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  1. Flotch

    Rendering Lard

    The pork lard I rendered (from two back legs) has separated into a clear golden liquid on top and a thick white layer on the bottom. Any thoughts on what to do with which?
  2. Red Velvet cupcakes. Recipe from Magnolia Bakery off Epicurious.
  3. Raisin scones still warm from the oven. Perfect start to the weekend.
  4. Flotch

    Dinner! 2009

    Dinner the past two nights
  5. Didn't think she would do something like this. But as mentioned above, sex sells and she oozes it!
  6. I can bake a cake from scratch, think I can get in for some experience on the weekends? ← Just for experience? Nah. The kitchen is too small. Only the serious and dedicated needing full time work need apply! ←
  7. I'm a pastry chef and to find those who have actually baked a cake from scratch is a difficult thing! ←
  8. Hey Pieman27, I attended Taste of Dubai. Fab evening but I found the food a bit expensive. The food was also a bit of a hit and miss. I was completely disappointed with Verre (Gordon Ramsay's restaurant) as they charged Dhs40 for their braised beef topside with sauteed celeriac and cep veloute and it was extremely dry and chewy. On the other hand, Gary Rhode's Mezzanine did a fabulous braised beef with fondant potatoes and caramelised onions and the Devonshire clotted cream pannacotta was amazing! Loads of freebie stuff as well. The Bateel dates stall with their date-based products was really good.
  9. I'm a Roman Catholic from Bombay, India. Usually when there is a death in a family, relatives and friends take on the responsibility of cooking meals for the direct family on the day of the funeral and the day after. This could be either in the home where the person has passed away or in their own homes. We also have the ceremony of a 'month's mind' mass on the day that marks bereaved's one month of passing. Depending on the time of the mass - morning, late morning or evening - the family of the bereaved provides a meal for their close family and friends.
  10. My biggest peeve is people taking the responsibility of ordering for the whole table. A friend's wife seems to think that this is her natural duty and proceeds to order whatever she thinks will be appropriate for the crowd. Thankfully my husband and I have spoken up and told her we'll make our own decisions. The other meek souls haven't been so lucky. Another would have to be friends trying to get pally with the servers. I'm all for making polite conversation and treating the person waiting on me with utmost respect but there is a very obvious boundary beyond that. One of my husband's friends is convinced this will ensure better service and proceeds to slap staff on the back and ask personal questions, which often boils down to some distasteful jokes, and it's more embarassing than anything else. Suffice to say, I refuse to go out with him, only my husband does
  11. Cinnamon buns. Recipe from Bon Appetit (I think March 2008) - Molly Wizenberg's column.
  12. Flotch

    Dinner! 2009

    Cream Dory fillets in tomato-ginger broth.
  13. Yes, I've heard that it is quite costly. I was lucky to be at their first anniversary party last year and they had Rhodes serve small tasting portions of the menu. The one thing that stood out was the pork belly with apple sauce. Unfortunately I can't remember anything else from the main courses but the scones - which they serve complimentary after dinner - were fabulous. Worth every bit of the second helping
  14. You're pretty much accurate. The chefs in charge tend to come from the original restaurant or have worked directly with the celebrity chefs and then the line cooks tend to be Asian. I've heard mixed reviews about Reflets, I can't afford to go myself. However, these guys Fat Expat pretty much eat their way through Dubai and are passionate foodies so they will probably give you a fair idea of the experience.
  15. Guy Savoy is supposed to be opening a restaurant at the Tiger Woods development. http://www.arabianbusiness.com/528218-top-...s-dubai-arrival
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