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  1. Indeed, I think you are right, the key is sealing the ceiling. (be it foil or tight lid) Boaziko
  2. It is slow baked (in a special pot) flour with margarine (or substitute) and salt and little sugar. In the end (after being in the oven for 10 hours on 100-110 C it looks like that: http://picasaweb.google.com/ejgoldfried/Is...245130989286162 http://forum.doctissimo.fr/cuisine/cuisine...-sujet_35_3.htm Very tasty. Boaziko
  3. Some other dips that may appear in the Jachnoon neighborhood are Tahini (T'hina) and S'choog (hot chilly peppers paste) Boaziko
  4. Ok Rich, Here are some of my favorites,( to some I may be able to escort you) … "shipudim" - Simo & Duby in Givaat olga (Near Hedera) -Shawarma - Emil (Haifa) Awoni in Tel Aviv Espresso – Top quality in many places all over Falafel – Many possibilities Bread – Bar – Lehem (Tel aviv) Lehamim (Tel Aviv) Bourkin (Hedera) You also have to take a bite at a decent Sabich, Like Sabich-Deluxe in Tel aviv. 0nce you are here, I'll give you further details. Boaziko
  5. Just read the article today in Hebrew, in Haaretz Weekend edition (translated and crediting NYT). It came in while I'm in the midst of changing habits and creating a new controlled calorie exchange. So far bloging mostly in Hebrew, but maybe its time to work on the International side of Foodha's Gourmet Diet: Foodha (aka) Boaziko
  6. Thanks Eli for the recipe (and pics), Made a distinct craving which matured into a pan full of Mahshi's, as I (always) have too much filling I added some red peppers, tomatoes and delicately hot Probelano peppers.
  7. Just recently I got a Kilo (2 labs +) of pure dry Zaatar from Eastern Jerusalem, it has no trace of sumac or parsley and includes sesame, for 40 Shekels ($10) Fresh ground Sumac is 58 Shekels a kilo in a large Hypermarket. ($15) Boaziko
  8. Very touching, thank you Ellen. In today's spoken Hebrew Pupick it is still used. A book just came out (In Hebrew) for very young kids named: Where's my Pupick? http://www.steimatzky.co.il/NS_ShowBigPict...s/13500048b.jpg Boaziko
  9. ChefCrash This looks great! I have still some Pomegranates on my mother's tree, and I saw lovely looking small eggplants in the market… so I'm almost on my way. Just to be sure: The Walnuts are cooked or uncooked? Do you keep it in a special place for the 2 weeks, and after opening in the fridge? Thanks, Boaziko
  10. On slices of (white) raw onion rings. I use it a lot in salads and grilled meat skewers. (chicken and lamb)
  11. Hi All, That is just great, the Falafel recipe my brother (GC) brought back from London made it to Chiba, Japan. Keep 'em frying ! Do not forget to try anf find the freshest possible Tahina. (from Nablus is best!) Boaziko
  12. I have never seen beef or beef/lamb shwarma here. We have lamb or spring chicken or turkey and occasionally goose. The same product cannot be replicated at home unless you have a shwarma spit. ← Hi Michele, I guess you are about 85 kilometere from that promised beef/lamb Shawarma. Next time in Haifa treat yourself to my favorite Shawarma : Emil's at 33 Alenbi road (corner of Hatziyonut st.) it is a small, simple and modest place but of the finest quality made of stripes of beef (i think veal) and ground lamb meat and fat. inside the pita you'll get Tahina and maybe some onion and tomato. basicly you are done. there is also a side collection of pickels. Go there! and let us know. Boaziko
  13. Hi Marlena, True, QUEENS are "dead" , but rest assure there are many other 'Nouvele Falafel' joints and lots of "traditional" places to fill all your Falafel needs. Just hop over, I'll supply you with the F-Map. Boaziko
  14. I hope you have a great squash harvest! What I usually do is if the squash is large cut it in half and carefully take out the 'white' content. If they are small I "drill" a hole. The content of 12 squashes is cut into small bits and kept aside. I mix 250 grams of chopped lamb meat A cup and half rice, 2 table spoons of chopped parsley 1 table spoons of chopped garlic 2 table spoons of chopped mint (dry or fresh) 1 tea spoon of sumac 4 tablespoons of pine nuts Salt and pepper. (Operate the oven on 180 C) Fill the squashes (or halves) dip in egg and than flower and fry lightly in olive oil. I place the squashes in a roasting pan or baking tray, spread the "content" bits between and cover with 2 cups of chicken stock and 1 cup (or more) of yogurt, and place in the over until it gets golden on top. This is based on some local variations. Boaziko
  15. "... in Israel, you've only got the two kinds of hot peppers in the market, but here of course there are a million kinds. It looks like a serrano pepper, but red instead of green. Ayana ←
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