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  1. What does everyone think about KC's food scene? is it possible that it can get bigger and better?

    Can it be the next Chicago in about 10-15 years?

    The way I see it....

    Chicago was the Sausage and Pizza town and now its arguably one of 3 largest restaurant towns in the country.

    Kansas City is the BBQ town, can it become a bigger restaurant town with the base of Blue Stem and Company?

    The reason I ask is because one of my long term goals is to help push that new era in KC ... when Im older and have much more experience.

  2. The Michelin Star Restauraunt Guide and it's ratings is a major topic among cooks and chefs of high calibur restaurants. I believe that the ones that are being "rated" are the ones who care about it the most and more than the people who eat at the "rated" restaurants. It's obviously a fun topic to discuss among with other knowledgeable cooks. I think it may be a little hasty to just go out and put down the Michelin Guide.

    I find it hard to believe that you can automatically assume that they are "wrong" and "incorrect" about there choices for stars on restaurants.

    If every good restaurant got a star, the Michelin Guide wouldn't be so special. That's why so many chefs have high regards for this Guide because the Michelin Guide have high standards for dining.

    once again, people do not seem to understand that this Guide is for 2006 and not for the past decade. Chanterelle probably would have recieved a star (atleast one) if this guide was out for year 2003. If that was the event, most likely would have lost a star by 2006. But if you think about it, if the guide was by 2003 then, one would ponder how chefs and restaurants would try to achieve more or keep the stars they have.

  3. Dont forget this is the 2006 ratings book which means its all about the year of 2005's performance of these restaurants... not 2004, 2003, or anytime before that. The ratings are based off of there likes and dislikes... not yours or the general public. Thats why it is called a GUIDE not The End All Be All book.

  4. Michelin also critiques wine lists, service, comfort, sanitation, and even subjects like having no more than 4 people at a table that go into the ratings, correct?

    Something to think about, Michelin isn't going to be absolutely 100% perfect. Nothing will as long its being done by humans. It's pretty close though. Also, You must realize that, we have no idea how their experiences at these restaurants were like. Just because you had a great time doesnt mean someone else who comes on another day, another time, with a different server, that had a different menu than you did is going to esperience the same way as you did. We have no idea. Think about it this way, I know a chef who absolutely loved WD-50 and then I knew another chef who wasnt all that impressed. When you talk to friends about restaurants, everyone has different experiences. By looking at Michelin, you can almost garauntee that almost everyone will have the same great experience at Per Se. When you look at Babbo, with its 1 star, you know its going be great but not as many people will agree because its not as perfect as Per Se is.

    Another note,

    The Fat Duck, usually acknowledged as the best restaurant in the world hasnt had its third star for very long, in fact had its one and two stars a lot longer. Whats really going to be interesting is to see the changes for next years ratings.

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