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  1. Kirk's Steakburger in Palo Alto, it's worth the drive. They also have locations in Santa Clara and San Jose.
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    this topic has been quiet too long. It's It can be found in Hawaii http://www.itsiticecream.com/find_us/
  3. If you want to follow Anthony Bourdain and his eating spots go to: Freedom Fighters Ital Shack Poulet D'Orleans Talk of The Town Gus Beach Bar & Grill
  4. Another great little place downtown is Tommy's Joynt located at 1101 Geary Blvd. (at Van Ness Avenue); 415-775-4216. You can get a hand-carved turkey served on a warm sourdough roll, whenever I go I get the Buffalo Stew. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/object.cgi?o...09/28&type=food enjoy Daiv
  5. if you do visit San Francisco stop into Tommy's Joint for a dish of their Buffalo Stew. I think they also serve sandwiches too, I only go there for the Stew. It's a wonderful Hof Brau/bar, it's located on Van Ness & Geary Street. Jason next time you come to the city we show go there for lunch and I will bring the It's It Ice Cream sandwiches for dessert.
  6. For Passover my mom would but Soup Nuts to add to the soup, I think they were made by Manischewitz. found this recipe for soup nuts/mandlen http://www.jewishfood-list.com/recipes/misc/mandlen01.html The Croutons from Olsem are FANTASTIC, I first had them when I first went to Israel in 1979. When even I want a taste of Israel I will buy a jar of them and I will just eat them straight from the jar. There is a store in Oadland that I went to a few months ago, I have found them lately at Albertson's and Safeway stores too. Too bad I can't get a few bottles of Kinley soda Coca~Cola bottles in Israel.
  7. ALWAY PROTECT THE TALENT! what you expected Tony to fix the flat himself? only if the show was him out there on his own traveling the world. I haven't seen the entire show but it looks like a filler show, it took a half hour to film on the road side and then used clips from last season and you have a quick episode. In this case it was a treat for the fans to get to see more of Tony and some behond the scenes shots.
  8. Some call it a Doggie Bag, others call it what it is a People Bag. It's a good thing we didn't have a dog when I was growing up. It would go hungry waiting for a bone from my plate, I would clean the meat off of the bone.
  9. How can you eat such a cute little animal? Let me count the ways 1. Lamb chops <-- I first had chops with my dad, mom made them for him once a week 2. Chops w/the round bone <-- mom made this for me and I loved eating the marrow from the bone, mom would even give me her's. 3. Leg of Lamb <-- my first girlfriend's Russian grandmother made this for me. 4. Rack of lamb <-- beutiful medalians of meat and a side order of little ribs to nibble on too. 5. shwarma <-- loved the fallafels in Israel but when I returned I discovered these. 6. kebabs <-- dinner on a stick, what could be better? 7. Lamb Stew Like Homer Simpsons I have been drooling while I have been reading all of these posts. I just got the seventh season of The Simpsons and the art on the first disc is Lisa cutting into two lamb chops while the little baby lamb is talking to her. That TV Chef always says "Pork Fat Rules" well sir LAMB FAT RULES too, along with Duck Fat and Chicken Fat. Fat is half of the flavor, okay maybe a third of the flavor. Daivmon
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    Jason you should of called and I could of told you where you could score some. or I could of dropped some off to you. and I am sorry for introducing you to these truely San Francisco Treat, but it does give you a reason to come back to San Francisco. Next time your in town give me a call. Daiv
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