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  1. I miss you too Randi! And that Cake looks amazing. We are heading to Port Huron this weekend for some shopping. I should package up some Mustard and send it to you for Xmas/your birthday. Any flavour in particular? There are some new places in town that you would love. I miss having someone to go out with.
  2. We went to On the Fork for dinner back on October. It was very good. I found the menu to be more of a tasting menu than a traditional Appetizer and Main style menu. I think the Husband and I shared 5 dishes and 2 desserts and were not overly stuffed. And it was fairly reasonably priced. I will have to try Abruzzi, they were featured in the latest, (I think) issue of that free southwest ontario dining magazine. Looked good, glad to hear that it tastes good too.
  3. Pookie

    Elusive combinations

    I made a pasta dish once with leftover Pulled pork and it was fantastic. Never been able to get it right since. I also did a blood orange sorbet just off the top of my head and it was perfect. No matter how hard I try it's never been that good again.
  4. Pookie


    50/50 pork and beef. And an egg, some panko and whatever sauces tickle my fancy. Hp, BBq, Ketchup etc. If we are feeling like the kid is not eating her veggies I will blitz some carrots very finely and mix those in too. They give a slight sweetness and make me feel better. I glaze the top with some sauce or another. We eat a lot of meatloaf as it is something we can all agree is good.
  5. Pookie

    Tim Hortons

    I know you can get Timmies coffee in Downtown Dublin. We had to stop and take a picture when we saw it. We didnt buy it, why would you drink Timmies when you can have Guiness?
  6. There is a good Mexican/Central American place on Wellington, El Ranchito - 111 wellington. It's pretty good I have been a few times and quite like it.
  7. We kept it simple; burgers, chips, veggie tray and banana cake with ice cream. This is what comes from feeding small-ish children on a very small-ish buget.
  8. Pookie


    On crackers with peanut butter. OmG Yum! Around here we call it "mommy's sauce" Although I sometimes need to wrestle the bottle away from the baby. That's her treat, a squirt of sriracha on my finger and she gets to suck it off.
  9. Pookie

    Making Bacon

    I will let you know how it turns out!
  10. Pookie

    Making Bacon

    Let me know because I seem to be having the same problem. I ihave had the belly in the salt for about a week now and have not very much liquid out of it. Maybe 1 tbsp, 1.5 is stretching it. I am planning to smoke it Monday so I hope it turns out ok! At least belly is cheap-ish.
  11. Just a note - Asiana appears to be gone. I don't know if they moved or closed, but the restaurant on Commssioners beside the starbucks is gone. I have had decent Korean at Take Sushi. They have quite a selection of Korean meals, not just the sushi. (although that's not bad either!)
  12. I always understood the difference in Canadian and American flours to be - in Canada "All Purpose Flour" is roughly what Americans would consider "Bread Flour", at least in terms of protein contents. American "All Purpose Flour" is a blend of High and Low protein flours and thus lower in overall protein content. Of course, I am Canadian and don't ever remember cooking with anything other than our flour so what do I know! And as a Note - I love the Western?Liberte dairy products! Especialy the yogurts. Even my local No Frills carries them. I have given up on the other brands and buy those exclusivly.
  13. When I made the squash casserole I used real mayo and 35% cream with some Nutmeg. Then but cheddar and panko on top. My Husband and I licked the dish clean. (Miracle Whip - Ugh!) I think you could make it with other kinds of squash no problem. Maybe not spaghetti squash..... I am glad you are enjoying the cookbook. It is a hoot to see all the "salads". Let me know how it turns out. I have never tried that one.
  14. When you go shopping for the beef next time - Get written approval from her to spend more than your 2$ a LB. That way if the higher ups try and come down on you for going over buget you have your defence all ready to go. And Document, document, document! Take notes at the meeting and have her sign them so there can be no arguments later about what happened.
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