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  1. I'm going to the Soccer Centre in Vaughan tomorrow to watch a young friend play. We want to take her out to eat after the game but this is like the other side of the world for me. Any thoughts?? A chain will do fine.
  2. Going to Ottawa late November to celebrate a very special award for my partner. I have reservations for Beckta and would like to spend lunch/the afternoon at a spa. Any recs? Thanks
  3. Sakura on Spring Garden? OR Ichiban? Also on Spring Garden. Thanks so much. We will give Ichiban a try. It seems to get pretty good reviews Edited to add information. ←
  4. Does anyone know the name of the Japanese restaurant that is very near the North York Centre for the Performing Arts? There are very few choices in that part of town. Thanks
  5. Yikes...sorry everyone. I don't know how my question re lost lists posted so many times. I don't feel that fanatical about it to post 4 times!!! Anyway I do feel comforted that I am not alone.
  6. Anyone ever lost their list in the grocery store? I have a bad habit of putting it down, especially in the veg. or bread and then a few aisles later have to retrace my steps to find it safely nestled in the onions or some such place.
  7. Marlene, I believe you have the nicest left handed writing that I have ever seen. As a leftie and backwards sloping one at that I usually can pick out a fellow leftie's writing. I wouldn't have picked yours. I am an avid list maker although compared to many of you I am a dismal rookie. I have to have a list for the cottage as it is 30 minutes to town. I keep a running one going while I am there and date it as I was finding that I had multiple old lists in my purse that I didn't throw away. The reason that I couldn't tell/remember if it was old or new is that I don't cross off in the store, but just do a mental check if I have everything. Thus I would end up with multiple tins or boxes of the same thing "just to be on the safe side" However, I do arrange my list by category and usually in the order that my usual store is set up.
  8. We had dinner at The Tasting Room this past summer and it was quite good. Not sure if it fits your white tablecloth criteria as it was Saturday night and quite busy and noisy. However, the food was good. I went to nursing school in London where our idea of fine dining was beer and burgers at the Ceeps.
  9. I am really appreciating this discussion on kitchen sinks as I am currently picking stuff for our new condo. I HAD chosen a ss double (one side bigger than the other) one but then came across a Blanco brochure advertising sinks made from silgranit. The black one really caught my eye. While the brochure says that it doesn't scratch I am a little wary. Anyone have any experience with this material? Cali..your new home sounds wonderful. I have been in renovation hell several times but it is worth it. You live in a beautiful part of the country. I use to live in London so know the area well. Good luck. I shall be following along as you progress.
  10. The name of the restaurant is la casa. ← Thank you
  11. Does anyone know the name of an Italian restaurant that is across the street from the City Market? It is opposite "Waldo's" (I think that is the name of it) I thought it was "Casa" something but can't seem to find it on the London site. I had a wonderful meal there the last time I was in London and want to go back this trip. Thanks
  12. We were in South Africa in Dec. and found it perfectly safe. In fact in the 3 weeks that we were in Africa and travelling all over we found the people to be most warm and welcoming. In Cape Town we stayed at the 12 Apostles which is about 15 minutes from the downtown but has a spectacular view. We ate in the dining room there and the meal was excellent. We also stayed one night in Stellenbosch and had an excellent meal at ?1803. Agree the wine is very good and very reasonably priced.
  13. I've made some good stuff from this book also. The braised brussel sprouts are really good - but then I like them. Nice to see you posting again Marlene.
  14. The Rosewater Supper Club has a lovely room upstairs. I had a dinner for 10 and it was perfect. I am not sure if it would hold 20-30.
  15. Madge

    wine with Korean food

    Thank you all so much, I really appreciate your advice. This gives me lots to work with.
  16. I have tried searching for this but haven't been successful. I am going to a friend's on the weekend and he is serving a Korean menu. What wines would be appropriate? Thanks
  17. Great blog Deborah. Thanks so much. I will definitely keep your restaurant recs in mind for the next time I visit your beautiful city.
  18. Madge

    Just Baked

    Congratulations on your new adventure. A friend of mine just started her own business and I know the hoops and learning curve she had to go through and I am sure yours is the same. As I despise making dessert (not to mention I really suck at it) where are you located? I give a couple of big dinner parties a year and I always resort to store bought dessert. In my own defence I do make everything else. I reread your web site - which is great - and perhaps I missed it.
  19. Great blog everyone. I have been away and just spent the last 1 1/2 hours reading. You have convinced me to give my barely used smoker another try. Thanks!!! Marlene, as you have called yourself "The Princess" do you know that there is a company who will come and clean your bbq for you, plus check it out for anything that might need adjustment or replacement? I have had them once before and they did a great job and have them booked for the end of May. They are called "The Barbeque Guys"
  20. Madge


    I haven't been over to the Brant St. for awhile but they had great homemade soup, lots of people seem to have the turkey dinner and the souvlaki seemed pretty popular. It is a really busy lunch spot (not open for dinner) and there seemed to be MANY regulars that the owner called by name. The burgers at the Detroit are really good and breakfast type stuff at the Logan Grill. He does a good Western. He is only open until midafternoon and not on Sundays.
  21. Madge


    The Brant St. diner near Adelaide and Spadina and the Detroit Eatery on the Danforth are pretty good. Also the Logan Grill and Logan and Gerrard seems pretty popular. NONE of them are anything to look at from the outside but I have had pretty good food there.
  22. I have also been lurking but doing so with utmost admiration. Well done and don't beat yourself up with any little slips. Pick up, dust up and off you go.
  23. Peking Express (Parliament and ??Gerrard) has pretty decent Chinese food and a reasonable delivery time.
  24. Allen's is on the Danforth east of Broadview on the south side of the street. I always order the burger as I don't think the rest of the food is that great. My favourite burger is at Hair of the Dog on Church at Wood.
  25. Thanks for the suggestions on the pearl onions. I guess I am going to have to stick with fresh and peeling them. An interesting suggestion re the pickled ones. I wonder what it would do to the flavour of stews etc. Probably just add a "mystery" taste.
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