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  1. - Ask Chef Thanawat Bates to do a tasting for you at Palace Arms of The Brown Palace Hotel. I thought the food in his special spontaneous tasting menus were great about 3 years ago, and I just read a recent review that his food is even better.

    - Food & Wine Magazine just also named the chef at Fruition a "Best New Chef"

    - Restaurant Kevin Taylor always has young creative chefs in the kitchen, that might be a spot to check out as well.

    If you can make the trip out to Boulder (about 40 minutes) , then go there and eat at Frasca Food & Wine. This would be my number one choice, the restaurant is superb in all aspects.

  2. Looking at  the available options, we had the fast food court (pass), buffet (no thanks), the 'coffee shop' (ehh...) and a burger joint. Burgers are a hot trend in Las Vegas now, so we decided to see what Red Rock had to offer at LBS: A Burger Joint.  What they offered up was quite good.  Thick, juicy beef patty. Nicely cooked with plenty of pink in it.  Topped with cheese and grilled onions, lettuce, pickles, and a house made ketchup.  It was excellent. I had a side of onion rings with them. These were nice as well. A chocolate malt (which I really didn't need) rounded out the meal.  This place competes well with the best burger joints on the strip (BLT Burger, Burger Bar,etc.). If you are a local and live in the area, check it out if you have not already. If you are from out of town and have a car and want to get well away from the strip and visit a very nice locals casino and like burgers, go.  You won't be dissapointed.


    I've gone a few times now and every time I've had an excellent experience with the food. Happy Hour is served 3 to 6 monday-friday, all food is 50% off and draft beer as well. I love the snacks they serve like the Soft Pretzel Bites with Cheese Fondue and Spicy Mustard. The Cheesecurds are addicting served with a tomato jam and I've never had a crispier fried pickles in my life. Oh and I always get the mini corn dogs too. They even have root beer on tap too, which is great for the float. I tend to find myself overeating at LBS but at half the price, I really enjoy being a fat kid.

    Although... I do think BLT at the Mirage has the best shakes ever... try the pbj one if you ever have a chance. Speaking of frozen treats... just went to Yogurt Land for the 4th time and they now have a Nutter Butter flavor... that with cookie dough topping is my not so secret indulgence.

  3. Raku- I've heard nothing by great things about Raku... I still haven't been there. I know they are closed on Sundays... because I tried to go once :hmmm:

    Mesa Grill- Honestly, I would only go there for the pre fixe lunch menu served on the weekdays. For $29, it's not bad but don't go out of your way unless you needed a place to fill in a lunch slot.

    When the day is going great- I love to go to Bouchon for a beer and a couple of appetizers. The atmosphere is very refreshing and relaxing.

    For some great vietnamese off the strip, I like Pho So 1. Just great cheap food.

    I'm interested to hear about Picasso... anyone been? It's like the "silent" Michelin 2 restaurant. I never hear anything about the place.

  4. Food was fantastic....

    Crispy Pig Ear Salad- Tons of thinly sliced and perfectly crisped pigs ear tossed with arugula, frisee, shaved radish, and a vinaigrette that I can't remember - I couldn't hear the bartender very well.

    but this dish was delicious.

    Braised Beef Tripe- This was the most tender beef tripe I've ever had. It was sliced very thin and looked like it was baked in the ceramic dish with a tomato based sauce and cheese on top.

    Pork Cheek- Cooked perfectly, seasoned perfectly. Fork Tender served with white beans.

    Grilled Oyster Mushrooms- Again, another very well balanced dish.. the acid in the vinaigrette/lemon really did it here.

    Grilled Baby Octopus- I really felt that all these dishes just had the perfect amount of acid to balance things out, the grilled octopus itself was addicting, I wanted to eat this all day with the warm fingerling potatoes and roasted red peppers.

    A really outstanding meal for my girlfriend and I... we really enjoyed the atmosphere because of the energy, the warmth, and the vibrant colors. We decided to stay seated at the bar and we had a great view of the open kitchen.. which has this beautiful marble counter in the middle of it. Another great part, the prices are very reasonable... I don't think we ordered anything over $12.

  5. Dave and I went about 2 months ago and they had the beef on weck... and it was delicious but also generously portioned as well. If I was still living in KC, I'd go every week. Oh I really like the fries too.. they're greasy, some are crispy, some are soft, and there's a lot of it. Just the way I like shoe strings! The dining room looked a lot better as well. Carrot Cake still remains as a favorite of mine.

  6. Again, sorry I'm no good at creating links, but I just read on Eater that Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl, and Danny Meyer have written to Obama volunteering to serve as his "kitchen cabinet" and to advise him on White House chef selection, organic gardening, etc.  Sounds like he's got some great people talking to him - let's hope he's listening!

