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  1. Very funny! I had a good laugh when I read that. Leonard
  2. Rumour has it that they are going to be doing cooking classes and a monthly Tequila Club. Can't wait. Umm...tequila! Leonard www.nakocommunications.com
  3. As you can see by the incredible response, we are very passionate about our dining scene. Here are a few more suggestions: www.crestaurant.com (Seafood) www.whatisnu.com (Waterfront) www.raincitygrill.com (Regional) www.fuelrestaurant.ca (Sit at the bar) www.foodvancouver.com/restaurant.php?restaurant=103 (Hamilton St. Grill - ask for Neil) On your way to Whistler, stop in at Galileo. It is a must for the best Latte and breakfast wrap. www.galileocoffee.com/ Have a great time, Leonard www.nakocommunications.com
  4. Aaron, You can go to Russell Food Equipment on Venables. Regards, Leonard www.nakocommunications.com
  5. I think you could only manage it with the online reservations. LN
  6. If you are a restaurant running the Open Table Reservation System, and have issues with no-shows, there is a solution. The rep from Open Table said that there are restaurants in the States that charge the guest x amount of money when they no-show. The cool thing is that they issue a gift certificate to the guest in the amount of the no-show charge. Thoughts? Leonard
  7. C has taken 4000 covers in the last 3 days for Dine Out. It seems to be busier than last year. Leonard NU and C
  8. Dear D90, Thank you for taking the time to let me know of your experience. As you may know, I take all customer feedback seriously as it is the only way for us as managers to really know where improvement lies in the training and developing of our staff. I am very disturbed by your accounts of the night, and would like to apologize for failing to deliver the proper level of service that we are trying to achieve in this restaurant. Our goal is to ensure you have a fantastic evening, and that clearly did not happen. I have officially discussed your concerns with the server and he is deeply regretful of his poor service and extends his personal apologies also. I am holding a general staff meeting this weekend and will be discussing the issues that you have brought to my attention. Please let me know when you decide to come back to NU. You can reach me directly at 604-646-4668 or via email at leonard@whatisnu.com. P.S. I have re-imbursed your onion tart to your credit card. I look forward to hearing from you. Leonard NU GM
  9. Rain City Grill C Restaurant NU
  10. The Rex and the Hamilton Street Grill are my choices. Leonard C and NU
  11. We have wireless internet access in NU and at C. Leonard
  12. If it wasn't for late night dining, my wife and I would have never seen each other. It was a great opportunity to relax and unwind post shift. Thanks Neil and Joan for the many great late nights at the HSG! As for NU, we have decided to stay open till 1am for food and drinks. It seems to work for the industry and hotel referred guests. We will see what winter brings us for the late night. Leonard NU
  13. Hey Leonard, So what's the scoop on the best dishes at Nu? I'm coming tonight with my fiancee for dinner. I also assume interac is still down so I'll bring the other plastic. Mmmmm looking forward to it. Wes ← Wes, I will be there tonight so ask for me so we can meet. Sincerely, Leonard NU GM
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