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  1. We will be staying at the RC this coming weekend, and have reservations at Luke, Herbsaint, Cochon, August, and Commanders Palace. Is it safe to assume all are still highly regarded?
  2. I had them pan seared at Fuji this past Saturday. Jesse said they were the last live of the season.
  3. Fuji has had live soft shells all summer.
  4. the pig came out on a wheeled cutting board, we were asked who wanted the parts from the head, neck and ribs, and much like Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter I yelled, pick me!
  5. 7 of us had the roast pig with the starchy sides and the green onions this past weekend, and it was excellent. Now I understand why dogs fight over pig ears - they're delicious!
  6. Law firm from the east coast is hosting a conference - money no object - entertaining clients during conference - short walk or cab ride from Grand Hyatt Hotel? All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  7. we will add 2 seats to the weekday visit...
  8. Need a private (or semi-private) room for a group of 20. 3 choices are requested. Thanks for your help.
  9. Bibou has a shot at that level at that level of service, since everyone there has LBF experieince.
  10. 4 slices of bread for one burger is ridiculous.
  11. The Day After sandwich at Havana in New Hope was my favorite for many years.
  12. suitable for business entertaining, parties of 6-8. thanks!
  13. those prices seem a bit (ok, extremely) high - $25 for a whole chicken, no sides, $12 for a chicken 1/4, $30 for a rack of ribs...
  14. I am a fan of South Philly Tap Room. http://www.southphiladelphiataproom.com/
  15. this should be on this board - Collingswood is 10 minutes over the bridge from Philly, and there is not really a South Jersey presence on the NJ board.
  16. Johnny's Hots roast pork is very good.
  17. RT 38 just before the Mt Holly Bypass, next to Canal's.
  18. there is one near a client in Lumberton - the lines are typically enormous (as is the clientele), the food is mostly fried and seems to cost $1 on average. That extra long Coney does look mighty good, though. Add a soda and a potato and it is easily 1000 calories. Can you tell I am torn between the need to eat in a somewhat healthy fashion and my love of quality junk food?
  19. thanks, Nate. your anniversary dinner would suit me just fine.
  20. We made a reservation for the 7 course tasting (4 weeks away...sigh). Has anyone experienced this there?
  21. Price is not a consideration. Need dining recommendations for business entertainment. Thanks for your help!
  22. 5 course $50 and up, 8 course $80 and up, minimum 2 people, call ahead to let chef know...
  23. I had that deep fried softshell as an omakase course a couple weeks ago and I am still thinking about it...
  24. we sat at Fuji's sushi bar Friday night for the $50 omakase , and it was one of the best meals I have had. ever.
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