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  1. it's NOT JUST chicken ribo, it's lilydale....mmmm i'll stick to my ferme D'amours
  2. mmmm inject-a-bird, maybe buy local chickens from the butcher, like Ferme D'amour instead of Lilydale, support local farmers first
  3. i think they were having another "opening" of some sort tonight, i had a friend look into working but it was supposed to open back in Nov, looks like a nice place tho.
  4. why is it called liverpool house serving italian? just a curious question
  5. i dont get the impression they are closing from the link?? nevermind i read the main page
  6. god damn, i knew i've spent too muchg time lstewning to chef rumours, sorry for false info
  7. Just wondering if theirs somewhere the review for club cxhasse et peche from the gazette is on the internet still if not how many stars did it get? thanks
  8. i'vew heard that Les Chevres is closing and Stelios is taking over Cube and as for Gonzalez i've heard of something in the name of Relais Chateaux in the old port but am not 100%
  9. Does Bon Apptite Cookbooks have Au Pied Cochons book?
  10. Grand Livre Mediterrainian and Grand Livre de cuisine, also Spoon, very big Ducasse fan, also i really do like French Laundry
  11. Tremblant, good oysters, good restos?? where??
  12. No, it's basicly for a food boutique, with farm raised produce, from my farm.
  13. i am wondering if anyone knows where i can find requirements and laws concerning building a commercial kitchen, thanks in advance
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