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  1. I've just found this on UK Amazon Prime - Gordon Ramsey's (sic) Passion for Flavour: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gordon-Ramseys-Passion-For-Flavour/dp/B09DTGLNT3 I know he did a cookbook of the same name in 2001. But I can't find any reference/evidence online (e.g. IMDB) of when or where - or even if - this the was shown on TV at the time. In series one (haven't watched series 2 yet), he's still on 2 stars. He won his third in 2001. So I assume this was filmed shortly after the 2 seasons of Boiling Point (1999 and 2000). It's the same low-budget style. Anyone know anything? Just interested.
  2. It's really interesting to hear people from outside of the uk talk about Rick Stein. As already said in a previous post, he's best known for his fish cookery, particularly in Cornwall (in the south west, where great seafood is abundant). He's had a restaurant there in a town called Padstow since the late 70s. And he's since built up an empire there that includes a bistro, a cafe, a deli and some other food-related businesses (to the extent that some now call it 'Padstein'!). He's had quite a few TV series over the last 10/15 years, focusing on fish. The Food Heroes series (I think there are two now), was different from everything he'd done before. If you guys are enjoying Food Heroes, then I reckon you'd like the series that he's done since, called French Odyssey. In this, he travels by barge from Bordeaux to Marseille, stopping along the way to sample and cook the local wares. It's really cool to see the regional differences, which stem from the basics such as duck fat in the south west vs olive oil as he hits the mediterranean. On the recipe front, you'll find loads of his books on amazon (particularly ...co.uk). Most are seafood related, but I'm pretty sure that there was a book that accompained the Food Heroes series.
  3. I wasn't that surprised that Novelli's kitchen attracted more orders, particularly looking at the menus. <P> People who aren't particularly into food (and I'd include most of the 'celebrities' in the dining room last night) tend to be impressed by dishes that read like extended shopping lists. Some of the more familiar names on Rhodes' menu, on the other hand, can suffer from I-can-have-that-at-home syndrome.
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