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  1. Summer Shack for seafood. Great oysters. Downtown near the convention center or out in Alewife at the end of the red line for the full show at the flagship. Silvertone downtown for good eats, open late. China Pearl in Chinatown for dim sum. Central Kitchen in Cambridge for great food and wine with a great bar to eat at. Hungry Mother in cambridge, new, great, cool. Run with that
  2. Three months should be fine. If longer without a change I'll figure that out with them and worry about it then. I'm 29 and figure I might be above some of the pack but I am still in the absorbing line cook stage, even after 8 years. I find in kitchens staffed with high caliber cooks that everyone has something to teach. I think I know what to expect from hundreds accounts I've read and heard but the more the merrier. Who are some of the men and women your watching right now? I'm not concerned with 3 stars as much as finding a good match. Place to stay? What's up with that? Is it usually provided?
  3. I'm planning on just using a tourist visa and taking bimonthly trips to neighboring countries. I tried to set this up 5 years ago with far less cash and a need for job security upon arrival. The work permit was the hardest step and the biggest hurdle. I'm hoping to just dive in and deal with it when I have to. I want to come in the summer either June or july. which would be better? What should I have lined up before I go? Also, the cuisine de terroir is my tour de force as a disciple of Collichio, Waters, Keller, and the New England king of terroir Sam Haywood. I want the skill refinement, most of all, from this experience, though. Can the two be found under the same roof? Enlighten me further. Thanks for the posts.
  4. I am starting the process of contacting chefs in France about a stage this summer. I want to work in a two or three star with a chef IN the kitchen who is exciting and a participant in the cuisine. I could use any information that people have as far as how to organize it, how long the stage usually lasts, accomodation, money provided, and who provides the best ones. I am a cook with 12 years under my belt and am excited to finally be able to work in Europe. Any info will be a help. Thanks in advance.
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