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  1. If my husband and I are hosting a dinner party, he cooks [i don't cook] and there is some lovely hired help setting up, serving and cleaning up, so I can enjoy my guests and my guests can enjoy themselves. Erica
  2. I have had soapstone countertops in my kitchen for 3 years, purchased them from a supplier in New Jersey: www.soapstones.com I have the Cobra variety. It is almost black when oiled with very little veining, which gets coated with mineral oil once a month or so to keep them dark and rich looking. To keep them from scratching, all you need do is use a cutting board. Deep scratches will not come out, but surface scratches come out with a little sandpaper. I do not have a problem with staining. Erica
  3. Any Brooklyn or Queens [NY] diner I have ever been in serves food in 'super size' portions. With the bread and the relish trays and the multiple course dinners and sides ... I think most of the allure of the diner is that there is always something to take home for later or the next day. Erica
  4. I'm a jadeite collector and recently happened upon a yard sale where the folks were [practically] giving away 2 rather rare Fire-King kitchen pieces: a marked philbe mug and a 5" swirl mixing bowl, both seemingly unused. This will probably never happen again! Erica
  5. Queens: Kew Gardens ~ Dani's Pizza [on Lefferts Blvd] Brooklyn: Gravesend/Bensonhurst ~ Fiorentino's ~ 311 Ave 'U' [near McDonald Ave] Bensonhurst ~ L&B www.spumonigardens.com Erica
  6. My holy trinity: pasta olive oil semolina bread Erica
  7. I don't eat animal flesh, so the smell of cooking flesh in a home I was considering purchasing would turn me off. I'd stay with something safe, like bread. Is there a person on planet earth that does not like the smell of freshly baked bread? Erica
  8. My large, old Jadeite [Fire-King, Jeanette and McKee] collection. I redid my kitchen in 2003 and designed a portion of the cabinetry with glass doors and subtle lighting to showcase it. Makes me smile every time I look at it. I inherited my Grandma's big wooden bowl. I use it to grate the potatoes and onions into for latkes at Chanukah. Yes, I hand-grate them. No food-processor! I also have her half-moon [mezzaluna] chopper, and her glezala te [tea glasses]. These items are utterly precious to me. Erica
  9. Il Bagatto, in the East Village. Erica
  10. Amy's Bread has yummy olive and rosemary bread twists. Chewy and very tasty. There are a couple of bakeries in Chelsea Market that are not on your tour: Fat Witch ~ good assortment of brownies and blondies Ruthy's ~ good rugelach Erica
  11. My husband and I stumbled on a great little pizzeria in the Pelham Bay [East Tremont] section of the Bronx last week. Louie & Ernie's or Ernie & Louie's [can't remember the name order]. On Crosby Street, near Waterbury. Thin crust with a bit of char, nicely seasoned sauce, not fresh mutz and not a load of it, which I prefer. Nice service, too and ~ bonus ~ they serve bottled beer. Definitely worth another visit. Erica
  12. The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market [9th Ave bet 15th & 16th Streets]: http://www.lobsterplace.com Erica
  13. I am blessed with the knowledge that I am dangerous in the kitchen. I love food, but all thumbs when it comes to cooking it. My husband is the cook in our family. My kitchen responsibilites are limited to loading and unloading the dishwasher and cleaning. Erica
  14. The worst meal I can remember was at my house many, many moons ago. One day, Mom decided to get creative and made something she called 'Reuben Bundles', which consisted of corn beef, sauerkraut and Russian dressing bundled in pastry dough and baked. It was a drippy, soggy mess. To this day, Mom has not lived down that culinary snafu. Erica
  15. I have called my niece Caroline 'bean' ever since she was born! Erica
  16. just saw this...okay, I give up, what's a side piece? trimmings to stick on top? I'm clueless... ← Side pieces are cuts of beef that hold up very well for the cooking method used to make brisket. I honestly don't know what part of the cow it comes from, but it is well marbled and not gristly. Like I said, any good kosher butcher will know exactly what you need. Erica
  17. If you want to make brisket or pot roast beef at home, my Yiddishe mama suggests asking the [kosher] butcher for 'side pieces'. She says any kosher butcher worth his or her [kosher] salt will know exactly what you need. Don't wish to offend the foodies here, but my mama uses Lipton Onion Soup mix [from chip dip fame] to cook it. Erica
  18. We plan on coming back often. And, darn, we were seriously thinking of selling our co-op for double what we paid for it 2 1/2 years ago and moving there! Erica
  19. In a perfect bagel world, all the top only and bottom only lovers would be paired off! Speaking of bialys, best on planet earth, can be found at Kossars: http://www.kossarsbialys.com/Opener.htm Their pletzels [onion boards] are not too shabby, either! Erica
  20. Love celery, but the hearts only. Heart ribs, to me, taste mellow and almost sweet. Plus, the heart tops are a nice addition to soups. Just a bit of sea salt and I'm good to go! Erica
  21. I also got my soapstone countertops [and breakfast bar and half wall ledge] from M. Teixeira. Very pleased with my choice. Erica
  22. My husband and I live in NYC. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by spending last Friday-Saturday in Phila. Arrived Friday AM and saw the Dali exhibit [not to miss], then checked into the Rittenhouse, then dined at Melograno. We brought a bottle of Zin, we each had separate apps & entrees and shared a pasta, all for about $100.00. Excellent food, attentive but not overly solicitous service and we did not feel as though we were being rushed out of there. That would never happen in NYC. Next day went S Phila to shop the markets and then on to Chickie's for veggie and tuna subs to take home. We came home with only food and food related stuff in the trunk of our car. Love your city. Erica
  23. Does anyone in this forum remember the Reliable Bakery on 86th Street between 23rd & 24th Avenues in Bensonhurst? I believe the place closed sometime in the late 70s or early 80s. Absolutely the best square slices on the planet! I was so sad to see it go. Not even L&B rivaled the squares that came out of Reliable's oven. Erica
  24. Not in NYC, but my vote for best ice cream goes to Applegate Farms in Upper Montclair NJ. Erica
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