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  1. It's true that they serve linguica in the McD's in Hawaii. Ever thought of making your own? It's not that difficult, especially if you shape the mixture into patties instead of stuffing it into casings. http://alohaworld.com/ono/viewrecipe.php?i...6&category=Pork Miulang
  2. It's true that they serve linguica in the McD's in Hawaii. Ever thought of making your own? It's not that difficult, especially if you shape the mixture into patties instead of stuffing it into casings. My Webpage Miulang
  3. Daniel's Broiler (http://www.schwartzbros.com/daniels.cfm) on Lake Union is a good place for business/socializing types of meals. The view is awesome, the service sublime and attentive and the steaks and other entrees always are well done. They also have private function rooms if you want to get rowdy.
  4. For sheer volume of chocolate cake (all 6 layers' worth), the Claim Jumper Chocolate Motherlode cake will serve 2 people easily, and it's pretty decent cake, too (well, better than the stuff from B. Crocker, anyway). Everything they serve at that restaurant comes in overly generous (one order could serve 2 or 3 people) sizes. Virtually no one leaves that place without a doggie bag. Miulang
  5. This one is just south of the Sam's Club Warehouse store (same side) on Aurora (around 135th and Aurora). They do have some very interesting deli meats, but you gotta check the pull dates on some of the packaged stuff because I once walked out of there with some gravy mix that had a pull date a couple of months past the date I bought it. Miulang
  6. Their cold cut plate is good, but we got gypped out of the bread that was supposed to come with it (didn't notice until we were at Meydenbauer Park, though, and it was too much of a hassle to go back and ask for it). But the gaufrettes are indeed awesome. Miulang
  7. Try either DeLaurenti's in Pike Place Market or Cascioppo Brothers in Crown Hill 2364 NW 80th St Seattle, WA 98117 (206) 784-6121 Miulang
  8. I've gone to the market 2 out of the last 3 weeks. I love the fresh fruit/veggie stands (wish there were more veggies, though...can hardly wait for the fresh corn!). The cherries (especially the Rainiers) and strawberries have been spectacular. I try to get there before 4 p.m. when it's not crowded, although for exercise, I park down the street and hike into the market rather than park in the Phinney Community Center parking lots. The guy selling honey has some bottles of pretty nice stuff too...bought a jar (I think 1 lb. of apple blossom honey for $8). Was talking with him about the "bee dieoff" problem the world is experiencing. He said they've lost about 80% of the bees, which means many of the crops that need bees for pollination are going to be hard to come by very soon, which is ironic because now everybody wants to eat organic, but the yield from many crops is dwindling because of the lack of bees. Miulang
  9. Have you tried Hawaiian vanilla yet? It and lavender are two of Hawai'i's most recent export crops (along with Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate). It's the only domestically grown vanilla. http://www.ecware.com/ecscripts/ecware.exe...&itemid=1&lc=EN Miulang
  10. Try Ponti Seafood in Fremont. Haven't been there in awhile, but they do have 2 private banquet rooms and a fantastic view of the Ship Canal (too bad the Fremont Bridge is still in the process of being repaired, though). Their food is Mediterranean, and they have valet parking. http://www.savvydiner.com/details.php?r=524 Miulang
  11. They closed that one down but opened up another branch in Everett (1909 Hewitt Ave) in the space that used to be Bobby's Hawaiian Restaurant (which moved down the street into larger digs). It's across the street from the Everett Convention Ctr. Miulang
  12. There's a new roaster/coffeehouse in the Greenwood neighborhood called Seven (153 N. 78th St. --around the corner from Pete's Eggnest and one doorway west of the corner of 78th and Greenwood). Sean, the owner, roasts several coffee blends in small batches (all have Sumatra as a base). I bought a half pound of his "Hawaiian Huli" espresso blend (he probably named it in honor of his home state) which was less than $7 last weekend. Sean says he's still tweaking the recipe for this blend, but the version I got tastes smooth and mellow, even when drunk as a straight coffee (which is how I had it this morning). The ambience of Seven is pleasant: there's a small bar seating area and benches and some comfortable stuffed furniture towards the back of the smallish space. Seven also serves vegan baked goods. They're only open until 6 p.m. right now. If you're looking for a coffeehouse that's different from the big guys, this is the place to go. Miulang
  13. And Top Pot and Donut Plant's products are transfat free (so does that mean their calories don't count either? ) Miulang
  14. The technique is probably similar to what is used in a Japanese souffle cheesecake. The yolks go in with the cream cheese and the whites are whipped to soft peaks separately (adding some cream of tartar and half of the sugar in the recipe helps stabilize the whites) and then the stiffened eggwhites are folded into the batter. In the Japanese version, the batter is then placed into a bain marie and baked (steamed). This results in a fluffy, more cakelike cheesecake (which I prefer to the more dense traditional NY cheesecake) that is less likely to have cracks on the top. Miulang
