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  1. Does it get any better than salumi on focaccia, and a few olives?? Thats Liguria my friends. Drinking a bunch of home made Limoncello cheers all!
  2. Lucais will most certainly be heading to Chicago to do the stage at Chef Trotter's restaurant. He will go after Dine Out Vancouver and Valentines Day.
  3. OK, so I have a background in pretty high-volume, factory style cooking. Chandler's, Milestone's .... big numbers, paint-by-number food. Don't go in looking for magic, but come back and it was the same as last time. BTW, churning out these numbers of covers is closer to magic than you think. Maybe 10 people in this city can work a saute shift at Milestone's on a Friday night in July. The best cooks I know are line-cooks, first and foremost. If you can't to that, you can't do shit. Is this the result of cooking becoming trendy? Do we have Jamie Oliver to blame for this? A glut four or five years after the fact. Being a cook in a hotel restaurant, with a Chef whose background is largely independent, is an interesting environment. We don't take the shotgun approach like some bigger chain restaurants can do. That's their strategy. That middle is hard to fill, but they get lucky sometimes. -- Matt. edited for joke after I read the whole thread: What do you call a restaurant with no servers? Take out. What do you call a restaurant with no cooks? Closed. ← I do believe you may be drunk! There are many very talented chefs in this city, and your comments are quite bold.
  4. That Pho place on Broadway at Cambie is open 24 hrs. Kinda sketchy but good food. ciao
  5. I but my Valrhona products from Far-Met importers for the restaurant. They have several packaging options from small bars to Feves. Ciao
  6. I went to Savory Coast this past Monday to give some support to Chef Romy Prasad, as he visited Adesso a few weeks ago to support us. I started with the Buffalo Carpacio, and a very nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Both were excellent. My next course was the Octopus & Potato salad, which was heavenly. Following that was a half Penne Amatriciana. The pasta was perfectly al dente, and the entire dish had good balance. I finished my evening off with the Vanilla Panna Cotta, and a glass of Moscato D'Asti. The dessert, and wine were a very nice match. Over all, the experience was very good. The service was attentive and sparkling from a friendly smiling staff. You should go! Ciao
  7. Maria's W4th all the way, but make a reservation
  8. I don't know much about Persian Food, or Restaurants, however there are a few Persian women I'd like to have some adventures with. Ciao
  9. I think we should all stay on topic. Watch the show, formulate your opinion, then discuss. Ciao
  10. Anything made by Cin Cin pastry chef Thierry Busset Ciao
  11. I would like to check out 1 shift at the Pear Tree in Burnaby. Scott is a wickedly talented chef. Ciao
  12. Not yet, but working at it Ciao
  13. Kits Beach in the Fall, Winter or early Spring. Beautiful view, quiet & calm. Serenity. Ciao
  14. Have any other Egulllet folks been in recently?? We would love to see and hear from you. Ciao
  15. My first job in Vancouver was 1994 at Ouisi Bistro on South Granville. I started there as First cook, and very quickly became Executive Chef. My first real industry job however was when I was 13 years old. I found that I liked to have some cash, so I got a job at a small bakery washing dishes. Ciao
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