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  1. Wow that description really nails it, sound and looks like what I saw. I wish I would have just asked them but I'm sure my kids would have killed me for butting in on some complete strangers picnic, plus I already felt guilty sitting and watching them eat and trying not to seem too nosy. Thanks also Soyamiso for sharing your family picnic foods
  2. Speaking of cookbooks, in the aug/sept 2003 Saveur right at the front of the mag is a 2 page ad for Jenn-air and all the walls are lined with cookbooks. I was trying to identify all the ones I have. It would be interesting to know if its somebody's real kitchen.
  3. Thats what I'm talkin about! lets go get some!!!!!
  4. The sauce was a little too thin and brown to be just soy, maybe had some fish sauce added? birds eye chilies sounds promising although some of the pieces looked bigger, lemon grass maybe? Dont know about chicken rice balls. They just had a tupperware of rice and would grab a small handfull, put it on a napkin pinch a bit off and sort of squeeze it lightly into a ball, dip it lightly into the sauce, not all the way in. Looked like plain rice, although quite dry and very sticky
  5. 284 not counting the tiny little paper books that come with pressure cookers, blenders,smokers,etc. Not sure why I keep them but I guess this really is an addiction.
  6. While sitting at a water park ( in New Braunfels Texas) some Asian people at the next table started in on their snack. Steamed long grain,looked dry and sticky, rice was room temperature it was rolled /formed into small balls and dipped into a brown rather thin sauce with maybe some thinly sliced green onion? There was also a container of what from a distance looked like fried thin sliced bean curd or fishcake broken into small pieces and put on the ball of rice, all this was done with the fingers. What was this stuff, what nationality, I want it at my next outing!
  7. Ditto Fatguys previous post, I would like to add that although the subject is very interesting, I'm even more pleased by just the sheer beauty of Malawry's writing !
  8. Come on Tony just answer the first part of the question, whats it gonna hurt; you seem to have a solid relationship with Nancy.
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