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  1. I was told if you can find a old refrigerator, one that does not have a defrost cycle and works well. You can then purchace a little thermostat that gets placed on the power cord of the frig. Set that to your desired tempature and plug it in. The one catch, the thermostat needs to be inside the fridge which means you will have to some how route the wire both into then out of the unit. I used one of these termostats on a large 240 gallon reef tank I kept in order to regulate ambient tempature and they work very well. Place a container of water inside and you should be set. CWB
  2. Hey Abra, well I don't like to publicly advertise any one product as everyone has thier opinion on what works the best or is the greatest. Thus my comment to placebo. Yet you asked so here it goes I have owned a New Braunfels Smoker and enjoyed it thuroughly but kept fighting tempature control and the amount of smoke used. I tried an electrick by little chief then one by Brinkman. Still was not happy as there was not enough control for me. I then purchased a Bradley Smoker Man what a diffrence this made. I am now able to control not only the amount of smoke I use by simply using fewer or more "wood pucks" as they only burn for 20 minutes each, but I cn control the tempature up to 350 or do a cold smoke if I choose. I have smoked cheeses, almonds, pork, turkeys, chickens, garlic (sounds odd but was great in mashed potatoes) home made sausages and jerky, you name it I have smoked or tried to smoke it. Theycome complete and ready to go out of the box and there are at least 6 different smoking flavors/woods to choose from. On thier home page there is a link t there forums which are filed with helpful advice and recipes and such. " I highly recomend the smoked French onion soup"! There is a draw back, there about 250 to 300 dollars. Yet in my opinion they are worth every cent. CWB
  3. Thanks all for the warm welcome. I've already started collecting a few supplies, and belive it or not I have the room and supplies to make an aging cave on my property. This being said I have book by Ricki Carroll and Laura Werlin already and am looking for fellow cheese lovers for advice and fun times. If there si going to be another cheese making party count me in, sounds like a great time was had by all. Placebo, thanks for the link and info, I hope to drop on in someday soon and see the place. Cold Water Bound
  4. Greetings all, I have recently moved from Calif to the PNW. I am curious if there are any amateur cheese makers around the Olympic Peninsula? I have read a few threads recomending various cheese shops in the Seatle area and over in BC but have not seen anything on those who make there own cheese. I know I can't be the only one intrested in making my own cheese so let's hear from you! Rukus
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