would have been a lot better if they skipped the salty carrot sorbet (My husband said it was awful and just plain weird) and made larger portions of the carrot cake (Did I mention that the portions were really small???). There seemed to be way too many people working at each table. There were many times that they were continually interupting our conversations instead of allowing the person who was talking to finish their sentence before interupting them. Maybe they had an off day or maybe I am too picky. Don't get me wrong, I will eat anything. However, there are very few restaurants that I will call great restaurants. The Tribute is a decent restaurant, but it's just not up there in the greats for me.
  16. Ah, we did end up eating at Jeremy. It was a nice meal in a low key mellow atmosphere. Our guests from Los Angeles enjoyed it.
  17. A friend would love to come, but she says her husband is kind of picky (won't eat red meat, food has to be prepared a certain way, blah, blah, blah). So, she was wondering if they could come to the going out to eat part only. If so, has a restaurant and a time been chosen (sorry if it's already been stated, I seem to have problems missing data when I read lately)? Oh, and was a group going to get together to eat out on Friday night (the 15th) yet? And if so, when and where?
  18. Add one of our friends as a definite attendee. He's checking to find out if his girlfriend would like to come.
  19. When I get a chance, I wil go to the basement and get the names of the wines and you all can give me a thumbs up or down.
  20. Oh, I just got married, so we might be able to supply some wine, beer, and such (I just need to keep some for a couple of parties we are having in the next few months). However, it might not be up to a connoisseur's standards. The wine guy here said that the wine is decent (in the top 100 wines). Having worked for a fine beer import company before, I know that the beers are just your normal local bar fare (Heineken, Guiness, Miller, Budweisier).
  21. Tammy, It sounds good. My husband said he wants to contribute to the desserts.
  22. Well, then I will definitely promo it. Is the date definite?
  23. I'm in. I will bring my new husband (we got married this last Saturday). Are non egulleteers allowed to come? Because if so, I can probably wrangle a few more local folks I know who are into food.
  24. Pumpkin Lover, Hugs to you. I used to call it "The Break Up Diet." I've gotten very svelt within a few weeks of a break up. Most of my friends hang out with a pint of "Ben and Jerry's". Not the world's greatest diet though. If you cannot eat much, then drink lots of water and fruit juices, and eat light fresh fruits and vegatables.
  25. Well, I was convinced about Emily's since a lot of people have mentioned it to me. The other plus was that they are nearby ( I'm in Canton.). Uunfortunately, they are not open on Sundays. Where is Jeremy's? I've heard it mentioned a few times.
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