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  1. I made the lemon cheesecake squares from FC 86 and they are great.

    Lemon Square recipe

    I don't usually go for cheesecake, but the lemon adds some excellent zing-- these are very lemony.  The recipe has a graham cracker crust, a layer of very lemony cheesecake, and a topping of lemon curd.  The bars look HUGE in this close-up, but they are only about 4 cm on an edge. 



    I've been reading this magazine religiously for years... how could I have missed those? Your photo is wonderful, too wonderful actually... I'll be dreaming about them tonight.... :smile:

  2. Hello Everyone

    I would like to share this wonderful chicken recipe I was given by a friend from Lebanon, very ease and truly the taste is much more than the parts, please adjust to personal preferences.

    Will just give the outline as you wonderful cooks will pick up the gist, 

    4 chicken breasts, skin on if preferred, chopped into large pieces

    juice of 1-3 lemons depending on your taste and the juicyness of the lemons

    3 tbs dark soy sauce

    1- 4 crushed garlic cloves

    enough Virgin Olive Oil to cover

    Allow to marinate for at least 30 mins then slowly simmer in the oil until cooked. I like to serve with basmati rice mixed with petit pois and a well dressed green salad. This has  become a well loved staple recipe in our house.

    This sounds intriguing. I've never simmered anything in olive oil before. It's not often that I can't imagine how something will taste, but I'm mystified. It's going to be fun to try this one.

    I hadn't checked this thread for awhile & I see that I'm missed some great stuff...

  3. I made Dorie's Coconut Tea Cake, adding the zest of a blood orange and a few drops of pure orange oil, to welcome new members to our church. A few snips of forsythia added a bit of color. I got my Heritage Bundt pan from Kerekes (bakedeco.com). This cake is becoming a favorite!

    That's beautiful! You've inspired me! I've just gotten the Heritage pan & was wondering what to try first in it.... Looks like it'll be The Coconut Tea Cake... :rolleyes:


    We put this item on our dinner menu in lieu of spinach and artichoke dip.  The response was amazing!

    Oyster Rockefeller Dip

    Wow! How in the world do you get fresh oysters, not to mention, pecan smoked bacon in Bismarck?

    And on a more serious note, I hope you got through the blizzard OK. Every time I'm about to complain about the miserable cold here, I think of North Dakota and stop whining.


  5. I just noticed that most of this thread is four years old (and I'm delighted that it has been resurrected).

    Andiesenji mentioned Hudson Cream Flour and I'm wondering if she still likes it as much now as she did four years ago. I checked out her link to the company and it looks very promising.


  6. Helen, if you think a cookie might work, I have two recipes for cookies that taste like fruitcake and are really delicious.  I'll send them if you like, PM me.

    Hi Lindacakes,

    I'm not Helen, but I've been looking for a really good fruitcakey cookie. Could I get those recipes too?


    I'm not Lindacakes, but here's my recipe for Fruitcake Cookies.

    It's in the wonderful Christmas Cookies thread.

    Fruitcake Cookies

    OK, folks. How's this for a senior moment? After misplacing this recipe, I managed to forget that I made them last year. They were, I might add, a huge success. So I highly recommend them.

    Sigh.... If only I had realized I was going to need all those brain cells back in my misspent youth, I might have taken better care of them. :rolleyes:


  7. Helen, if you think a cookie might work, I have two recipes for cookies that taste like fruitcake and are really delicious.  I'll send them if you like, PM me.

    Is that recipe with angelica a fantasy or do you really have one?  I'd like it if you do.  I've never seen a fruitcake recipe that calls for angelica.

    I ordered a bunch of fruit and nuts last night for mine, hoping I can make it Thanksgiving weekend, which is when I usually do.

    I bought five pounds of organic walnuts!!!

    Hi Lindacakes,

    I'm not Helen, but I've been looking for a really good fruitcakey cookie. Could I get those recipes too?


  8. I finally made the Double Apple Bundt cake last night It really does benefit from sitting overnight. It's good (I think I would have preferred it without the lemon glaze), but I have to admit that the all in one holiday bundt cake is still our favorite.

    Now having given this lukewarm review, I find that it's already half gone. I noticed this because I just snuck in the kitchen to cut another teensy, little slice.


  9. Highchef, that sound's really interesting. Even though the last thing I need is another food addiction, I'm going to give it a try.  

    Can anyone think of a reason I shouldn't bake them on parchment, rather than a Silpat?


    Pat, the original recipe calls for a greased pan, I just threw the silpat in to keep from having to wash the pan, though you still have to wash the silpat so it's really a moot point. I haven't used parchment because of the stirring. The silpat keeps down, but I thought the parchment would tend to buckle, etc. so I didn't try it. If you opt for the greased pan, you should have relatively easy clean up. The sugar and eggwhites make a shell that's hard to clean if you don't grease well. They're worth making just for the smell. Kind of gets you in the mood for the holidays.

    The stirring, Of Course! (Slaps head with hand.) Thank you! These really sound wonderful and perfect for adding to goodie gift bags at Christmas. Thank you for posting the recipe.

    Devlin, I apologize for this thread drifting off course.


  10. Highchef, that sound's really interesting. Even though the last thing I need is another food addiction, I'm going to give it a try.

    Can anyone think of a reason I shouldn't bake them on parchment, rather than a Silpat?


  11. It was really difficult to choose what to make, and I'm eyeing the mocha swirl bundt cake for later this week.  I'm almost always asked to bring desserts to events, and I see myself turning to this book throughout the holidays!