    Wow.. that's pretty cool.

  7. I really do appreciate all the comments and Chris Eis is a talented chef, his food is something to try out when you have a chance.

    As for me.. I've moved to Las Vegas and will be starting my new job at Alex of the Wynn. Starting at the very bottom, which is exactly what I want.

    I don't officially start until late December and I came back to Kansas City for the holidays. I'll be working in a couple of kitchens in town as well as doing private parties, something that I haven't had much time to do in the recent past.

    I most likely won't be blogging but I'm always on facebook if you ever want to friend me.

  8. I very nearly returned for brunch Saturday morning but didn't want my own purchases from the market to bake while I waited for them to open - that's the rub - if you arrive early enough to get the good stuff, and avoid the heat and crowds of City Market in late summer, you have a couple of hours to kill before the brunch service starts.  Apparently the young chef requires more sleep than I did at his age. :raz:

    That's because we're the ones getting the "good stuff" in the early part of the morning :cool:

  9. Pizzabella is definitely becoming a favorite weekly go to place for me.

    There's not too much to complain about with friendly service, good beer, tasty share-friendly food, an open window atmosphere, and reasonable prices.

    So far I like the Leek Pizza and the Chorizo pizza. I've heard people complain about the lack of cheese but I appreciate Pizzabella's pizza for what it is and not a comparison to a conventional pizza place (the style is similar to what I've had in Italy, if that matters). The other day I had an awesome short rib sandwich as the antipasti of the day and another time having a trout salad that truly expressed clean flavors with flavorful chunky flakes of cooked trout.

  10. Our current hours are:

    Lunch: Monday-Friday 11AM-2PM

    Dinner:Thursday-Saturday 4PM-10PM

    Brunch: Saturday 10AM-2PM

    My kitchen staff and I will be at the Farmer's Market hand picking ingredients for our Spontaneous City Market Brunch that we do on Saturday Mornings.


    On Saturday, June 7 ONLY, we will be offering 40% off of the entire Dining Room Dinner Menu (not bar/patio menu) in appreciation to all of our current and new guests for our re-construction of the restaurant (as well as new staffing, including myself). First Courses range in regular prices from $8-$12 and Second Courses range in regular prices from $17-$22. The Dinner menu includes dishes like "Mac N Cheese" served as Cavatelli Pasta, Fontina, and Truffled Breadcrumbs; as well as Sea Scallops with Spring vegetable Succotash, Confit Bacon Potato, and basil Pesto. We also feature Piedmontese All Natural Beef and Berkshire Porkloin. Our Bar/Patio Menu offers plates from $6 to $17 as well.

    Hope to see all of you at the restaurant,

    Joe West

    Executive Chef

    Delaware Cafe

    300 Delaware St

    Kansas City, MO 64105

  11. Delaware Cafe will be serving Dinner starting Thursday, May 29. A spontaneous Saturday brunch featuring fresh city market ingredients hand selected by the kitchen staff will begin in the near future as well.

  12. Delaware Cafe is getting a face-lift, physically and internally.  The former sous chef pastry of bluestem, Joe West (eGullet member "JWest"), has been hired as the new Executive Chef.

    The restaurant is slated to open this Thursday, May 23 (correct me if I'm wrong, JWest).  It will serve lunch and dinner.  From what I hear, the menu will focus on seasonal, sustainable, and local products.

    The current lunch menu (soups, salads, sandwiches) won't be changing for a while but the dinner menu certainly will have more of an emphasis on la cuisine de la maitre.

    While honoring classical french technique the food will show glimpses of progressive American cuisine as well. With the lunch and dinner being two completely different food services, we look forward to meshing the two together to avoid confusion of our identity at Delaware Cafe; which is a fun and casual spot for highly focused food.


  13. Had the margharita and a side of brussel sprouts. Both were excellent in their own ways. I was almost stuffed just eating a bowl of brussel sprouts but I was able to enjoy my entire pizza as well :blush:. Goes well with a Boulevard Wheat too.

    Service was friendly

  14. *Last time we were there, the hours weren't posted and we just barely made it before they closed (at 10 pm) on a Friday night. Now far be it for me to tell someone how to run their business, but being located in a huge party district, one would think they'd stay open long enough to capture as much of the drunk n' hungry crowd as possible. We weren't the only ones to think so, as one group after another turned away after trying to open the doors only to find them locked out and deeply disappointed.

    I agree, especially for Friday-Saturday night and eventually the weekdays. I'd love to see it open till at least 3:30 AM.

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