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  1. Richard Johnson - a member of the eGullet Society who is yet to post but who was reading this thread yesterday. Good rule of thumb for this forum - never post anything here you wouldn't be prepared to say to someone's face. ← Alternatively, you could say, never visit a forum if not ready to have the truth hit you in the face.
  2. OK. eere it goes: Digital Thermometer One unused FLUKE 52 II Digital Thermometer for sale in original pack. Accessories: - INFRARED THERMOCOUPLE PROBE (TYPE-K) (whatever dat is) - TYPE T PIERCING PROBE, THERMOCOUPLE ASSEMBLY, 3 METER, BULK. (yeah - yeah - yeah luv da piercing bit) - One SureGrip PROBE, THERMOCOUPLE, RUGGEDIZED, K-TYPE. (well you would need the SureGrip, wouldnt ya) - And one carrying case free. Woohoo All at only UKP ****. Well ya cant afford it anyway. (Remortgage on your kitchen accepted as collateral) Potatoe sieves and plastic thingies will be available in Sept 05. Reserve here now. "Plasma oven" and "Whizzy Hob" out of stock. We also stock refined Lavender essence and special Designer Ice Cubes. Check back here again soon: culinarygizmo@gastronomicmignons.com
  3. Chef Ramzi is referenced in this forum often. I know he has a website, I can't find it at the moment. ← - The website is simply: cheframzi.com.lb Please understand that Chef Ramzi's name is bigger than his hat. The man is a TV Chef selected on pure TV grounds of presentation and articulation. He is not the equivalent of Gordon Ramsey or Delia Smith. All recipes have been researched by different teams for the TV program owned by Future Television. Similarly, the books and magazine are the result of a large team of people and not his alone. So, let's keep feet on the ground and give credit where credit is due. He is a TV Chef and not a culinary gastronomic reference.
  4. Almass

    Dinner! 2005

    I'll take these fantastic ribs and marrow any time with this wicked blueberry pie with rum ice cream. I need to wipe my keyboard now and next time you wana post pics like that, could you please put a warning so we can place the bibs on.
  5. Reading this thread, I see that you certainly did have a laugh between the lavender scallops and the NASA hob. You know those magic mushrooms are illegal now, right?I think this programme is OK and, for me, Blumenthal's and Corrigan's contribution make it must see TV. Obviously, Heston is at the cutting edge - making scallops taste like urinal cake, what a wheeze - but what about your man, Corrigan, with his varieties of seaweed, his raw mackerel and his horseradish ice cream? Bejasus! Love his approach to Armagnac, too: so long as its over two years old it's OK and for under £15, you can't go wrong. Shame I just have to inhale the stuff to get a hangover. That scruffy presenter bloke isn't nearly as drole as he thinks he is. I do think that if you're going to appear on mainstream TV you might at least shave and iron your shirt first. I mean, Heston is no fashion plate but, as Almass noted, his t.shirt was pretty cool. ← Oh s**t, I almost forgot the Horseradish Ice Cream. Muahahahaha. Do you think this progarm will top the Goonies? And this beats the hell out of Magic Mushrooms but I am working on it. Lavender Scallops and Horseradish Ice Cream. What ever next? Marmite Cassoulet? Poor poor Escoffier...
  6. Deadpan and cynicism? I thought it was disinterest! Is there anybody that does like it? Please join in, we won't bite (typed with fingers crossed behind back). ← Ohhh, I luv it with the lack of good slapstick comdey on the box at least we have an opportunity to laugh. Lavender Scallops!!! This is enough to carry me through the weekend...
  7. OK, all is good, nothing to see here, move along the platform...
  8. Can you please alaborate as to the relationship of Tamarind juice and Pomegrenate syrup??!?! Did you use both as surely you don't mean Tamarind is from Pomegrenate?
  9. Very nice "Ambience" picture. Puts the viewer right where you are! Kep it coming Ol'boy
  10. Marlena: Are you saying that Claudia Roden stated that Falafel is an Israeli dish?
  11. Sorry but you cannot get the "Whizzy Hob" because this was specially developed with ceramic tiles of the Columbia shuttle and is powered with Naquadac on a Plasma burner which after firing, the plasma packet retains its coherence from a residual magnetic field surrounding it. Upon impact, the magnetic field is broken and the plasma energy is released and the scallops are browned. Voila! And you cannot and will not have it. Na!
  12. Woohoo, or how to bugger up nice scallops in one easy lesson by heston blueindaface. Thats it, I am sold, tomorrow I eat only scallops fume(e) a l'huile or should I say a l'essence de Lavende. Hey I might also wash meself with da stuff and save on soap. Thanks Heston and anyone knows where I can get the same T-shirt?
  13. Another can of worms! Baba Ghanouj and Mutabal. Baba Ghanouj Baba is Father Ghanouj is from Ghanaja and means to pamper/coddle/cosset/spoil So it is a pampered father dish. Having said that, the name of the dish itself is Syrian Lebanese and to my knowledge it is exactly the same dish with Pomegrenate variant for the Syrian version but both use Tehineh. The name Baba Ghanouj is used all over from Egypt to Saudi Arabia. Mutabal Mutabal means seasoned or dressed with a sauce and spices. If you wish to order Baba Ghanouj in Lebanon, you will ask for Mutabal Bazinjan bel Tehineh which is Eggplant dressed with Tahineh. Which is is exactly the same as Baba Ghanouj. Should you order Mutabal or Mutabal Bazinjan you might get the Lebanese variant of Eggplant salad minus the Tahineh. In Syria, you will get the same as Lebanon with the proviso that the Eggplant is not mashed but separated into strips with a fork. As far as the rest of the Arab world is concerned they call it similar to the above definitions and depends on either the restaurant owner or the Chef background.
  14. Almass


    Interesting thread. Here is a purist method. To the best of my recollection, Kaymak in original unaldurated form does not have the benefit of heat and hence no boiling or simmering. We are simply talking about fresh milk which is still warm from the milking of cows and is transposed continuously from one shallow container to the other while still warm and then skimming the milk skin that is being formed in each transposing action into a separate container covered with a cotton cloth to allow draining of any excess liquid and you end up with thick creamy/yellow Kaymak which goes to 3 or 4 inches thick. In today's health and safety world, such method cannot fit in any regulation and would have the food inspectors blow a fuse or two. I must admit that it has been few moons since I had this delicacy which we use to eat either with Honey or Katayef (fried) or Mamounieh...etc. The heating element is a rather newer development to duplicate a rather antiquated method. The new method or the easier method would be to have the milk skin lifted from simmering milk but I have my doubts whether this can be duplicated with cream for obvious reasons. So should you be near a farm or have few cows in your backgarden ready for milking, you could make Kaymak the good old fashioned way. Failing to do that, simply bring full fat milk to a simmer and skim the skin and re-bring to a simmer and continue doing so in a loop untill you get the quantity you want. Caution: Kaymak is most definetly not part of a healthy diet and all responsibility will be denied for addiction to and addiction from the preparation and enjoyment of Kaymak. Dixit
  15. Daniel. It is always a pleasure reading you. Now as you said it is time for bed. Just before doing that, I settle down with a Bolivar Belicosos Finos and an Armagnac Tenareze domaine d'Amblat and tomorow is another day. Good Night
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