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  1. @liuzhou: you are also correct. The print is very tiny, and I couldn't read it in the artificial light last night. This morning with daylight I found the origin. Note to self: eat more carrots, and clean glasses more often .
  2. This is it! Thank-you so very much! So BonVivant was right, I stand corrected. Two things caught my eye, in the article and the comments: it can be used to make ice cream, and that it can also be used in an Indian dish (Poha). I had seen Poha elsewhere, but in the finished dish the rice was not green. Thanks very much to all of you! I'll experiment, and post finished pictures. Happy weekend!
  3. Perhaps. The article says that the rice is roasted, and this product gives no indication of roasting. As well, Com should be eaten withing 24 hrs of producing, which is also not applicable here.
  4. I did see this page, but it didn't help. Most recipes for "green rice", or even green flat rice, call for herbs/vegetables for the green color. This isn't what I have.
  5. I really don't know where it's from, but the ingredients say 99% rice, and pandam (I presume this gives the green color). The store clerks speak very little of what I do, and aren't really interested in sharing cooking tips - hence my query.
  6. Hello all, Shopping at the local Asian market today, I found something new, so I bought it. Can anyone tell me how to use/cook with this please?
  7. marktfrau

    Goan Cuisine

    Greetings Sheel! I'm so happy to find someone with knowledge of Indian cooking. Every Wednesday night a group of ex-Pats meet at a different Indian restaurant here in Munich. Unfortunately, here the food is mainly the same selection, so new recipes would be welcome (especially the pickles!). I have good sources for ingredients, just need guidance. Would you post a pickle recipe please? Thanks!
  8. Agreed, but if you were sold a beverage that was scalding hot, would you really put it between your legs and start to drive off? Hard to say, but if the grill Station used wire brushes that continuously shed wires, I'd bet that Chef (or an appointed person) laid into the supplier so that this Kind of Thing wouldn't happen.
  9. Thank-you. True, not many Details, but that's typical media today. It will probably end up like the McDonald's coffee case, where the punitive damages awarded were found to be excessive, and so reduced by a judge,
  10. marktfrau

    Thai iced tea

    the red colour is usually annatto, the natural dye that is used to colour cheese in the US. are you looking for taste, or optic? taste-wise, yes, a stronger black tea with sweetened condensed milk is the base. colour-wise, I've seen everything from carrot to a chemical orange agent used (stop & think - what gives mint jelly it's green hue?) go for the taste.
  11. marktfrau

    Why is Italian cappuccino so good?

    DON'T FORGET THE MILK!! this is capuccino that we're talking about! just tasting the plain milk will show anyone that one is dealing with a fundamentally superiour beverage here. parmalat? though processed, often far superiour than what one finds in the average US supermarket, taste-wise, and don't you know, this affects the end result. it's not always the bean.
  12. marktfrau

    Arab Coffee

    We've sold spices for many years at our family store. we typically buy the spices in bulk (kilo-wise) and repack into 50 or 100g bags. sometimes we have a few grams left over - like cardamom. we buy green cardamom, although white (mainly bleached) and black exist. I'd always store the leftovers in a dish in the kitchen of the store. in the morning, I'd come in, make a regular pot of coffee (in Germany it can be stronger than in the US), and just add 4 or 5 cardamom capsules to the coffee filter. voila. cardamom coffee, with no fuss. p.s. milk and sugar are always good for me in the morning.