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  1. It's true that they serve linguica in the McD's in Hawaii. Ever thought of making your own? It's not that difficult, especially if you shape the mixture into patties instead of stuffing it into casings. http://alohaworld.com/ono/viewrecipe.php?i...6&category=Pork Miulang
  2. It's true that they serve linguica in the McD's in Hawaii. Ever thought of making your own? It's not that difficult, especially if you shape the mixture into patties instead of stuffing it into casings. My Webpage Miulang
  3. Daniel's Broiler (http://www.schwartzbros.com/daniels.cfm) on Lake Union is a good place for business/socializing types of meals. The view is awesome, the service sublime and attentive and the steaks and other entrees always are well done. They also have private function rooms if you want to get rowdy.
  4. For sheer volume of chocolate cake (all 6 layers' worth), the Claim Jumper Chocolate Motherlode cake will serve 2 people easily, and it's pretty decent cake, too (well, better than the stuff from B. Crocker, anyway). Everything they serve at that restaurant comes in overly generous (one order could serve 2 or 3 people) sizes. Virtually no one leaves that place without a doggie bag. Miulang
  5. This one is just south of the Sam's Club Warehouse store (same side) on Aurora (around 135th and Aurora). They do have some very interesting deli meats, but you gotta check the pull dates on some of the packaged stuff because I once walked out of there with some gravy mix that had a pull date a couple of months past the date I bought it. Miulang
  6. Their cold cut plate is good, but we got gypped out of the bread that was supposed to come with it (didn't notice until we were at Meydenbauer Park, though, and it was too much of a hassle to go back and ask for it). But the gaufrettes are indeed awesome. Miulang
  7. Try either DeLaurenti's in Pike Place Market or Cascioppo Brothers in Crown Hill 2364 NW 80th St Seattle, WA 98117 (206) 784-6121 Miulang
  8. I've gone to the market 2 out of the last 3 weeks. I love the fresh fruit/veggie stands (wish there were more veggies, though...can hardly wait for the fresh corn!). The cherries (especially the Rainiers) and strawberries have been spectacular. I try to get there before 4 p.m. when it's not crowded, although for exercise, I park down the street and hike into the market rather than park in the Phinney Community Center parking lots. The guy selling honey has some bottles of pretty nice stuff too...bought a jar (I think 1 lb. of apple blossom honey for $8). Was talking with him about the "bee dieoff" problem the world is experiencing. He said they've lost about 80% of the bees, which means many of the crops that need bees for pollination are going to be hard to come by very soon, which is ironic because now everybody wants to eat organic, but the yield from many crops is dwindling because of the lack of bees. Miulang
  9. Have you tried Hawaiian vanilla yet? It and lavender are two of Hawai'i's most recent export crops (along with Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate). It's the only domestically grown vanilla. http://www.ecware.com/ecscripts/ecware.exe...&itemid=1&lc=EN Miulang
  10. Try Ponti Seafood in Fremont. Haven't been there in awhile, but they do have 2 private banquet rooms and a fantastic view of the Ship Canal (too bad the Fremont Bridge is still in the process of being repaired, though). Their food is Mediterranean, and they have valet parking. http://www.savvydiner.com/details.php?r=524 Miulang
  11. They closed that one down but opened up another branch in Everett (1909 Hewitt Ave) in the space that used to be Bobby's Hawaiian Restaurant (which moved down the street into larger digs). It's across the street from the Everett Convention Ctr. Miulang
  12. There's a new roaster/coffeehouse in the Greenwood neighborhood called Seven (153 N. 78th St. --around the corner from Pete's Eggnest and one doorway west of the corner of 78th and Greenwood). Sean, the owner, roasts several coffee blends in small batches (all have Sumatra as a base). I bought a half pound of his "Hawaiian Huli" espresso blend (he probably named it in honor of his home state) which was less than $7 last weekend. Sean says he's still tweaking the recipe for this blend, but the version I got tastes smooth and mellow, even when drunk as a straight coffee (which is how I had it this morning). The ambience of Seven is pleasant: there's a small bar seating area and benches and some comfortable stuffed furniture towards the back of the smallish space. Seven also serves vegan baked goods. They're only open until 6 p.m. right now. If you're looking for a coffeehouse that's different from the big guys, this is the place to go. Miulang
  13. And Top Pot and Donut Plant's products are transfat free (so does that mean their calories don't count either? ) Miulang
  14. The technique is probably similar to what is used in a Japanese souffle cheesecake. The yolks go in with the cream cheese and the whites are whipped to soft peaks separately (adding some cream of tartar and half of the sugar in the recipe helps stabilize the whites) and then the stiffened eggwhites are folded into the batter. In the Japanese version, the batter is then placed into a bain marie and baked (steamed). This results in a fluffy, more cakelike cheesecake (which I prefer to the more dense traditional NY cheesecake) that is less likely to have cracks on the top. Miulang
  15. Not quite hom bao (which is Chinese), but the people in Hawai'i have something called "manapua" (descended from the Chinese hom bao that got changed a little when it was brought to Hawai'i by plantation workers) which is like a turbosized hom bao. It can either be baked or steamed (like hom bao). There's a place on Flamingo that has all kinds of manapua. They should have the BBQ pork ones that are very similar to hom bao. Miulang 'Ale'as Manapua All types of manapua, steamed, baked, lup cheong, even kalua manapua. Hawaiian Style pastries and Plate lunches also served. Address: 3650 E. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas Nevada Phone: 702-450-0015
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