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    Mmmm, Uncle Sam cereal is the best. My grandma and grandpa turned me on to it years ago, because they ate it every morning. They lived into their 90s, and the rest of their diet was heavy on meat, potatos and butter. I swear they owed their good health and longevity to Uncle Sam Cereal. So now I eat it twice a week. Time will tell...
  2. Lucky Bones has great pizza and huge martinis. But it is NOISY and crowded - best to forget about it until autumn.
  3. Bacon in waffles. Pulled pork on waffles. What great ideas. My favorite recipe is from the old red plaid Better Homes and Gardens cookbook "Oh Boy Waffles." I've been eating them since my mother made them for me, and there's nothing better.
  4. Last Sunday's New York Times Magazine section had an interview with the author of the Rumpole of the Bailey books (can't recall his name.) He said he and his wife had recently acquired three pigs, as she grew up on a pig farm and missed the animals. The pigs were named Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  5. I work in a public library, and we have bound issues of Gourmet going back to the '60s. I'm reading all Laurie Colwin's articles. *sigh* I love her writing - both her fiction and non-fiction has such a voice. Such a loss.
  6. Well, I made my first cassoulet this weekend (from Saveur Magazine cookbook), and, while it was out of this world, I really think it would be easier to get on a plane and fly to France.
  7. Loved the article. Such snark. Continue on to read the review of Graydon Carter's Waverly Inn. More snark. A great Wednesday Times.
  8. OK another fire story. My family is finishing up a nice, peaceful Father's Day dinner. I'm carrying the dirty dishes to the sink when I look outside to the little strip of woods in the backyard. On fire! I ran outside, discovered the source of the fire was from this old brick barbeque the neighbors had used to cook their dinner. Problem was, they hadn't cleared away the dead ivy growing up the side. Flames crawled down the ivy and set our woods ablaze. I ran into their house, yelling call 911. They are all totally tanked and begged me not to call the police - they will put the fire out
  9. Ditto on Pierre's Sunday brunch. The celeriac remoulade is out of this world!
  10. I had German butter cake for the first time this weekend. Understand, I have absolutely NO sweet tooth - I'd rather have another drumstick than some cake. This cake was a revelation. I ate two huge pieces, and wanted more. Absolutely delicious. My MIL bought it at the Danish Bakery in Rocklege.
  11. Gee, I thought it was readable and funny. A nice break from the relentless doom and gloom on the editorial page.
  12. I was very pleased to see our local Sam's Club offering organic whole chickens a month or so ago. I purchased one, and it was perfectly fine. After not seeing them my next two visits, I asked the butcher if he had any in the back. He said they were no longer carrying them - no market for them! We're in suburban Philadelphia, home to a bustling Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, all sorts of farmers markets. So that's the end of my one-time meat buying experience at Sam's Club.
  13. I'll second Javier's on Siesta Key. And Il Panificio on Main Street in Sarasota has fabulous pizza. We just returned from 5 days down there. It was heaven on earth.
  14. Do you know ANYBODY in real life who swears every single sentence? I don't. My 13 year old son and I watch this together for the sheer horror of it. I have to admit, sometimes I want to clap my hands over his eyes.
  15. Yes, it's another restaurant, but I can't for the life of me remember the name. However, there was a thread a year or so ago about it. Search for "Water's Edge" maybe? People had good things to say about it. I remember biking past it and reading the menu for fun. Mixture of predictable and interesting dishes. I remember thinking it could be a place where my husband and I AND the kids could all get a meal we'd like.
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