  15. Not quite hom bao (which is Chinese), but the people in Hawai'i have something called "manapua" (descended from the Chinese hom bao that got changed a little when it was brought to Hawai'i by plantation workers) which is like a turbosized hom bao. It can either be baked or steamed (like hom bao). There's a place on Flamingo that has all kinds of manapua. They should have the BBQ pork ones that are very similar to hom bao. Miulang 'Ale'as Manapua All types of manapua, steamed, baked, lup cheong, even kalua manapua. Hawaiian Style pastries and Plate lunches also served. Address: 3650 E. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas Nevada Phone: 702-450-0015
  16. Checked out the market today. They're still not very well stocked with Asian groceries though (couldn't find duck legs, lup cheong or dried shiitake mushrooms). I think the Asian food selection is bound to get better gradually as they phase out most of the Larry's stuff. There are 2 features that are very very good for now, though: their bakery and their take out counter. They have baked hom bow, lotus seed and red bean buns, coconut pineapple buns and other Chinese goodies (in their display case, not prepackaged like at the Edmonds 99 Ranch Market, and fairly inexpensive---the BBQ pork hom bows are only $1.00 a piece) and some really delicious looking cakes (I especially liked the looks of the mango cake). Their hot food counter has an amazing number of choices (better selection that most Chinese deli counters, including the one in the food court at Uwajimaya and 99 Ranch). Besides the usual Chinese takeout stuff and the char siu, roast pork, and roast duck (they even had a whole roasted pig's head today), they have some fairly hard to find menu items like kau yuk. Their plate lunch prices are reasonable too ($3.99-4.99). I didn't want to buy a whole plate lunch, I was only interested in the kau yuk, so I bought a side order of it (about 1/2 lb that only cost $1.99). Since I live in the general neighborhood, I'm going to keep my eye on this place to see if they do really fill up the rest of the empty shelves with more Asian goodies over time. Miulang
  17. Mam's Fish House in Kuau (outside Paia) is always great (great ocean views, too). Be sure to have the Black Pearl dessert. You can't go wrong at Roy's either (there's a Roy's Kahana Bar and Roy's Niccolina on the West Side and a Roy's in Kihei). If you like sushi, go to either the Sanmi Sushi Restaurants at Kapalua or in Kihei. Upcountry in Haliimaile is the Haliimaile General Store. On the South end of Maui (Wailea), the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa Restaurant is very popular. It's in the Grand Wailea Resort (you'll probably spot some Hollywood celebs dining there, too). Cheap and low key...Da Kitchen in Kihei. Plentiful local style food. Mostly take out (although they have seating). Good to take their plate lunches to the beach. The ubiquitous L&L Drive-Inns have plate lunches also. They're all over the place (in Lahaina, there's one in the Lahaina Cannery Mall). In that same food court is Ba Le which makes great banh mi sandwiches. Miulang
  18. A couple of new places that have opened up in the Greenwood neighborhood of North Seattle that are worth trying out: Fu Shen Chinese Seafood Restaurant (9019 Aurora Ave. N.) They have homemade fresh noodles ($2.50 extra) and their combo lunches can be ordered on Saturdays (11 a.m.-3 p.m.)! $4.95 for your choice of Kung Po chicken, Chicken with broccoli, chicken with cashews, Mongolian Beef or Chicken, Szchuan Beef or Chicken, Curried Beef, Almond Chicken, plus soup, an appetizer, chow mein and rice. For a dollar more, choose from Prawns (Kung Po, with cashews, with broccoli, sweet and sour or Szechuan style), Kung Po squid, Beef with scallop. I had the lunch combo with the prawns and broccoli. I chose egg flower soup (nicely done, with lots of crunchy corn) and the appetizer was 2 deep fried chicken tenders with a soy based sauce. The prawns and broccoli entree was in a very light sauce and also had a nice quantity of carrots thrown in for color and crunch. Prices are about average. Fu Shen is in the building that used to house the House of Pizza. If you have a sensitivity to gluten or just like great pastry and cakes, head for DaVinci Bakery and Cafe (about 95th and Greenwood Ave. N. 206-782-5735) . They also serve sandwiches and have a fairly wide ranging menu of coffee drinks. What makes their mochas a little unusual (and more tasty) is that they use homemade ganache instead of chocolate syrup, and their orange flavored latte includes orange peel floating on top. They are most famous for their baked goods, which are all gluten free (some are also dairy free and egg free and sugar free). Their "Wheatless in Seattle" products can be found in some markets. You can also order their cookies, cakes, breads and muffins by calling them. Today we shared a large slice of cardamom bundt cake. Dense, tasting and smelling of cardamom, it had just the right amount of sweetness and was reasonably priced at $2.95. There was a very lethal looking chocolate espresso ganache cardamom 4-layer cake ($5.95/slice) that was staring at us through the cooler window, but we passed on that this time. They also sell gluten free bread, brownies and rolls which they make onsite. DaVinci's is definitely a great addition to the Greenwood neighborhood, and a godsend for people with wheat allergies. Miulang
