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  1. The Boiler Room is probably the best restaurant in Omaha right now. It's a great date restaurant. From what I've heard, their initial service problems have been resolved for the most part.
  2. Ditto, congrats! Looking forward to making our first visit in August. Do you think ChefGEB would resurrect dishes of days past for someone who never got a chance to hit Avenues? Anyone know what days he's usually in the kitchen?
  3. I sure didn't. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Keep in mind, this is from the old Cook's Tour show, so yeah, very old. I'm hoping Rulman has found a pair of socks by now.
  5. We were not given a reason, but as I mentioned *way* back up thread, I think our server was new to waiting tables or something because our service was lacking in a lot of ways, though it didn't really take away from our enjoyment of the meal. Don't get me wrong - our meal was great without it - I just wish I would have been able to try it. That said, I'm not sure which dish I would have replaced in it's spot, so it's probably just as well. So I look forward to seeing new pics from Manresa with twisted emotions
  6. Check out "A Cook's Tour" this week. Anthony Bourdain hits TFL with celebrity chefs in tow. If you're impatient, you can watch TFL section of the episode here.
  7. We were there in January, but I requested it because I saw it on the regular menu.
  8. That's not always true. We requested the Abalone with pig trotters, but was not served that dish. Manresa photos from GFC
  9. Reviving this thread. I'm having lunch here on Tuesday. Anyone have recommendations on what to order?
  10. I don't know the area real well, but here are some place I might recommend. BREAKFAST: Louie M's Burger Lust - Could do for lunch too. 11-Worth Cafe Taxi's - For Sunday brunch LUNCH: Ethnic Sandwich Shop Los Portales Bohemian Cafe? - A little bit slower Dinker's Bar & Grill DINNER: M's Pub - When he has time to relax Lucky's Ten-O-One - Finally got a real chef RESOURCES: Reviews of Omaha Restaurants
  11. Heehee, I did the same thing. BTW, great pics.Our 2nd trip to The French Laundry
  12. Just out of curiosity, what day of the week is your reservation for? I've found it's far easier to get a reservation for mid-week then it is for the coveted Fri/Sat spots.
  13. Great post Nathan. That's exactly what I've been thinking as I've been reading this thread for the past week or so.
  14. I guess I should have clarified, just a little bit. Looking to buy :-) We will be staying with family, so we can shop like locals. Looking for stuff to eat while were there and we'll have access to a kitchen. Not really looking to ship or bring anything back to Omaha with us. I think we're going to save our oyster binge for Swan Depot, so any other suggestions?
  15. I'll be returning to SF in mid-April and wanted to get some advice on hitting the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market for the very first time. I'll be arriving at SFO around 11:30 AM on a Sat and leaving around 6 AM the next Sat. So here are my questions: 1) Who are the "Must Visit" vendors? 2) Are there a lot of differences in the vendors that attend on Sat vs. Tues? If so, are any of them major "must visit" vendors? 3) How much smaller are the crowds on Tuesdays? 4) Best lunch options? Thanks!
  16. Sorry, just imagining a large group of foodies rushing down to CT with cameras trying to score a free meal :-)
  17. "Our top story tonight - a large group of shutterbugs has convened outside the fabled Charlie Trotter's restaurant. No news yet on the reason for such a large gathering at this location. Our reporters were sent to investigate, but disappeared inside the building some time ago."
  18. Everything depends on what you're looking for. What do you define as "Good"? As I said in my previous post, M's is great. Liberty Tavern can be great, but is inconsistent. I forgot to mention V. Mertz, which is probably one of the best restaurants in town, but pricey. For vegetarian, check out Ahmad's or Indian Oven.
  19. SG, Just curious what sorts of service issues you've noticed over the course of your visits. Could you elaborate a bit? While the service does lack stiff formality, I personally find this quite refreshing.I'm with SG. Great food, but the service I had was very unpolished. I don't need stiff service, in fact I prefer a more relaxed service, but I would like my wait staff to know what they're serving us.To be completely fair, I've only been once (Jan 2006) and I got the impression that our server was new not only to Manresa, but to fine dining as well. Beside the lack of knowledge, some additional examples that I would think would prevent a 3rd star would include 1.) having water poured over the table in a manner that allowed condensation from the pitcher to drip onto the food plate 2.) waiting far to long for our coffee and after dinner drinks. By the time they came, we were just plain ready to leave, so they all were barely touched. We still really enjoyed our meal and the unpolished service really didn't detract from it in any major way. Just agreeing with the point that for Manresa, "service is it's weakest point", which could be argued is actually a good thing Manresa Photo Set
  20. Some interesting information for some of you out there who enjoy their house wine, Modicum. While you may still find it difficult, if not impossible, to get a reservation at The French Laundry, you can now at least drink their wine in the comfort of your own home. Though only available in very limited quantities, they have decided to start offering Modicum, along with a new Bordeaux blend, for off-site sales. Pair this wine with some French Laundry recipes and you have the next best thing to actually getting a reservation. Order Modicum from The French Laundry
  21. Very cool. Congrats to CT and his whole team. They may no longer be considered the top restaurant in Chicago, but they certainly paved the way. And dispite what some say, I think their food is still relevant and quite enjoyable.
  22. What kind of places are you looking for? Liberty Tavern is in the Hilton and is a pretty good restaurant. Assuming you want to stay downtown, M's Pub is a great spot for just chilling and eating some great food, especially the Thai Lavash. Upstream Brewing Company has some really good beer and also happens to serve pretty good food. And Ted & Wally's is an Omaha institution for ice cream. To help you decide, here are some lists that might be of use. Restaurants in Downtown Omaha Omaha Restaurants: Menus and Websites
  23. I have, but that was through Opentable.com and it was almost 4 years ago.
  24. This was the same thing that popped into my mind when I read this. Similar to what Alinea had planned to do. Were those ear buds? Do they change that pads after each diner? I don't want someone else's ear wax in my ears. That's unappetizing.
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