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  1. Had a beautiful dinner at Restaurant Eugene last night. Beautiful summer veggies and the service was really great. We had a bottle of the Côtes de Roussillon (2007) that was delicious! Plus, my friend and I ate quietly, far from our fellow conference attendees! Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. Thanks for all the help. We're definitely looking for reds if you have any other suggestions. I also think that we won’t be aiming for too spicy. It’s DC after all and the only spice people like here is in their politics.
  3. Hi there, We're doing a event and we've been asked to come up with some general suggestions for wines that match cajun cuisine. I undestand that the menu will be crab cakes, gumbo (veggie and not) and the like. any suggestions? French wines? Region? Thanks
  4. I forgot to mention that there is good news on the whole wheat bread front. Peter Reinhart is working on new book of all whole grain breads. http://peterreinhart.typepad.com/ -Adam
  5. Great discussion here. I've been experimenting with a super healthy whole wheat sourdough. I usually make it in a loaf pan and I try err on the side of a stickier dough. While I hydrate the grains overnight, I think the grains still suck up a lot of moisture from the dough. I keep both a white and whole wheat sourdough chef in the fridge, but usually build this from the whole wheat chef. I'll post the measurements below. I've based this on Peter Rienhart's "Basic Sourdough" from the Bread Baker's Apprentice. If these measurements are not clear, i'm happy to email the excel spreadsheet. (a10er@yahoo.com) Grams % Firm Starter Barm* 115 88% High Gluten Flour mix* 130 100% Water 45 35% Totals 290 Final Dough High Gluten Flour mix* 580 200% Firm Starter 290 100% Sugar/Honey 85 29% Salt 14 5% Water 340 117% Toasted Multigrain Blend** 100 34% Handful toasted sunflower seeds*** Totals 1409 * I have been using 90% whole wheat and 10% white flour. Sometimes I substitute some rye for whole wheat. ** I like the Bob's Red Mill 8-grain mix (I didn’t like the 10-grain mix) mix and then add other grains sometimes (whole millet, quinoa, etc.) I toast the grains lightly and then add about 1C hot water and let sit overnight. I add them to the dough about 80% thru the kneading process. *** I toast a handful of sunflower seeds and mix some in once the dough is well mixed and throw some on top before baking. Toasting them first brings out their great flavor. -Adam
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