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    Oh man, was that great or what! I have not had a meal that good that I didn't cook myself. bergerka, I will be sitting right next to you at the bar, starting with Campari, and finishing with lemon ricotta fritters, and perhaps an appetizer of the fontina cheese fritters with wilted spinach, mmmm . bergerka, you, Sam and Ed are terrific dinner partners and fantastic conversationalists...time flew! Let's continue with the menu until we can't eat anymore, (and you know for me that's really hard.) Sam, great narrative and pictures. Thanks so much for the perfect recollection of the evening. For me it was the fritters of fontine cheese and ricotta. The scallopine d'agnello gratinato was perfect. I hope I don't find myself there this weekend... but I'm dreaming of it.
  2. Glad you enjoyed your stay there, dans. The NY Times has done an article on Bermuda today, for those interested.
  3. Wow, a Native American restaurant would be fantastic. I don't think there are any. Is it that there are not many Natives in the boroughs? I think researching Long Island my provide some information, like the Shinnecocks perhaps?
  4. I ate anything as a kid, even cotton candy, but ewww, it's horrible!
  5. Yep, you're right, the crumbled blue cheese brings it all together and really makes it delicious. I should have remembered to add it. The watercress is certainly a fine green to add as well.
  6. Here is some info on Adrienne's.
  7. Ditto>>>I love France and it looks so great in these photos. The food (including the boring cod mousse dish) looks compelling. Thanks so much for the invitation.
  8. Great! I think I've got it. Edited to say: If 2005 is the year, it seems you've got them all.
  9. FG, Do you mean BBQ that originates in New York? If so I'm not sure that I know any, but here are two that didn't make your list. Daisy May's history may make it a contender. (It's on their website.) Philly's Smoke House BBQ American/Barbecue 5-16 51st Ave (Long Island City, Queens) 718-707-0600 Discussion Philly's BBQ, LIC Texas BBQ http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=32424 Daisy May's BBQ USA American/Barbecue 623 Eleventh Ave. at 46th St. (Midtown/Times Square ) 212-977-1500 http://www.daisymaysbbq.com Owners: Co-Owners Chef Adam Perry Lang and Richard Gans Opened: 2003 Reviews and Discussion Daisy May's BBQ USA http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=26511 Virgil's Real BBQ 152 West 44th Street, 212 921-9494 http://www.virgilsbbq.com Owners: ? Opened: 1997 Earl's 560 Third Ave. at 37th St. 212-949-5400 http://www.earlsnyc.com
  10. destro800, you weren't kidding when you said you were craving a Cobb Salad! The same thing happened to me. Somehow it entered my consciousness, by TV or after reading something and I was on a mission (like you!). I had a lousy one somewhere, and then I made it and it was great. Then I went to Shelly's and it was fine. I really wanted to go to Sardi's and just never got around to it. I'm so glad it was good! (But as Pan said, TMI) Obviously, I can go on about Cobbs, as their many variations are a cause for contention, (tomatoes or not, and some say the best dressing is Green Goddess.) But as long as it consists of bacon, chicken, eggs, and avocado, I'm pretty satisfied. Michael/Pan: Dare we ask The Best: Cobb Salad?
  11. Oh Marlene, I'm stunned. Everything looks so great, I must have the corn cakes and eggs! Sam, I'm so sorry you're not well, you did fantastic things this week and I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for all the great work.
  12. The two places I can think of are Shelly's New York which is pretty good, and Sardi's. I've never had Sardi's Cobb, but I know they have one. Whenever I want a Cobb, I make it, but it is a hell of a lot of work. Here is an interesting link if you want to give it a try: Brown Derby Cobb Salad.
  13. "A Week Of Food In Kuala Lumpur" is linking to "Shopping And Cooking In Amsterdam" and as much as I love Amsterdam and consider it my second home, I'd love to see Kuala Lumpur's blog.
  14. Sam, the polpettes were beautiful, I must try that, but of course, I'm not grinding the meat! (Lazy woman here)... Marlene, did you perfer one or the other of your polpettes? Great job both of you, and I'll be either one of your housekeepers if you cook for me every night. edited to say: Sam, I have a similar pasta and I love it, but it always gets caught in the tines of my fork...any advice?
  15. Yes, I'm right there with you. I would have never eaten a runny egg until I ordered scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, at a great diner, but the eggs were delivered over easy. I made a sandwich and it was sooooo good. If I had not done this I would never have eaten Eggs Benedict, which is one of my most favorite meals.
  16. I hated it as a kid, it was too "jarring." But I like it now, and I mostly use it on Burgers, but not much else. But you've got me thinking, are there any haute Ketchups? I only use Heinz, and have not seen anything else, and wonder what it would be like if I made it myself.
  17. Milk, it's slimy, and makes me gag. But i will add a drop to coffee but if there is too much, I dump it.
  18. Yes, for sure Genny, only a good friend or family can act like that and get away with it.
  19. You're so right, CaliPoutine, no paying guest would stand for waiting that long, and as for the pretty ladies who Ramsey insulted looked as if they'd just came from a porno movie set. "my friend is insulted..." Oh gee. I can only hope the theatrics stop and they get to cooking. Ramsey's "Boiling Point" was so much better...even his insults to the staff was more authentic.
  20. Daniel, an absolutely fantastic road trip and boy did I learn something (about CT.) I have to have a bacon smothered hot dog and a buttered lobster roll. You've discovered why I love Maine so much. It's just the greatest. Thanks for the report. (I just want to scream when I look at the photos of the clams.)
  21. Another restaurant to add to the Nick's Pizza empire, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar is slated to open downtown next week. Dare I say that "Grandma" pizza isn't rare. Rose and Joe's Italian Bakery in Astoria (22-40 31st Street, Astoria, 718-721-9422) makes a great one as does the Sullivan Street Bakery, but I still can't wait to try Adrienne's.
  22. It would have to be something I spent hours making, like stacked enchiladas (with a complicated sauce.)
  23. I have not had that experience. After researching seasoning cast iron, I have successfully done it. First, it's a method using bacon fat, not oil. One coats the interior of the skillet in bacon fat, and then bake it in the oven on low heat for 2 hours. After this the skillet should be rinsed and not washed with soap ever, but you can use salt as a cleansing agent. As of yet, I have not had to reseason a pan, but I'm sure I might have to at some point. As Blondelle pointed out, a well-seasoned pan is almost non-stick. Here's another thread regarding stovetop grill pans. There is much discussion on seasoning.
  24. Brava Marlene, everything looks spectacular. How was the bread pudding?
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