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  1. Did you feedback to the kitchen about the Duck?
  2. Actually think it is really good value for money - "We are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Good Food Guide with an exclusive evening with food created by Simon Rogan and our guest chef, the amazing Jason Atherton. You will receive a complimentary copy of the GFG anniversary cookery book and during the evening there will be a questions and answers session with Elizabeth Carter, editor of the GFG and the two chefs. Come and join us for this unique event with 'lots' of courses, wines and accompaniments that will start at 7pm on the 13th February 2011 and priced at £149 per person" The actual costs I am sure are more considerable than £30. The special addition cook book is I am sure worth in the region of £20 and to incude wines with every course, should be a really great evening.
  3. Maybe you should have a read of this and reflect abit more, after reading this L'enclume will be next on my list http://www.squaremeal.co.uk/feature/hit-list-uk-top-50-restaurant
  4. Having dined at Rogans on may occasions I just wanted to add comment to your observations. You mentioned that you selected the set lunch menu and at that price, I think what you actually get is a quality product made with the corresponding ingredients - a Yorkshire blue cheese tart would have been made exactly as it says on the tin......and not with a more expensive roquefort. You could have selected the a la carte menu?? I think in this climate offering less expensive set menus is the only option for many restaurants/pubs. "Point taken, however the food comes from the same kitchen,with presumably, Tom Kerridge and assists doing the cooking except using cheaper ingredients As pointed out above,some chefs have the ability to put a bit of magic into their food,thats what makes them special" I believe this was your post on the Hand & Flowers £10 lunch thread. Not only does Rogan's have to deal with customers being selective over price but they also have to cater for what is a predominately local market, completely the opposite to L'enclume. Your comment about Rogan's above the door is a fair point but just because he has opened a casual drinking/eating establishment does not mean he is going to recreate a L'enclume 2 in the same small village, as that would definitely not make good business sense! I don't want to nit pick over your post but I will be very interested to hear what you say about L'enclume.
  5. The Highwayman is south of Kirkby Lonsdale
  6. Would have been my choice, why not try lunch at their new place Rogan & Company and go for the whole Cartmel experience.
  7. I cannot believe they haven't changed the name, Juniper is Paul and Kate and many young chefs who worked for them. They need to find their own identity. (I love you JB)
  8. Oooh are you staying in one of the garden suites? Stayed in one a couple of years ago and had a memorable night in one of the hot tubs in a howling gale!
  9. I am looking to visit RHR in October and have tried to bypass the 2 months reservation policy - it's a long story. Does any one know what it's like to get a table at the moment on a friday night?
  10. I'm not sure why your friend would make that comment. Surely you would visit L'Enclume for a completetly different experience to that of Rogan & Co.
  11. Any suggestions for an evening meal out in Newcastle, up to £50 a head for food would be ok. Apologies if this has been asked before.
  12. Interesting you should compare it to the Drunken Duck/Punch Bowl. I find both way to £££££ for what you get, espcially the Drunken Duck. I am always a bit confused by them. Are they gastro pubs, restaurants, pub, bar, hotel, restaurant with rooms?? I prefer the Punchbowl of the two. Rogans is more a restaurant, its more focused. I look forward to returning there. ← I suppose my comparison only relates to what else is in the local area, as really you can't put them in the same league, but I know which of the 3 I won't be visiting again. I was at Rogan's on Sunday night and it was suprising to see how many non diners where downstairs which gave the place a great atmosphere equal to any city centre wine bar.
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