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  1. thank-you kurtisk, wine guy. i don't remember first names but one guy was blond 25-30, the other dark haired bout same age. They are probably at the other store - which i wasn't aware of. again, the service has remained pretty excellent at kits. i just remember these two guys because they made me excited to try what was recommended simply by their enthusiasm. The guy who is still at the 4th ave store (scottish guy, i think) has always been stellar and full of humble, helpful suggestions/descriptions etc... i like marquis, too. it was where i went when i lived downtown. thanks.
  2. No disrespect to the new staff and those who are holdovers through the change of ownership at the kits wine store (on 4th near capers), but anybody know whats become of the old staff? Are they still 'working in wine'? I used to feel pretty comfortable putting my fate in the hands of a few really good staff whose eyes would bug out of their heads if you asked them what they been drinkin' lately. Then we'd do the highspeed tour of the shop. They have access to more wine than me, its their job, passion etc... I do this with food and coffee. I like it when people ask me the same thing with the new coffees we get in the store...Ask the pasty guy at Les amis what cheese he had for dinner the night before and you'll get what i'm saying. Anyway, i still go to the kits shop and i have no real complaints. But i wonder: where the fellas at?! Failing that, i'll take wine store suggestions (preferably for service not just selection). Thanks for your help and have a wonderful day
  3. pardon my ignorance. but is the 'meroir' you are talking about the 'terroir' i'm thinking you are talking about? all the wine and coffee and slow-fooders are laughing at us now...
  4. kumamoto's at brasserie in victoria. though i'm not sure if they carry them consistently. do you get special status on this thread if your favourite oysters are from your dining companions' home town? japanese oysters and japanese beer, please. another sad BC (oyster) story from last night: no greyhound/line bus out of nanaimo for two hours so we try ACME for dinner, based on a couple underhanded recommendations. they present us with the oyster menu, which has 6 or 7 varieties of "fresh" . the plot thickens, it always does - they only happen to carry one of the seven listed (fanny bay). and of course, there are only a dozen left. now, i did not expect to be eating oysters in nanaimo, at acme or anywhere, while waiting for a greyhound (bus not drink). but why shouldn't i expect nice oysters a couple hundred yards from the ocean?! it didn't help that my friend, who just that morning was in kumamoto, was telling me about everything he ate for the past two weeks at home. oh misfortunes! so we pay for our salty meals and head to the 'tally-ho cold beer and wine' for a couple merridale cyser ciders in the parking lot of the greyhound. it was humbling.
  5. the elysian room does sell vac-pots. however, no brew method can overcome burnt (overoasted) beans.
  6. 9.2oz new york, seared to perfect perfection, for $7 at my restaurant. oh yeah, i don't have a restaurant, just jumpin on board
  7. why? .................................. & i agree that, in general, americans tip better. but i was working in a restaurant that was adjacent to a marina where the majority of american boaters had large $$. there is a tipping culture amongst the wealthy in the U.S., a flamboyance perhaps, that is just not as prevalent here. ........................ & for the last year or so i have had the humbling exerience of fishing around the bottom of the tip jar, scraping together a couple days' busfare. granted, as a barista, i expect far less tips than i would as a server in a licensed restaurant. i do not necessarily feel this disparity is justifiable, i just don't expect most customers to recognize good coffee service as readily as they might good table, or wine service. again, with exceptions, most customers just think we have 'the good beans', press a button, and pour some fancy milk. a fellow co-worker and i discussed how the tips at a successful commercial drive coffeehouse far outweigh those given in our successful west-side address. so what is it? our clientele on the west-side are, on average, far more wealthy but generally seem less willing to part with the good stuff. obviously there are major exceptions, but per capita tipping, if you will allow the phrase, is measely. i'm going all overtheplace. i want to think that tipping rises commensurate to a recognition of the crafting of good (coffee) service. but i'm not sure if this is happenning... [meanwhile, friends working the bar in seattle and portland report minimums of $50-60, and often far more, per shift. ] i do not mean to derail the thread of conversation but merely add another dimension.
  8. went by trans bread today. closed on wednesdays. sign posted on door said as of dec 1 their hours will be 8am- 7pm. 7days a week
  9. they have some heat retention issues with their oven. it was poorly built so they have to fire it several times to get through the day's bread. they also have funny bakery hours last time i checked. something like 11am - 6pm. nice.
  10. evidently i'm stupid. i had a chickenshawarma the other day. sorry. so, the question remains, where's the good donair at?
  11. you mean attractive like whole pigs with an apple or somethin in the mouth? i kinda hear you, but i kinda don't. all that slow cooking juice, gently cascading down down... i'm no donair specialist but the one on robson (at granville) was pretty tasty the other day.
  12. The Kenya was from Karogato Farm in the Nyeri Valley. Roasted by Hines Coffee. thanks for coming in. d edited for ignorance
  13. westend market is along that park that is on thurlow and comox(?). not sure about the comox part but it is the street just north of davie at thurlow. you can't missit. d
  14. i eat about 1.5 donuts a year but occasionally friends bring them to us at the cafe. they buy them at lee's. i believe in donuts, or half donuts, with black, french press coffee. blissful union. 1 million pigs can't be wrong.
  15. Have you tried Providence Farm (Duncan)? I know he had standard green bell peps and anaheim, but those little guys ...i'm not sure.
  16. pssst - chris' operation is called Rise...
  17. good question...i asked her why she doesn't just make her own and i got the gas face as an answer. i don't understand cake decorators. anyway, thanks everybody. i'll pass this on.
  18. A friend is looking for a fake cake to practice cake decoration. Anybody know where to go? Apparently there are these little styrofoam rounds in different sizes... (She does not want those paper/cardboard "cakes" that some cutesy shop is selling. What the hell... who buys that isht.?!) I digress. Thank you.
  19. You gotta hold your head still when your reading.
  20. Depending on payday and proximity to rent day. Maybe $100 per wk. Definitely, with the farmers markets so plush, it is le$$ these months than in winter. Lean weeks see me show up for work eat as much as i can in 8.5 hrs. I don't think the real heavy hitters are gonna out themselves for the world to see.
  21. wow Sam, you're pretty worked up. consider that, for some, incense isn't just a fad.
  22. Watermark: the restaurant people love to hate - new jingle sorry, i've not looked at the menu so perhaps my question is bunk. Jamie, what did you have that needed ketchup? Should all restaurants have it on hand? or, were you in there after hours ordering a 'special burger'?
  23. I have no information other than what's on the door. these guys are my model business - i love that they take plenty of vacations.
  24. Oh good! Anytime I've been in Langley (all 4 of them in the last 5 years ) I've managed to grab a coffee at EB. Nice place ... pretty good coffee too. A. ← As far as i'm aware, the Ethical in Langley is not Ethical Bean but Ethical ________ (something else). Different people. They serve Level Ground product. And not an opening or closing, but kinda. Salade des Fruits is closing as of tonight for a month and re-opening around August 5 with a new menu and new "grand chef".
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