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  1. So I did what Katie suggested, added mint and blueberry vodka to the cordial, served from large pitchers. It was delicious. Thanks!
  2. Since I'm not a huge cocktail drinker, and I'm having company for the holiday, what can I make ahead (besides sangria) that will "wow" my friends. I want to have beer, wine, and only one cocktail as I won't have time to take care of making drinks. I appreciate any suggestions.
  3. Thanks for the input. I have a pestle, so that should be okay.
  4. I had this delicious cocktail at the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park today. I asked for the recipe, and it called for muddling mint. When I later told my bartender son about it, he told me that they no longer muddle at his place of work, and they shake, shake, shake when making mohitos. I was wondering if this is the best way after muddling. I don't mind if I am making a few drinks, but I remember having a large party and the muddling, in addition to everything else that needed to be done was a pain.
  5. What's a decent substitute for muddling mint leaves? Blender? Shaking?
  6. How would you do that? I saw that there is a cranberry Aquavit (on their site). What do you think?
  7. This is great! I'm going to spend the weekend tasting everything. Thank you all so much for this wonderful input.
  8. I generally only drink white wine, and an occasional marguerita. My husband likes tequila on the rocks, and the kids will drink whatever the latest is. Vodka would be okay too. Price is not so much an object, except that I'm going to try several things before next week, and that might get expensive. I live in the Hudson Valley of New York,and our guests are from various parts of the country.
  9. We have a large group, close to thirty people, for Thanksgiving every year. Usually someone will make a short toast just before dinner. This year, I would like to give out shots for the toast. Maybe even something artistic looking. Since I'm a novice at this, I am looking for suggestions. I don't want anything with mint liquer, or after-dinnerish. Most of the group is between twenty and forty years old, with a handful on either side of that age range. My father would always have a shot of whiskey before dinner. I remember this with affection. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I can't figure out how to find your review, Jmahl. I would love to read it.
  11. We made it to Emeril's last night. We weren't disappointed. The atmosphere was great, and everyone really enjoyed their meals. The service was super too. It seems to be the busiest place in town. Thanks everone for your input.
  12. Some of the guys wore jeans to Emeril's last night, with a collared shirt. Not a problem. I imagine it would be the same at NOLA.
  13. I've been to Herbsaint twice. The last time we went the food was very salty. I'm not going this trip. What do others think? I really like KPaul's, and Upperline. Have they been on this list in the past? I only visit here a couple of times a year, but always check egullet before I make the trip. It seems that the last time everyone was raving about Commanders again, so I'm surprised it is off of the list too.
  14. Still no reservation yet, but I'm hoping. We had lunch at Bacco yesterday.I haven't heard anyone talking about that restaurant here, but we really enjoyed it.
  15. Thanks for the comments. I tried for Emeril's, and they don't have any reservations when we can go. I think we'll wait till tomorrow and see if something becomes available.
  16. We're heading to New Orleans tomorrow for three days. We have not been to an Emeril restaurant there yet. Which one should we go to? There will be five of us, two are college students. I'm thinking Emeril's Delmonico, but am wondering about the price. We'll be having at least four other dining adventures, but Emeril's was a specific request. Your advice is appreciated.
  17. ada


    Do not miss the Artist's Palate. 307 Main Street, Poughkeepise. I went there for the first time about two months ago, and now go back every couple of weeks. It's pretty new. Also, The CIA has inexpensive dinner specials during the week in the winter. Really reasonable, and you can book online.
  18. I was there on the Monday, the 1st. We were in a large party, so we decided to order family style, which was recommended. Some of everything. I thought the food was really good, especially the pastas. I've never been to the one in Harlem. The service was great.
  19. Cornwall- on- Hudson is near Newburgh, and I would highly recommend Il Cena'colo on rte. 52. It's one of my favorite restaurants. They also have a sister restaurant on the Newburgh waterfront called Cena 2000. It's really good too, has a better view, but I prefer the food at the first one. New Paltz- Go to Beso. In my opinion it's the best restaurant in New Paltz. High Falls is not on the Hudson, but Highland, which is next to New Paltz is. I'll give you a recommendation for both; High Falls- The Dupuy Canal House- it's pretty expensive, but has an unusual menu, and worth it for dinner. Chef's on Fire, which is downstairs, has a really nice Sunday breakfast menu. Also in High Falls is The Northern Spy. It's one of my regulars. Good food and pretty reasonable. Highland- The Would is very good and Coppola's for Italian. Also, since you'll be in the area, you might want to try for reservations at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. It's about 20 minutes form New Paltz, 10 from Highland. Don't wait to call. They get booked far in advance.
  20. Check out their website www.beso-restaurant.com. I think there is something for everyone. It's a little pricey for New Paltz, but worth it. When it first opened the service was pretty bad. We went there twice and gave up for a year. They finally have it together, and the service it pretty good. I also think Gadaletos had another new chef. I haven't been there lately, but maybe it's worth a try.
  21. I had red snapper that was prepared almost (but not really) like a stew. Come to think of it, we all had fish of some kind. Everyone loved what they ordered. The cold cucumber soup was delicious, too. For dessert, we had beignets that they admitted was a mix from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Since we had just come back from New Orleans, we were psyched to have that. They prepared it drizzled with chocolate, and a chocolate drink along with it. Yum! I live on the other side of the river, and would highly recommend Beso in New Paltz.
  22. We were in New Orleans for four days last week. We had dinners at Herbsaint, Muriels, and Red Fish Grill. The service, compared with many of the places that I eat in the Hudson Valley of New York, was fabulous. Even though I dine in New York City only a dozen or so per year, my husband and I eat out almost everyday. I wish we had that service here. I'm surprised at the posts here, but I'm thinking that maybe it's because they are a couple of months old.
  23. I had lunch a few weeks ago at a small restaurant called The Haymaker in Poughkeepsie, NY. I was impressed, and couldn't wait to get back there for dinner. Last night four of us had a lovely meal. The food was fresh, the atmosphere friendly. The service too was friendly, but a bit amateurish. We had a great time. I would recommend this place to anyone looking in the area for a nice lunch or dinner.
  24. I'm going to Mohegan Sun tomorrow. I was just checking to see if there were any good places to eat. I think I'll skip this one. Any other suggestions?
  25. Thanks everyone. We had lunch at Higgens. We really enjoyed it.
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