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  1. due to medical complications from a procedure 18 months ago, I too cannot eat corn, red meat,pork, or anything with a peel or skin or much fiber. Some day I would Love to be able to eat some nice corn on the cob, a pork chop, or an apple or a steak! I have been able to eat out With more success at restaurants who do not mind disclosing what's in a sauce, or mind making substitutions. When staff realizes that it's for a medical reason, they are often willing to oblige.
  2. This is definitely called "angels on horseback" in my family!
  3. So im visiting for 6 nights, and Im looking for some experimental/fussion/cutting edge type food, but I cant spend much. Is there any modern/informal places to check out? i want to try exciting food, but Im on the college budget. please help!
  4. is there anywhere in madrid to experience cutting edge food like this in a imformal/cheaper location? on a student budget, but i really want to try this type of cooking.
  5. how much does dinner average at diverxo?
  6. I remodelled my kitchen a little more than a year ago. I bought thermador 6 burner cooktop, downdraft venting system and thermador wall ovens. The simmer burner does click, but I like how it keeps sauces and coffee warm, I think its a good feature. The wall ovens are the 30" ones with a convection self cleaning one on top. It also has low temperatures for proofing bread or doing things like sun drying tomatoes. I am very happy with all of the choices, my previous ovens were GE monogram and due to smaller cabinets, were too small for a large roasting pan or baking sheets.The old Jenn Air cooktop was difficult to clean and some burners got rusty. The big expense with your cooktop will be installing the correct downdraft- mine is a Bosch pop up in a center island. The Thermador with star burners has one hi BTU burner so I needed a better system than the Jenn Air I had. I also installed a Bosch dishwasher, which has been great. I used granite for the island and a plain speckled corian for the perimeter counters. I am happy with both.The corian does not show stains and is easy to clean. The designer talked me out of soapstone. I also ordered my faucet from ebay and it came promptly.I agree there are always tradeoffs-I did not always go for the most expensive item and I would do most of it again. You will be in chaos for a while but it is worth it.Did you know you could microwave an egg in a custard cup while your kitchen is destroyed? We made meals for two months with a toaster oven, electric kettle and microwave,Good luck.
  7. Last years posts for Nice Cote D'Azure were a big help in selecting dining spots for our September trip to Cap Ferrat, Eze, Beaulieu and Nice-here are a few more to add to the list. Our meals varied from the tiny cafe with the huge Rottweiler in Nice ,a nightclub in Monaco, to the "serious" restaurant in Eze. We had thought we were booked in La Provencal but arrived to a closed restaurant, so continued on the to Voile D'Or in Cap Ferrat. Despite not having a reservation, they were welcoming and presented a very nice dinner, which included a 50 euro truffle salad and an excellent bottle of wine for the same price;the bill for 3 people with cocktails and wine was 450 euros!-not exactly the casual meal we had in mind, but very pleasant and we were after all on the Riviera. We also had dinner in the Zebra club in Monte Carlo, located in the Sports forum-waitstaff in zebra outfits, zebra drinks, etc., with an outdoor deck and great views. We then continued on to Eze with the goal of having another dinner at the Chateau de Chevre D'Or, staying in the Chateua Eza for that purpose. The meal begins on the terrace overloooking the coastline where you drink champagne and have tiny amouse bouches, a spectacular setting. While we enjoyed haute cuisine with a provencale flavor and meticulous service on our last visit, this meal was a not always successful mixture of Provence and Ferran Adria.Lots of foams, frozen things, tapenade in several dishes, and a very tasty pork roast brought to the table in its own cocotte and carved tableside with a salt ceremony and an odd attack with perfum atomizers to spray moka essence on our tater tot looking pastas which we instructed not to cut..Some presentations were outstanding and delicious but others were merely odd. Then the service teetered downhill after the entrees, coming to a complete halt until we repeatedly asked for the check. A completely different meal at a much lower price point awaited us at Les Viviers in Nice, 22 Rue Alphonese Carr. The wait staff and owner could not have been nicer, the ambiance more friendly and food more delicious-experimental takes on Nicois cuisine. (turbot served over marrow bone, rouget fillets, and with a fig tart and cumin ice cream for dessert.)We ate in the Bistro side in a Non smoking section-it is the same chef as the more serious side, with essentially the same food in a more causal atmosphere at about 125 euros for two including drinks and wine. The Riviera is a magical place , particulary in September after the crowds have left, with plenty of dining opportunites on all levels of the culinary spectrum.
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