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  1. I recently dusted off my old Bialetti. However, despite the fact that filters and all are intact, I can't quite get my coffee right. Does anyone have any tips? Cheers! Cb
  2. Hello, I've been asked to do a piece on new cookbooks and how they attempt to appeal to modern readers. However, my field of research is mainly 19th century cooking. The editor would like to see me dive into issues such as nostalgia, sense of place etc. Does anybody have any ideas of articles worth perusing? Unfortunately, my university doesn't have access to Gastronomica and the paper version is damn near impossible to find up here. Thanks... CB
  3. Hello all, I am currently looking to start a ph.d. project on Danish cookbooks from around 1900 to 1970. I would like to compare the Danish publications to international bestsellers as well as the most influential cookbooks, especially in German, English, French and Spanish. So, in your opinion, what books are must-reads for me? Kind regards, C.B.
  4. I am spending a month in the area of Cannes. Does any of you know of any good restaurants in that area? Regards, CB
  5. I'd count The Cook's Oracle (1829, 7th ed.) by William Kitchiner among the manifestos as well. You can check it out here.
  6. This summer, I am moving in to an apartment with a bigger kitchen. I want to celebrate the extra space to get myself the XXL cutting board I've always wanted. However, here in Denmark they are difficult to find, and so I've decided to make my own, if possible. Do any of you have any advice as to the kind of wood I need and the production details? Or, alternatively, a place to buy larger-than-usual cutting boards. Happy Easter, CB
  7. In travel diaries from 19th century Denmark, I keep running into this. Does anyone know what it is, Dutch potted herring? Best, CB
  8. Come to think of it, my mom's been calling me flounder ever since I was small. Hmmm... fishy!
  9. caobao

    Olive tapanade

    Megan, that'd be great! I'm a big fan of tuna and sardines (both of which are easier to come across in good quality than anchiovis in my neck of the wood). Best Cb
  10. caobao

    Olive tapanade

    Thank you. I'll will try that... Cb
  11. caobao

    Olive tapanade

    I want to impress someone with olive tapanade, and mine just doesn't cut it. I feel I've tried it all. Could it be that I amm simply not picky enough when it comes to the olives? Is it the oil that's wrong? Does any of you have a recipe that you'd recommend? Thanks in adv. CB
  12. Being Danish, too, but short of Mette's descriptive account, I thought I'd post an image of the typical layer cake my mom would whip up for our birthdays. Complete with flags.
  13. I've tried the garlic/warm milk/honey combo a few times against a cold, never with much luck. However, taking my vitamin C level to 1000% RDI always does the trick.
  14. cantaloupe - cauliflower - cottage cheese My brother, lazing on the couch, says he can't live without cheese, crispbread and curdled milk...
  15. Well, actually, I despise them the most when they're cooked. If they are raw in a salad, I will pick 'em out and eat the rest. If they've been cooked, the whole dish will be too bell pepperish for me. Pan, do you like bell peppers?
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