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  1. Another Hellman's raised, Hellman's fan here. I have made my own using an emmersion blender. It's been awhile, but iirc, I put the ingredients into the beaker, lowered the blender to the bottom, turned it on and then very, very slowly raised it up. By the time it got to the top of the now-blended ingredients, I had mayo. I don't do it regularly, only if I have either pasturized eggs or some from the farmer's market. (Can those be any different? )
  2. Just imagining how delicious that omelet tasted is fun, as was following your blog this week. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Based on how Tom gazes as Sarah, he might be ok with that.
  4. I received an Emile Henry ceramic grilling/baking stone for the oven. Haven't tried it out yet, but it looks promising. The pizza stone formerly in the oven had seen better days, so nice timing. And from unrelated sources, a bottle of port and a box of Godiva truffles. I think we're set for next week. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!
  5. Fantastic to have you blogging again and off to a great start!
  6. While Heather is getting the bitch edit, apparently, Tom's not anticipating hearing about her holding Bev down while yelling at someone to shave Bev's head.
  7. This has been a real treat, from the food to the culture and back again, thanks so much!
  8. Second (and third) the recommendation for Sun Wah's Peking Duck. Here you go.
  9. Like many, I won't toast a fresh bagel, may toast one that's been around or in the freezer. My favorite topping is cream cheese and lox, or lox cream cheese. When I'm not too lazy, I'll mix lox pieces with low-fat cream cheese in the food processor and save about half what they charge in the deli. For me, toasted, buttery bagels are delicious, they just don't hit the emotional buttons (or the flavor ones) of a fresh one mit lox and cc, so I don't eat them regularly. I've never had a Montreal bagel, but I can give the recipe in Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day a try. And size them properly, as rlibkind mentioned.
  10. I put the white plastic lid from the large creamed herring jar through the dishwasher and the whole thing was fine to hold carrot and daikon pickle, which has its own particular aroma. And rusts out metal lids on other jars. I believe the suggestion to use a plastic lid for that pickle came from somebody here on EG.
  11. Thank you, Heidi! It's been a wonderful week to follow. I make that carrot and daikon pickle, but I'm inspired to branch out.
  12. Ha, that's show biz. And some of these people putting their "reputations" on the line. Also, funny. FN competitions equate fine dining with fine TV chops. For the judges/producers/executives, "personality" trumps all. I'm looking at you, Next Food Network Star (well, not anymore).
  13. Thanks for the therapeutic trip to the market, from chilly, grey Chicago. Those greens and daikon from the Asian farmers look amazing.
  14. It will be wonderful to spend this week with you--Happy Passover, Pam. Wish I could grab one of those chopped liver packs
  15. Thanks for starting this thread, Doodad. I just went to the Shelf of Many Cookbooks and found 2 by Martin Yan, bought long ago and not looked at lately. One is a Martin Yan, The Chinese Chef (with a mighty young Martin on the cover). It has chapters on recipes from Canton, Szechuan & Hunan, Peking, Shanghai and something called Nouvelle Chinese - it's from the 80s! Lots of info about ingredients and tools and a great spread entitled, Yan Can Cut, with 8 photos of correct hand positions and techniques. Oh look, a recipe for Baked Pork Buns (with a separate recipe for the char sui), I can only buy baked bao from the Chinese bakeries (and occasionally, small ones during Sunday dim sum). Plus, step by step instructions to make an apple bird! The other is Martin Yan's Favorite recipes with Meyer Cookware - in the intro he writes that this is the companion book to season 7 and calls the collection A Wok for All Seasons. Ha, photos of almost 2 dozen of his gorgeous garnishes. I feel the need to start cooking from this book! From the introduction to the Glass Noodles with Peanut Sauce recipe, "Peanuts are a "new" food in Chinese cooking -- we've only been using them for three or four hundred years, since they were introduce from the West." I think his personality comes through pretty well. edited for spelling
  16. I eat Bay's. Toasted Bay's aren't doughy, have tons of nooks and crannies, into which the butter and jam deposit nicely, I like their combo of crunchy (around the edges, which tend to be flatter than the middles) and chewy. Haven't had a Thomas' in so long, I can't remember how they were, although the props make me curious. Chris, this blog is a-mazing. Thank you for the great ride.
  17. I believe that used to be Fabio's job.
  18. Scroll to the third video to see/hear the food reasons why "Jenny" would still be there if Chef Ripert was at JT.
  19. Thanks, this was great. I admire your going for the 7 layer cake (I grew up with one from a suburban Detroit Jewish bakery, found one in Chicago, but you know, it's not the same) and the macarons (feet!). Inspiring!
  20. I go through 2-3 bottles a day. With the price increase the last time I ordered my exchange canisters, I'm paying about a quarter a liter, too. Was less! Plus, no shlepping. I've had my Sodastream for about 3 years now, one of my all-time favorite purchases. I've noticed they're now at Macy's and Sur La Table around here, but those are smaller units, with the 60 L. CO2 canisters. Mine's bigger (Not keg-sized, unfortunately.) edited because a canister is not a cartridge.
  21. hsm

    Green Bean Casserole

    We normally make plain green beans, but this year's Thanksgiving is with different friends and one of them, a non-cook, is tasked with the green beans and wants to make The Casserole - but not the Campbell's version. Go figure. I sent her the Cook's Illustrated classic recipe with beans, mushrooms, cream, butter, sure, fine, can't miss. It's even topped with homemade toasted bread crumbs. And...wait for it... 3 cups of "canned fried onions". Since I'll be helping her make it, get over here, you crunchy oniony Durkees that I loved as a kid when I would never eat a real onion. (That was a long time ago.) edited because ,,, is not the same as ...
  22. This blog has been a real treat, thank you so much for sharing the week! And the tart recipe
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