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  1. Yes, that's perfect. The disk will fall to the bottom and a new one will grow. You can take it out and add it to another batch of cider or wine. Congratulations, you are a grandparent!


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  2. In the last few months, after a couple of years of vinegar failure, I've gotten up and cranking again. I used some Bragg's apple cider vinegar, which boasts that it contains a mother, and started both apple cider vinegar with cider from our trees, and wine vinegar. I'd try adding a cup or so of the Bragg's--or other unpasteurized vinegar--to your cider. I put in in a fairly wide-mouthed jar, cover it with a Mr. Coffee-style coffee filter held tight by a rubber band, and put it in a dark place. I'd say it took about a month to get a visible mother, but the speed seems to depend partly on temperature. If a lot of your liquid is evaporating, I would add a bit of water. One theory I have about my earlier failures is that the wine got too concentrated. Might not be a problem with your comparatively low level of alcohol, though.

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  3. We finally got a new wall oven and range installed at the beginning of December, so I thought I would report back. We ended up replacing Dacor with Dacor, in large part because Dacor still seems to be the only brand--at least around Connecticut--that can come factory-fitted for propane. (Retrofitting for propane generally means a loss in BTUs, we are told.)


    The installation of the wall oven was relatively seamless, although the new one is a little shorter than our old one. It seems to run low, but I haven't had a chance to recalibrate it yet. There are instructions for doing so. Also, possibly the heat distribution in the ovens is less even than in my old oven?


    There are roll-out racks, which are helpful occasionally, but a bit of a pain to move from level to level.


    One little detail: there are two choices of handle styles--a normal brackets-and-bar handle and an inset handle. Because of the tight corner where the oven is, I chose the inset handle, but I now regret that choice. You can't open it with a hand in an oven mitt, which, of course, I would do all the time.


    We've got some big problems with the duel-fuel range, but that wasn't really on topic here. The oven in the range seems to be fine--same issues as the wall oven--but we have had an electrical fire under the cooktop. They replaced the innards today; we'll see if it's fixed.



  4. My sister-in-law and her spouse spend the winter in Hawaii each year, and I'd like to send them a gift certificate to a good restaurant in Honolulu. They are not foodies, but they both just had big birthdays worthy of a festive celebration. Any recommendations?

  5. Thanks for all the very helpful responses, and sorry for my delay in getting back to you--I was up for reelection today, and therefore away from my computer. So now:


    I will definitely look into a steam oven: great idea.


    I have room for only a single wall oven. It's actually under a counter (I also have a range with an oven, so this is my second oven). Other appliances in the kitchen are stainless, so we'll stick with that. Yes, full juice.


    I don't care about temperature probes, wireless access, or even proofing--although I make a lot of bread, I haven't had a problem with this. Reliability is very important to me. And although I was going to say that there was not "a price beyond which I would not venture"--when I see those steam oven prices, yikes!


    Yes, I do have access to Consumer Reports through my library--what a godsend!--and it's useful but not always complete. I will look into the Bosch and the GE. Alex--have you had experience with these yourself?


    I live in Connecticut and service is a consideration, but we have one nearby dealer who has a pretty good selection and service department.


    Have any of you had experience with steam-clean ovens? If the heat-only self-cleaning cycles of ovens are as destructive as my repairman said--and there seems to be some confirmation of this in consumer comments on various models--is the steam clean function a good option?


    Thanks again for all your help.





  6. I have a 15-year old Dacor electric convection wall oven, 27" wide. When it conked out in June--the week I was baking my daughter's wedding cake :shock:  --the repairman said that the walls and floor of the oven had corroded through, and that it would be dangerous to repair and use it. So, I need to replace it now. The Dacor was a good oven, but there were regular issues with the electronics. Disappointed that the box actually wore through. The repair guy said it was because of the self-cleaning function, but, believe me, I didn't use it very often. (Maybe that was the problem?)


    Anyway, I'd love your recommendations on wall ovens.



  7. I ended up getting the Ateco 613 revolving cake stand, and it was just fine. Heavy, steady. There were some complaints on Amazon about rough edges underneath, but I did not find that to be a problem. The wedding cake had three tiers--14", 10", and 6"--and the turntable was fine with all of them.


    Thanks again for your help.

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  8. Does anyone have a recommendation on a brand and make of turntable? I have been an amateur cake baker and decorator for years, but I have always made do with lazy susans of various kinds. Now my daughter is getting married and I'm finally going to get a true cake-decorating turntable. Thanks for any advice you can give.

  9. Thank you, Patrick! Sometimes I just don't want to order one more thing from Amazon.


    As to region, my daughter spent last year in Zhuhai, which is next to Macau, but I don't think her culinary skills are that specialized at the moment.

  10. I hardly ever get to go, because there isn't one convenient to me. But I wanted to add that I did go at the very end of the summer, and I bought a box of peaches. I was leery, because they were hard as rocks, but the color was good and the low price made them worth the risk. I brought them home and they sat on the counter for three weeks before they seemed soft enough to eat. I expected pasty mush. Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be some of the most delicious peaches I've ever had--juicy, sweet, and flavorful. And then they held that condition for another week. I don't know whether they were frankenpeaches or what, but man, were they good.

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  11. Thank you for that super speedy reply, Lisa. I should have said that she wants to use coconut oil. Are you suggesting adding the white chocolate and the butterscotch flavoring to the coconut oil? I mistakenly wrote "coconut milk" before but have corrected it.

  12. My daughter would like to make butterscotch-flavored magic shell (you know, the sauce that hardens on ice cream to form a crisp coating) without using butterscotch chips, which don't have a terrific flavor. Does anyone have a recipe, or an idea? Maybe caramelize sugar, add butter, then coconut oil? Thanks for any help . . .

  13. You know, 60-something isn't what it used to be. Much to my surprise, I seem to have reached 60-something, and I know many 60-something white southern women who wouldn't dream of using the n word. They would be appalled at the idea of a black-slave theme party, as would many African American men and women of the same age.

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