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  1. That's a drag. Ours didn't taste "bottled" at all, and there were deffo no heat (or lack of heat) issues. But keep in mind we are by no means ramen (or okonomiyaki) experts. Maybe we lucked out?? ← It sounds like both you and nondual had good experiences there. I just wonder if it was an off night or a permanent change......
  2. I visited and I wonder if it was just a bad night. Tried the chashu miso and the broth really tasted like the type that use the instant powder. Soup was lukewarm, and the pork, corn, and bamboo were all cold to the touch. Off night? Or permanent change?
  3. Sounds like a great tip, nondual! Seeing this thread again makes me just have to say that Menya has gone downhill since it opened. They just aren't consistent sadly.
  4. That's about the only winner I would agree with. Did the judges taste these dishes themselves or were just voting based on the contenders' reputation? In almost all categories I have tasted better dishes elsewhere. And since when is geoduck and scallops one and the same? Even the Diners' Choice Award portion seems to have suffered from ballot-stuffing. ← Out of curiosity - which dim sum would you recommend over Shun Feng? I really liked them the one time I was there.
  5. A wonderful Vietnamese roaster is Triumph Cafe in Austin, Texas. They will ship if you ask: http://www.triumphcafe.com/
  6. That is good news all around! Thanks for the update!
  7. Menya specializes in tonkotsu broth. My favourite soup on the menu is the miso version. You only get two slices of pork in the soup, and since they are tender and delicious I want more. Thankfully for just $3 you can order extra and get 6 extra slices to add in. You can also add in an egg, extra noodles, etc. all for very reasonable surcharges. Their gyoza are very well prepared and served very hot. The gyoza have a very pleasant ginger and green onion flavour to them, and are my preferred gyoza in a restaurant in Vancouver. The service is very friendly and helpful, and really gives a similar feel to a similar type place in Japan. The food appears within 2 minutes normally when they are busy, and on a "slow day" in about 3. Tip: Order one of their set menus. It includes the ramen of your choice, a side of gyoza, and a rice ball flavoured with sea kelp and with little bits of konnyaku and carrots. The set menu is just a $3 add-on to the soup. I think Menya has passed the ramen places from "ramen row" near the corner of Robson and Denman in my book.
  8. They have a webspace reserved as well, but nothing there yet: http://piato.ca/
  9. Interesting. I might have to have a first hand look. ← Is that in the old Saigon space? Hopefully they have improved it. The old place was awful.
  10. You DEFINITELY have to make one with your Pho list! You have a good deal of photos too that would be nice to integrate! Cheers!
  11. Oooh....I like the zones idea! Thanks for another map to explore!
  12. This calls for a Google Map, canucklehead to help the rest of us along! They are easy to setup: Create a google map Here is my attempt so far: Vancouver Ethnic and Hole-in-the-wall Restaurant and Food Guide Would love to see a Canada Line specific one!
  13. Perhaps a quick skytrain ride from the Quay to downtown and then enjoy a full selection?
  14. Two more locations opening soon.... Crystal Mall (unit 2320) in Burnaby and City Square (unit 26) in Vancouver. So that will be a total of 4 so far.
  15. ooo, i've been wanting to try this place! it's called "Alenka" i believe. ← Yep, sure is... drove by on our way to pho last night but sadly it was after hours... ← Thanks for the name! I just finished the last can of sprats last night. So it will be a return trip soon!
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