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  1. LornaC

    Desiree potato

    I would make green herb potato cakes...mash with a little cream and butter ( this makes the texture ok on defrosting) lots of chopped parsley and spring onion. make the patties and then freeze between parchment. When using just flash fry from frozen to brown slightly both sides and then finish them off in the oven at gas 4. The low temp is too stop them collapsing. great stand by as they go with lots of things LC
  2. Sorry! I only shop in the Greenwich one. Lorna
  3. Hi David , It has nothing to do with your photography skills. From some of your past post I am sure your photos would be better than their stock PR ones. But it has everything to do with the fact you might be taking photos of who is dining with whom at the other tables! Or maybe that should be who should not be dining with whom. The fact that you asked first is I suspect the problem. Most professional Restaurant Managers would not stop a customer taking a few discreet photos of the dishes being delivered to the table. But if a regular ‘personality’ was in the dining room? No way.
  4. It is more likely to be something akin to Perard Soupe de Poissons this is the trademark name. Sold in large jars here in the UK and served with litle discs of dried/toasted baguette topped with roulle and grated ( in our house) Gruyere. You can of course make it yourself but we recently tried a large jar made by 'Fishworks' which was rather marvellous. It is always a lunchtime standby with us.I also feel a proper Boulabaise requires a lot of attention to the eating of bones etc and for this occasion ease of eating/talking/crying! might be the order of the day. i hgope it goes well LC
  5. A Bonzer Commercial Can Opener is what you want, handles A10 no problem. They last forever as you can pick up all the spare parts blades etc and fit them yourself. Try E Bay or second hand catering equipment places. LC
  6. Hi Jostber, Thank you I have previewed in on Amazon, so will hot foot it to a bookstore when I get there and compare it to others in that section if I don't get a good review from a New York Egulleteer. Hi Kathryn, The Raddison Lexington is on Lexington Avenue, sorry i am still struggling along with an old Blackberry so can't do the Iphone. I am hoping for reccomendations for good food, not nececarrily fine dining that you guy's would go eat lunch at if you were in the area. Near all the usual suspects Museum of Modern Art etc etc . My husband is boat mad, we even live on a barge so I am sure we will be doing every single boat trip available. Favourite Lunch destinations near the pick up and drop off points of all the trip boats and ferries would be good. Thanks LornaC
  7. Hello from LornaC in London. Unexpected first trip to New York with my husband who has been many times on business, so his restaurants were usually chosen by clients ( posh expense account affairs by all acounts ) I am arriving 12th May Iclandic Volacano Ash allowing, husband off duty then! leaving 18th so I am calling Per Se, Daniel etc to see if we can get on the wait list for dinner! Lunch is our main problem. I want to see where we are at around lunchtime as we will be doing all the usual tourist things and I want to have the best restaurant guide to see what is around the area we happen to be in that we might get in to without booking ,or calling maybe an hour ahead when we see how we are doing. Any cuisine! that you recommend. Am I best with Zagat? Please let me know the one you think is best. We are staying in the Radisson Lexington so any recommendations for Dinner around there would also be gratefully appreciated. Any other must eat at destinations will be gratefully received Best Regards LornaC
  8. Hi Tony, I have not bought fillet but lots of other cuts from any of these guys but I would try Jack O, Shea at Selfridges, The Ginger Pig at Lauriston Road Hackney or Marylebone High Street, there is also a Ginger Pig at Borough Market but that is not open until Thursday I think.If you do go to Borough on Thursday there is also the wild beef stall. Check out http//www.doshermanos.co.uk they always rave about Jack O'Shea, Jack also has a website
  9. Not quite 1840 but when I was training in Glasgow some! years ago we used 'The Glasgow Cookery Book' it was first published in 1910 I think and was the bible of the 'Dough Scool' the cooks training college. It is available on Amazon too.
  10. Hi Thampic, I don't know if this is the same tr-ply range ( swiss marco Pierre White launched and stocked in Selfridges) but they are always on special offer at TK Max! ( I know it is not exactly Divetimenti) but a couple of years ago I bought a saute pan which is utterly fantastic no hot spots and it really performs well. I think the rrp was about £90 and I bought it for £27. I have bought some others since all really low prices, stock pots, grill pans etc. I am not quite sure how TK Max buy their stock,liquidation I think? but they always have a large number of these pans. I also have a set of those lovely expensive french steak knives Laguiole in lovely colours really cheaply also. They seem to always have these in stock too. My motto is never buy a new Salt & Pepper grinder or anything Boden ( two lovely modern wine decanters and a tea pot!) without visiting a branch of TKMax first!But ignore the expensive chocolate and olive oil section it is awfull! Gosh reading this back it just makes me realise I shop too much!
  11. If you want Chervil and are not near Borough Market, M&S do a little bag called 'Fish Herb Mix' it has Chervil, Lemon Thyme and Curley Parsley. Handy if you only need a little and it is not expensive.
  12. Macro sell 1 kilo bags of Callebaut, dark and milk
  13. morteau sausage is uncooked but I suspect you will be OK. I am assuming it tasted OK raw as you say you ate loads of it!
  14. Hi There Kelly Bronze Turkey's have a branch or franchise I think just a few miles outside of Glasgow. I think they would deliver straight to your friend. If not the main kelly turkey site would. Hope you have a lovelt time I am from Glasgow and lived there until I was 21! such a long time ago now
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