    If you are bringing anything to a brunch, you might consider the Holiday All in One Bundt Cake. I found myself making it several times over the holidays last year. Even though it was most likely designed to be a dessert, we think of it as a lovely winter coffee cake. With a cup of hot coffee, it's a perfect way to start a snowy morning.


  12. I made the applesauce spice bars again.  They're sooooooo good!  I shared about 1/3 of them with co-workers, but have hoarded the rest for myself.  I might bring a few more to share with students, though.  I've gained too much weight lately!

    I didn't realize how much I was craving these until you reminded me. Zero baking has gotten done around here this summer, but now that the leaves are falling and there is a nip in the air, it's definitely time to start hanging out with Dorie again. Now I know just where I'll start!

  13. Inspired by this thread, I started my jar last January 10th. The vanilla beans, a lot of them, have been soaking in the vodka for almost 8 months. I finally tested it this morning by stirring a teaspoon of it into a small glass of milk. It has a lovely flavor. In fact, I may have to mix a little of it in with my milk forevermore.

    So what should I do now? There was some talk earlier about mixing it with simple syrup or agave syrup. (It just so happens that I now have a small bottle of agave syrup.) The problem is that I have absolutely no understanding of what the ratio of syrup to the vanilla should be.

    Should I strain what ever I pour off through a coffee filter? I can't say that I really mind the little black grainy things, but maybe others might.

    I would like to share some of this lovely liquid with my daughter & daughter-in-laws, so I want to make sure that I'm doing it right.

    Any advice would be most sincerely appreciated.


  14. Just thought it would be fun to share my months favorite. Yo know how certain recipes become popular for a while and then fade away only to be replaced by a new one.... so this is our latest favorite:

    There are two ways to do it and both are simple. It is extra simple for me as I have the Tehina paste that comes with herbs and all I do is add water- this appears in demo and explanations  on my food blog - page 3 towards the end of the page. Otherwise :


    about 125 g tehina paste

    1/3 cup water- best to use mineral

    juice of half a lemon

    1 crushed garlic clove

    salt to taste


    chopped fresh parsley


    mix lemon juice  and salt

    add to tehina. If it seizes no fear!

    Slowly tablespoon by tablespoon add water. Add 1 TBL, mix it in then another. Soon the tehina will change color to whiter and then you just keep adding till you get your desired consistency. SOme like it runny almost like a thick salad dressing, some like it thicker. Taste and add paprika or salt or whatever to your taste. Add parsley. If you want green tehina add a lot of finely chopped parsley. You can also add olive oil to taste to replace some of the water.

    Eggplant method 1

    2 medium eggplants or 4 small ones. Roast eggplant directly on high flame about 20 mins each side till skin is really burnt. Make a lengthwise slit on each eggplant and pour in tehina. Top with a bitof olive oil and eat with a teaspoon.

    Eggplant method 2

    Slice eggplant into quite thin slices and place in baking tray. I spray the bottoms and tops of the slices with olive oil spray. Roast in oven till brown. Turn slices over and roast till brown. Take out of oven. Now I slice 2 tomatoes. I place one slice eggplant in baking dish, put a tomato slice on the top of it and then place another eggplant slice on top of the tomato slice- like a sandwich. So fill up the baking tray with lots of these sandwiches. Pour the tehina over everything so all sandwiches get a nice share. Bake again till hot and eat! Delicious if you like eggplant. This is my preferred method. And it is healthy too!

    By the way you can replace the eggplant with cauliflower pieces.

    Tell me if you enjoyed it! :smile:

    This sounds wonderful but I am confused. Is Tehina paste the same thing as the Tahini we get here in the U.S.?


  15. Well, thanks to this thread and all the lovely photos I couldnt withstand temptation any longer and have just ordered the book!!!

    You won't regret it! Don't forget to come back and tell us what you baked.

    Regrettably I haven't done much (ok, ok, any ) baking this summer. Moving our bookstore pretty much took over our lives here, but the recent posts have inspired me to sit down and thumb through the book again. It's a wonderful book and I'm starting to feel the tiniest stirrings of desire to bake again.


  16. Thank you to you both! Chewy sounds good, not too sure about rubbery. Does it have a flavor of its own or is it more like tofu or paneer in taste?

    So far I'm intrigued, although since I'm in the US, I suspect its going to be quite a challenge to find.


  17. http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/5067/sp...s-with-halloumi

    This is one of my faviourite veggie options, i add a tin of chopped tomatoes to it though and a bit more chilli - the whole websitwe is actually very good fro veggie options too....

    Thank you for that link! I hate to admit this, but I know nothing about Halloumi cheese other than (after a fast Google search) that it's from Greece and you can grill it. Can you tell me anything more about it?


  18. Pat, my memory let me down again – Diana Kennedy should get the credit for a modified version of her hongos al vapor. Based on Fat Guy's recommendation (clicky), we roasted the mushrooms in a very hot pan to concentrate the flavor, and then added chopped onion, garlic, and chiles, salting at the end to keep the mushrooms from getting slimy. We loaded up the tacos with the mushrooms, roasted Poblano chiles, roasted red bell peppers, and tomatillo salsa.

    Thank you! That photo should be on the cover of a book. The tacos look exceedingly tasty. Between the photo and your description, I can work it out. I hadn't seen Fat Guy's mushroom technique before, thanks for including the link.

    I've also been wondering what Chris ended up doing.


  19. Jumping on djyee100’s taco idea, Rick Bayless has a delicious mushroom taco filling. Mushrooms add a meaty punch to a vegetarian meal.

    Could you point me in the direction of that recipe? I've not run into it in the past and it sounds right up my alley.


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