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  1. I've tried Roundel Cafe a couple of times now, and although the food was ok I will never go back. I don't think I've ever had such terrible service; the server was downright hostile.
  2. In my opinion the best selection of high-end teas are to be found at "The Tea Store" at Park Royal.
  3. Sonja


    I think Firewood on Cambie is pretty good, and they deliver. My favourite pizza by far, however, is from Me 'n Ed's, but they are located in Burnaby/New Westminster.
  4. Sonja


    We watched a Canucks game in the Oyster Bar a couple of weeks ago. Shared a few appies & a bottle of wine - the Charcuterie Plate was great, however it was placed in front of us without a word so weren't quite sure what we were eating at first - the yumminess made up for the mystery factor, though. The house cured salmon was tasty but tiny. The service was friendly and attentive, but I find the menu very overpriced. $3.50 for one oyster is just a bit too steep for me... It is a great room, and the dining room upstairs is beautiful, and I wish them all the best. With such a small menu and those prices they might have a hard time, though.
  5. I recommend Wendy at Cakeaters. Her website is www.cakeaters.com
  6. How about Watermark? Or The Dockside on Granville Island? That way you combine lunch with showing off our beautiful city.
  7. The Hart House serves a Rolling Hills Ranch Ostrich with Thyme Risotto and Sun Dried Blueberry demi glace. Only until Sunday, though, so book fast.
  8. I would bring smoked salmon as a gift. They have pretty fantastic chocolates there already, and nothing beats wild bc salmon. I always take some when I go back home and it is always a huge hit. You can buy it frozen and wrap it in lots of tinfoil or have it professionally packaged in styrofoam containers. For your on board meal I definitely would bring a snack. Having worked as a flight attendant for years my opinion of airline food is quite low. I always bring good quality organic miso soup (the powdered kind), and some fruit & sandwiches. You can even bring a packaged hot meal, just keep in mind that they have ovens, not microwaves. I've always enjoyed bringing some really good sushi (i.e. from Shiro on Cambie) since it will be the last you'll have in a while and it is easy to eat. Have a wonderful time! (And yes, go to provence - St Paul de Vence and Avignon etc) Sonja
  9. I heard that the owners of Sash (formerly Bukowski's) on Commercial are desperate to sell. I wonder what's going to happen there. It is a stellar location... I heard a rumor that Incindio is interested.
  10. Perfect Palette Catering (Christine Stoke, 604-983-8553) does Catering in lots of different formats. Unfortunately I couldn't find a website...
  11. Tomahawk in North Vancouver opened around 1925!
  12. Aah, yes... I went there in August, had a fabulous meal on a beautiful day on their patio. The food was great, service friendly and attentive, and the view spectacular. A real gem.
  13. Thanks for the review, snackycat! I'm going on tuesday, and after reading your comments I'm even more excited.
  14. The Hart House is extending Dineout by a week.
  15. Jackson Meats on Granville (I think it is around 10th) usually has duck breasts.
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