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  1. Howie


    Hi again, everybody! Thanks so much for all the suggestions--we are about two weeks away from heading over there and really looking forward to the trip. I will definitely make sure to post back once we return. Cheers, Howie
  2. Howie

    Best places in Napa

    Dana, Hope this isn't too late, but I received some wonderful recommendations from egulleters last summer: I've attached the link below. In Napa, would recommend tastings at Joseph Phelps (great sit-down tasting) and Pride Mountain (really friendly people and nice lineup of wines). Taylor's Refresher is a great restaurant while you're in the area. Cheers, Howie http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?act=ST...f=24&t=7009&hl=
  3. Howie


    Hi Canada posters! NYC egulleter heading to the Tofino/Ucluelet area (after a few days in Vancouver) for the first time in mid-August. Really excited and the info. I've searched for so far has been really helpful. We are debating as to whether to stay in the Middle Beach Lodge while we are in the area or a small B&B in Ucluelet (which has a working kitchen so we can cook some of our own fresh seafood!) My one main question is about down-home, seafood shack style eateries on Vancouver Island--are there any recommended ones? Per FG and everyone else's advice, we will definitely try either the Wick Inn, Long Beach Lodge, and/or Cafe Pamplona while we are in the area, but also interested in a nice, get-your-hands dirty seafood eatery where we can crack open a crab (FG--really curious to get one the size of a "small puppy") or just slurp some oysters. I've seen links to the Schooner on 2nd and Sea Shanty in the area--do any egulleters have experiences with these restaurants? FYI--the itinerary for our trip so far is 4 days in Vancouver and 3-4 days in Tofino/Uncluelet. In Vancouver, we will be staying in Richmond so will make sure to hit Kirin and Sun Sui Wah; we also will be dining in at Ouest for the first time which has gotten me super-excited (looks like we may get a kitchen table, too!) Maybe a day trip up the coast or to Whislter... Then, it's off to Tofino/Uncluelet. Thanks so much, Howie
  4. Anyone ever been to Denville Dairy in downtown Denville? I grew up loving their ice cream, and must admit, I'm pretty biased by this point. Their french vanilla is one of the best I've ever tried! Howie
  5. Howie

    South African Wines

    In New York City, I know of two stores that have a pretty decent South African section. 67 wine has a really good selection run by Bart, their south of the equator buyer/salesman. They have a nice website as well. 67 Wines Crossroads, on 14th street, has always carried an eclectic bunch as well. Hope this helps! Howie
  6. Stephen, These are excellent reports; thanks again for taking the time to write them up! Next time you go Luger's, don't forget the bacon strips... Howie
  7. Howie


    cabrales, i've been checking the Bouley website recently as well and was thinking the same exact thing! happy to report that they are still offering a 5-course tasting menu at lunch--i walked by during my 3-day stint of jury duty down in tribeca but unfortunately didn't have time to sit down for a meal. it was posted on the door that the restaurant was offering the 5-course tasting menu for $45. (i think this was raised $5-10 in the past few months.) i believe they still offer a smaller 3-course prix-fix lunch but i can't remember the price. sorry about that! Howie
  8. For what it's worth, here's Wine Spectator's Top 10 wines of the year; keep in mind that the editors try to take into consideration wines that are widely available and reasonable pricing. I never quite understood the composition of the WS Top 100 list, but this year really baffles me. The 99 Guigal CNDP wasn't even the best Guigal wine released this year at the price range (I'd give my vote to the 99 Guigal Brune et Blonde Cote Rotie). Oh well. #1: 99 Guigal Chateauneuf de Pape #2: 99 St. Jean Cinq Cepages #3: 97 Banfi Brunello #4: 99 Pine Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon SLD #5: 99 Whitehall Lane Cabernet Sauvignon #6: 99 Duckhorn #7: 97 Antinori Brunello Pian delle Vigne #8: 97 Frescobaldi Brunello Castelgiocondo #9: 00 Ch. La Nerthe Chateauneuf de Pape #10: 99 Leoville Las Cases
  9. Rosie, Thanks so much for the report--your meal sounds fantastic. I grew up in Denville and it's weird to see it become a booming little restaurant town. I've had good to above average meals at Cafe Metro and Heritage Grill near Main Street, and great meals at another BYO Italian about a two minute drive away named Attilio's Kitchen--too bad it's so crowded nowadays that there isn't even room for walk-ins on the weekend! And let's not forget the always great Denville Dairy... Thanks again, Howie
  10. Fitz, Congratulations! I'm sure that wherever you choose will be fantastic... While a lot of great suggestions have been thrown out, another option could be Don Pepe II in Montville. Might be more on the expensive side for a rehearsal dinner, but my family has always loved the great seafood selection, family style paella, and homemade potato chips that they offer. Nice environment--I'm not sure if they have a private room or not. Howie
  11. Howie

    Wine Tasting Notes 2002

    I know this may sound a bit boring, but we always keep a case of Guigal Cotes du Rhone (around $10-12/bottle). Pairs great with food, consistently dependable, and widely available.
  12. MartyL, Thanks so much for posting this--champagne (and especially Salon) is priced so high in the United States. I will definitely be checking out Premier Cru's website. I can't offer any tasting notes on the 1985 but in regards to the 1988, I find it to be a very elegant, classy champagne that is very clean in the palate. A great blancs de blancs, and even better when you can find it at this price! Speaking of Salon, does anyone know if they've declared a vintage for 1995/1996 yet? Thanks again, Howie
  13. A beer is always great, but perhaps try a German Reisling w/ spicier Asian foods such as Kung Pao Chicken. In my opinion, the presence of some great acidity, no oak, and a touch of sweetness pairs really well. Josef Leitz is one of favorite winemarkers, and a bottle of his Reisling Kabinett should be under $15.
  14. For those that haven't picked up a hard copy of the annual restaurant guide, I think they recently posted some of the issue's contents up on the web in the past few days: http://eat.epicurious.com/gourmet/restaura...2002/intro.html
  15. Fat Guy, I agree with you wholeheartedly--this place is the best. I was lucky enough to be a student in New Haven when East Buffet opened and everything from the dim sum to the lobster with ginger and scallions to the fancy custard dessert selection were more than impressive in my book. While I haven't tried the Flushing location, the Hamden branch is fantastic and blows away any other Chinese/Asian buffet that I've had in the Tri-State area. Wishing I had been on the 7-year plan now... Howie
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