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  1. Quote: from Fat Guy on 12:08 pm on Aug. 23, 2001

    You would deprive me of the ability to harbor a grudge for no good reason? :)

    The ability to harbor a grudge without regard for good reason, shall not be denied without due process of lunch.  :wink:

    Gee, I don't know? I'm carrying a grudge against them 'cause they put a chicken place out of business and I don't like their labyrinthine check out line.


  2. Retitle this thread - "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Restaurant/Cafe/Market"

    No really, the in-house person at Citarella used to have my office at my old firm (which was in the Credit Mayonnaise building). Often when she was on-site, meeting with the builders, she'd stop my old firm and we'd ask her "when already?"  I have no reason to doubt her credibility. You, however, have every reason to doubt mine. LOL.

    In any case it's open now and no one has gone hungry in the interim, so who gives a fig what the reason was.

    It's open, let's eat.


  3. It is indeed open. I know because it happens to be downstairs from my office (I'm on the plaza side, Citarella is on 6th Ave, but it's the same building). A friend of my is the GC for Citarella and the reason it has taken so long to open is that when the building formerly known as Hurley's was gutted for the remodel they found out that the structure was about to fall down. Basically, there wasn't anything holding the walls up. Anywho, that's why it has taken so long to open the place. I very rarely go to Citarella because the one on 3rd Avenue put David's Chicken out of business (boo hoo) and since I've moved further uptown I don't go past it as often as I did when I lived on  E75th. Also their check-out traffic pattern is not fat friendly, especially when one is already carrying packages.  That being said the things I have bought there have been top quality and I have no reason to believe the mid-town location will be of any lesser quality. If I head down there for lunch, I'll let you all know how it is.


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  4. Liza:

    Trying calling the FAA Consumer Hotline at 800-322-1873 (8am-4pm Eastern Time).  Pursuant to Federal Aviation Regulation 108.11 (14 CFR 108, et seq) it is, and I'm summarizing here folks, illegal for any person to have accessible a deadly or dangerous weapon during a flight. There is a very well defined set of exceptions, but I fear that "weapon as cooking utensil" isn't one of them. If you want to read the reg. you can find it at http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara....00.html

    By all means, ask your chef friends what they do, but remember they are not in authority on this. If other cooks tell you it's okay if you show up at the airport with knives in you bag be prepared for airport security guard freak-out. One time my wife made A JOKE about having something in her bag at Logan and security went ballistic (as did I).   So be careful and in this case (and only this case) trust what the government tells you.

    Don't take my word for it either. Call the FAA, or better yet send the knives FedEx, it'll probably cost less than ฤ. Probably money well spent.

    Talley ho,


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  5. I know I'm taking my life into my own hands with this post, but:

    I've done this diet for several years (successfully) and find that Jello Brand Sugar-Free Instant Pudding, topped with half a container of Cool Whip, is good for what ails you after a long day of ketosis breath. Lack of treats is usually what makes me fall off the wagon with other diets. Stay away from those low-carb snack/candy bars, they taste like poo.

    I love the high meat diet. It makes my wife sick. I don't think this is necessarily a good program for someone who doesn't want to eat a lot of meat and fat. I want to eat a lot of meat and fat.


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  6. Steven,

    I've been an ardent follower of you online since well before you got the easier to remember URL.

    The only time I had the burger at 21 was after I was sworn in. I don't know what it was like in the olden days, but I do know that I like hamburger in my hamburger. Though I like celery ( and one imagines there would merely be a faint taste of it) I don't want it in a burger.

    I can whole heartedly recommend the hamburger deluxe from the 4 star diner on 1st and 76th. Tell them to make the fries well done.

    As for McDonald's, I used to order 5 at a time. To my mind this was equivalent to a normal portion of hamburger. Alas, my stomach just can't take it anymore.


  7. Hi everybody:

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the burger at 21.  It's been a couple of years, but I remember it as being quite tasty. Just don't let them foist the "21 Sauce" on you. It is a delightful mixture of ketchup (or is it catusp) and mustard. This is a good choice if the client is paying.  


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