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  1. Chris, I think you left out the pork belly in your report. It was my favorite. The tofu wrapped shrimp rolls were my other favorite I think...or maybe the little cakes at the end. It was a great time and great food and I'm so glad me and Patrick could make it out this year.
  2. I like the Chinese version of this classic (especially when I want some comfort food). Fried eggs on steamed rice, drizzled with oyster sauce. ← Or with fish sauce! ← Or Sriracha! ← Or gochujang! Also: Bacon and peanut butter sandwiches. Egg noodles with brown butter, or brown butter and fried sage.
  3. I really wish I could have come. It looks like it was awesome.
  4. Could you do this in a really low oven? Do you want low enough heat to not make any bubbles? Or slow bubbles? My crappy apartment stove wont hold a flame lower than medium heat without flickering and going out... And what do you mean by "setting"? Just hanging out? At room temperature? I'm totally making some.
  5. Yeah! I have the same problem with this. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. Also, different parts of the cow feel different from each other. A filet mignon is going to be softer than a piece of round steak, even if they're done to the same temperature, right?
  6. I bought some hot wing flavored sunflower seeds once. I was surprised when I ate one that they didn't just have the hot vinegar-y sauce flavor, but they also actually tasted like meat. On the topic of things that aren't buffalo flavoring, I saw that woman on Quick Fix Meals on Food Network a few days ago making "buffalo chicken calzones". The "buffalo" sauce on the chicken was tomato sauce with wasabi, a few dashes of hot sauce, and liquid smoke.
  7. I don't know what kind of mint you have, but when I used to live at home and we had a yard full of peppermint, because it takes over, I used to take BIG handfuls and pour hot water over to make tea. Definitely much tastier than dried mint tea, but my favorite part was how it came out BRIGHT yellow. Like, have you seen mountain dew soda out of the can? And it's fluorescent yellow? Pretty much that color, just without the bubbles.
  8. Flat breaded fried meat is my favorite kind of meat! I like flattened chicken breast dipped in grated parm instead of breadcrumbs. It reminds me of those parmesan chips you make by baking the cheese on a silpat, only filled with chicken.
  9. I don't know about "bond"...but they totally stick to your tongue a little if you lick 'em right. Munchos out of the vending machine were so the thing to eat for lunch when I was in middle school. All the cool kids ate munchos for lunch! They're really tasty! But I don't understand how you all eat so many at once! I can't eat more than one of those single serving bags without feeling like my tongue's been burnt from all the salt. So I don't eat them often...like warheads candy, right? Really tasty, in a childhood sort of way, but it hurts so bad afterwards!
  10. I prefer chicken hot dogs over pork or beef...it's not out of any health concerns, I just think they taste better. I actually prefer chicken sausages of all sorts over pork ones. I'm with you on the veggie and low fat ones though. I've seen fat-free mozzarella in the dairy case with the other low-moisture mozzarellas for grating and melting. It stands out in pure white among all the other cream-colored mozzarellas that have fat in. Although "who buys this" might be the wrong question for this, as I've overheard staff at that particular grocery wondering out loud why they carry the fat-free stuff, as no one ever seems to buy it... I kinda wanna get some to see what it's like. And Kool Aid is fantastic...for dying wool. It comes in all those bright colors, and it makes your yarn smell all fruity.
  11. Does anyone know of somewhere in or around Providence where I can find pink salt? (I mean the stuff with the nitrites, also called TCM, not colorful sea salt.) Or is this just something I'm gonna have to mail order?
  12. eynkiora

    Dinner! 2007

    I love this, with the funny colors. This has to be one of the coolest pictures ever. I bet it was tasty too! Farmer's market dinners are awesome.
  13. eynkiora

    Dinner! 2007

    Whoah...those mushrooms are so pretty! I've never seen anything like that!
  14. Well...it's a red cooked pork shoulder. Not that it's red... It was tasty, if a little overcooked, and the bone and trimmings combined with some chicken carcasses made an amazing broth later...but man, this looks terrible.
  15. eynkiora

    Dinner! 2007

    Lots of older dinners I haven't had a chance to post yet: Tomato stuffed with breadcrumbs and lots of parsley and cheese Fried zucchini. Just a flour and water batter, lots of lacey crunchy bits on the edges... It was much prettier in person, with the dark green of the skin peeking through those lacey bits. I have to learn how to take pictures... A really crappy dark picture of what was a really tasty meal...roast pork loin with fennel seed and garlic, gratin dauphinois, honey glazed carrots. Another crappy picture of another tasty meal. Red cooked pork shoulder, cabbage stirfried with garlic and ginger, brown rice This one is my favorite! My birthday dinner cooked for me by my fiance. Rainbow colored homemade pasta, lots of seafood (littlenecks, shrimp, scallops, chunks of salmon and tilapia), with a fish veloute and a basil cream sauce. I really like sauce.
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