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  1. Best Hummus hands down, at Sahara's in Brooklyn, on Coney Island Avenue between Avenue T & U its WORTH the trip!!!
  2. I got a dozen cupcakes (since theres a limit) for Valentines Day, hoping to suprise my Sweetie with 'em. When he saw the pastel pretties his eyes lit up! When he took a bite, he almost SPIT up. I havent tasted them prior to that. They tasted like bland corn muffins with Play-Do/Sugar fondant on top. Bleh. They're nasty. I dont even know why there's a dozen cupcake limit or a line going around the corner. Ah, the persuasive power of Sex in the City! Smelled Delicious in there, I must say. Also, never had the cakes, either, and Im not really anxious to try them.
  3. Looks like Eggplant with some sort of fish sauce, kinda Filipino looking
  4. There are some japanese bars where u can order pocky...comes in a glass with some blue liquor or liquid of some sort...
  5. I love love love Vinegar! (must be a Filipino thing?) Brewing coffee, onions and garlic, toast, pasta, baked anything, seared steak, toasted sesame seeds, and CUMIN (delish!) but not all mixed together I dislike dislike dislike the smell of cheese, ESPECIALLY fake cheese (but i love eating it, the real stuff anyway), boiled vegetables like peas and broccoli, coconut milk with meat, un-seasoned scrambled eggs, and Russian Salad!! I don't know the proper name for it, but its pink with apples and weirdo stuff in it. nasty.
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