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  1. OK - just read this thread and thought, as someone who works in a restaurant where the chef needs to have the entire order from the start....I will offer another opinion. Why do we do this? I work in a really small (30 seat) restaurant that usually does about 2 seatings. So there's about 30 people sat around 6/630 and another 30 sat around 8/830pm. A table sits down and orders appetizers and waits for them and then orders entrees. Meanwhile, the other 10 tables orders apps and their entrees. By the time table #1 gets around to order their entrees, they are the last ticket on the line. What this does is make the time between their apps and entrees longer then they may want to wait. Everyone else in the dining room eats before them. We do not rush between courses and if someone really wants to order this way, we allow it but with an explanation. Our guests are told our preference and then we leave the chioce up to them. Pretty much never have a problem and are often complimented on the good spacing between courses. Just another way of looking at it.
  2. Uhm, yeah. The sad part is that you stayed after the insult (yes, it was an insult) and gave them your hard-earned money in return for being treated like a 5-year old ("No, you can't have your appetizer now. You'll get it when I decide you'll get it."). But, hopefully, you've learned from your experience. You are the Consumer and you are King which is well worth noting especially in this terrible economy. That you're eating out at all, and at a full service restaurant no less, puts you in rare company these days if the statistics are to be believed. Remember we vote with our wallets. We decide "I like what you're doing so here is my hard-earned money so that you may continue and stay in business." That idiot didn't deserve your money. ←
  3. K8 - I am with you!!! If we all go that route, everyone will be better off!!!!!!
  4. Hi - we are in the process of opening a wine and cheese shop. How the heck do I order books? We want to have a small collection (like 25 books) that we have read and would like to retail....Omnivore's Dilemma, Great American Cheese, etc...... How do we go about procuring these books at wholesale? Thanks!
  5. Primo? Not sure where wlse you will be traveling, but in Maine everything is still pretty much "small town." If you know wherre you will be at a certain time, I would maybe directly contact catering companies and let them know that you are experienced and willing to help w/ any catering jobs available at that time. It is so seasonal up here that extra hands are usually welcomed!
  6. Where in Maine? I traveled cross country for 9 months and found lots of work serving in restaurants. Quick easy cash! You could definitely find catering work in Maine in the Summertime.
  7. We have a small restaurant where all bread, pasta, desserts, etc are made in-house. Last year (or so) I was paying about $10 for a 50lb bag of unbleached ap flour. Today, I am paying almost $40 for that same bag. Under no circumstance would we charge for bread with dinner. Last week we took a long look at menu prices and found 2 items that we think were relatively underpriced and upped those 2 items by $1 each. For now, that should cover us for the increase in flour. It is a really hard balancing act. We don't want to seem "overpriced" but we do want to cover our expenses.
  8. Want to come to Maine for the Summer ?
  9. Hi. I have never advertised for help on any internet sites before but we are currently looking to fill a unique BOH position. Which sites have you used? Think are the best? We are in a somewhat tourist area and we don't have much of a pool to draw from here. Any help is appreciated!
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