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  1. Great ice cream. Neither of the two locations I've been to have seating though.
  2. It's probably not your machine. We had the same problem, where suddenly the dishes were dirtier than when they went in the dishwasher. We were using Cascade liquid for years with no problem. After changing to Finish Powerball, it was the good old days again, everything was sparkling clean.
  3. Check out Dan Leader's "Local Breads" and Jeffery Hammelman's "Bread". Both have German/Czech bread recipes of the type you're looking for although I don't recall any with pistachios. You could always substitute them for pumpkin or sunflower seeds.
  4. Try a Passover cookbook, you should find what you are looking for. The cakes usually use potato starch and sometimes they actually taste good.
  5. Not difficult at all. I second the www.sweetmarias.com recommendation. You can learn everything you need to know as well as purchase top quality beans and equipment.
  6. Wow, I remember Tiger Sauce and when Arby's used real meat. I'm from Cleveland too and when I was in high school in the 60's Arby's was our regular place to go for a late night snack. After they started using synthetic beef we stopped going there.
  7. mhjoseph


    There's an ancient Hungarian recipe for roast beef with gooseberry sauce that I made which was very good. Google revealed that it can be found here http://books.google.com/books?id=ujkMntRNL...ngarian&pg=PA98 in Google Books.
  8. I saw this article recently. It's more than a kitchen rental, it's what I would call a business incubator that has kosher kitchen space available. http://www.kosherspirit.com/Article.asp?Issue=15&Article=188
  9. I too agree that it depends on who you speak to. I have a refurbished Pro 600. Refurbs come with a 6 month warranty and mine was almost two years old when this happened. I don't know the name of the part but the whole shaft assembly came out in December. I called customer service and told them that I never exceeded the flour capacity or speed 2 for mixing bread dough (which is true) and I feel that an expensive machine like this should last for more than two years even if it's refurbished. They promised to send me out a replacement refurb as soon as they had one in stock. Anyhow, a month went
  10. We use a special Persian rice cooker that makes perfect tahdig. You dump in the rice, water, salt and oil all at once and by some magic it works. It really looks like the picture in the link below. It is very different than a regular rice cooker, click here for some more information.
  11. If you're looking for pasta dishes, I've heard( on the CI Bulletin Board) that the Baked Ziti from the lastest issue is getting really good reviews( its on my list to make next month). I've made the spinach lasagna( bechamel) multiple times and that always gets really great reviews too. Both of the above are made with cottage cheese. ← I made the Baked Ziti tonight. Very tasty, it was a little loose in consistancy. Next time maybe I'll try a drier cottage cheese instead of creamy.
  12. This is really more of a question: Is it worth upgrading to the new "How to Cook Everything" by Mark Bittman if you already own the old edition?
  13. I'm with the olive oil school of thought and I consider my roast potatoes to be perfect. I simply cut small red potatoes in half, smear around some olive oil and a spice blend around on a sheet pan and roast cut side down at 400F. The spice is what ever I'm using on rotisserie chicken which what I generally serve the potatoes with, one of the red Penzey's blends. Olive oil is important, vegetable isn't the same. I don't know where I'd get goose fat if I wanted it. The outside is nicely crisped and a soft inside.
  14. You should try a kosher butcher shop too, that's where I find them.
  15. OK, I'm going to try this question again. I make bagels that I'm perfectly happy with using the BBA recipe. The only thing is, I can't get the seeds to stick without using egg white which seems inauthentic to me. All of the recipes that I have seen say that the seeds should stick to the wet dough, well not for me. I have a pile of seeds in the bag and bald bagels. Also, onion and garlic. I used reconstituted dehydrated onions and garlic and they always burn by the end of baking besides falling off. Are others reconstituting or using them dry, putting them on before baking or sometime during b
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