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  1. AS I recall, Mrs. Peters has been closed for years. I haven't heard of it recently having re-opened.
  2. DeVeaux, Have you tried the Brookville Hotel in Abilene (right off of 70)? Great chicken there though the cole slaw is too sweet for my taste. Frog ← Yes - we used to take my daughter there for her birthday dinner when she was going to K-State. I like Brookville. They used to cater the All-Masonic banquet during Grand Lodge at the Bicentennial Center in Salina, too, so we always ate their chicken at least once a year. Abilene hardly qualifies as KCMO, though.
  3. If you find these places, let me know. I live an hour away from KCMO, and the only fried chicken "mecca" I can think of is Stroud's. I always thought of KC as a barbeque mecca.
  4. DeVeaux

    New to Tea.

    Becca- Find a British import store/website (I go to Brit's in Lawrence, KS near where I live, but they also have a website). Get a box of PG Tips, the #1 tea in the U.K.. Put 3-4 bags in a ceramic teapot, add boiling water, and see what real tea tastes like. I don't drink coffee, just tea, and grew up on the Canadian border where they knew real tea from the rubbish American tea companies like Lipton sell. Ty-Phoo is also good if you can't find PG.
  5. But aren't bleeps, snarky attitudes and sniping, like the obligatory guy with the kewpie doll haircut, the main attraction of Top Chef? It's not like this is a show about cooking - it's just another Real Housewives/Rock of Love/Dancing With the Stars "reality" crapfest set in a kitchen.
  6. With no pro team in the Sprint Center, I have to wonder how long all of these fabulous restaurants will be around. The Big XII Tournament is over, and so, I'm afraid, are the crowds.
  7. Could be, but I would say that Chef McEwan and his staff in Toronto do show a lot of class and professionalism sans the F'ing word. I see you hail from Vancouver? Wonderful restaurants in your city. ← Joking aside, I've never witnessed the kind of Ramsey-esque profanity that you are describing in any restaurant I've eaten in, either here in Vancouver or elsewhere. It hardly seems the sort of behaviour that would promote a world-class dining experience, especially in a smaller venue where it would be hard to hide it from the patrons. PS We don't get Top Chef till later on Food Network so I suppose I am risking spoilers by following this thread, but I'm still looking forward to watching it. PPS We are indeed blessed with many and varied good restos here, but what I am coming to realize is that the secret ingredient is value: our prices are still so low compared to other cities such as San Francisco. ← You don't hear the profanity in the dining room, but you sure as !@#$%^&*() hear it in the kitchen. When I worked as a line cook in New York in college, hand gestures were popular, too, along the lines of "I got your veal parm right here" with the appropriate gesture, which I will leave to your imagination.
  8. I'd love to try Haagen-Dazs, but, like all upscale ice creams, they refuse to make anything sugar-free for diabetics. So we have the choice of no ice cream or crappy cheap ice cream limited to chocolate, vanilla and butter pecan flavors. I choose no ice cream.
  9. I hadn't had Bugles for a long time, either, but bought some a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed them, but not as much as Sweeney, my Westie - he went crazy for them. He usually doesn't have any use for anything non-meat. Guess he liked the crunch.
  10. DeVeaux

    Pepsi Jazz

    Pepsi Jazz tastes like cough syrup.
  11. Anything sugar free from B&J of HD would be nice, as long as it's not Chocolate, Vanilla or butter pecan.
  12. Last Night's The F Word featured more discussion of Gordons sperm count and a segment on eating squirrel. Now that's quality TV.
  13. I get to go to the Kansas State Fair for 3 days every year for work - I am a State employee, and help staff our Department's booth to pass out fridge magnets and consumer literature and meet the pubic. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it This year, the big nw taste sensation was the deep fried cheese curds. I was too cheap to pony up $6 to try a small container of these babies, so I can't tell you what they tasted like. They did appear to be selling well, though. I generally stick with a couple of Pronto Pups, and eat my meals at the food places run by the local churches from Hutchinson. The Lady of Guadalupe booth has great Mexican food, and the Methodist one has chicken and noodles with homemade noodles. All their food is made by the parishoners and beats the midway carny food.
  14. I watched it last night and quite enjoyed it. Gordon almost seemed human, and the format is entertaining - cooking and schmoozing rather than ranting, swearing and screaming. I especially loved the look on Gordo's face when he lost the bread & butter pudding competition to the comedian. Priceless.
  15. Spengler is correct regarding tea in America - it's swill. I don't care for coffee, and drink tea at home and at the office. I use English tea (PG Tips or Ty-Phoo), but when I order tea in a restaurant, get a small pot of tepid water and a bag of Lipton or something that tastes like what they swept up off the floor of the tea factory, so I generally just drink water or iced tea, which we make quite well in America, surprisingly.
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