  19. It's 'how-pee-ya" (accent on the second syllable). Miulang
  20. Had lunch there today (Friday). Only one single diner when we got there (around 11:30 a.m.). But the food was fresh tasting (great pakora, chicken curry, saag, dal and a very interesting raw, marinated carrot stick dish (near the rice pudding) that had a very nicely spiced, intriguing flavor (tasted like it had lemon in it). Turns out the owner said the recipe came from her aunt in Canada and contained tamarind paste. Their mango lhassi is very delicious too. And their naan is very fresh and the basket everflowing. Definitely will go back there to try dinner. Their spread isn't as ambitious as Kanishka in Redmond, but the food is fresher tasting. The tandoori was perfect today. Parking was great for lunch; Pagliacci next door doesn't open until 4 p.m., so the parking lot in between the two buildings was wide open! Oh yeah, they're not open on Mondays. Miulang
  21. Nazo's is now open for breakfast (as of June 1). They are famous for their oxtail soup. If you have to drive to Central Maui (either Wailuku or Kahului), it's probably worth the trip. One place I drove by nearly every day when I was on Maui last week and whose parking lot was always full was Fran's Island Grill (at 740 Lower Main St.) Plenty of locals go there to eat. Same with Sheik's Restaurant on Wakea Ave (near Queen Kaahumanu Ctr). That place has been around forever, and no matter what time of the day (they serve breakfast too), their parking lot is always crowded too. Miulang
  22. If you're going to be in Waikiki anyway, try going to Todai (1910 Ala Moana Ave-808-947-1000) for their sushi buffet. They have more than sushi and for the price, it's worth it for lunch (dinner is pricier, but they offer crab legs at night). Miulang
  23. Kanishka in Redmond has an excellent buffet. One of the best in town. Unfortunately, someone drove his car through the place a few days ago, so I don't know how long it will take to put the place back together again. Bill Gates and other Squishies are reputed to dine there occasionally. Miulang
  24. Or they might try Leah's deli in the Ravenna neighborhood (assuming it is still operating?) ← Leah's is still on Ravenna around 65th St. They expanded into the space on the corner that used to be the Gaelsong Celtic Store (which is now exclusively mail order, I've been told). Leah's chocolate babka is to die for! Miulang
  25. miulang

    Wailua, Maui

    In the Wailea Resort area, there's also Joe's Bar & Grill. It's owned by Bev Gannon (of Haliimaile General Store fame) and her husband. (131 Wailea Ike Place-875 7767). I haven't eaten there yet, but it's gotten decent reviews. If you get tired of the resort, head into Kihei town and go to these places which have good food: Sansei Seafood & Sushi Restaurant (Kihei Town Center (near Foodland, 808-879-0004)--excellent sushi and they have late night specials. If you want to eat like the locals do, go to Da Kitchen ( 2439 S Kihei Rd-875 7782). They're in a small strip mall just north of the larger mall with Denny's in it). Their plate lunches are huge (enough food for 2 meals) and great to take to the beach for lunch. Around the corner from Da Kitchen (in the same mall, around the corner on the right hand side--you have to pass by it because it's a one way street) has an excellent Thai restaurant. I can't remember the name of it, but besides the Thai place in Wailuku, this has the best Thai food on Maui. If you want to sit on a patio and sip a Mai Tai and watch the sun set, go to KKO Kitchen (2511 Kihei Rd., 879-1954). They're across the road from Kamaole Beach (Beach 1, I think). The food's OK, but the sunset is awesome. I think they also serve breakfast there, too. If you want some nightlife, go to Hapa's Brewhouse (down the road by Star Market and Azeka Place) 41 East Lipoa St-879-9001. On most Monday nights, Hawaii's treasure Willie K jams there. Other nights they have karaoke and a DJ. Have fun! Miulang ← Hi Miulang! Thanks for all the great ideas. Can you tell me about how long the drive from Wailea to the Kihei area is? THANKS ← Yes, the drive from Wailea to "downtown" Kihei (I'd say that would be around where Kamaole Beach 1 is) should take you no more than 5-10 minutes, once you avoid all the jaywalking tourists who insist on crossing the street to get to the beach without staying within crosswalks. There's a lot of good food away from the resorts but close enough that you could probably find just about any cuisine you were hankering for...except maybe Portuguese! If you want to avoid all the slow traffic, you could take the Piilani Hwy (the "back" way). It's faster than going through town (@25 mph or less). Just take a left turn at any of the stoplights on Piilani Hwy and you will eventually get back onto Kihei Road, where most of the action is). The place in Paia that Duck mentions is probably Mama's Fish House (it's actually a little outside of Paia in Kuau, which is a stone's throw from Hookipa Park, where all the parasailers and surfers and windsurfers hang out). Miulang
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