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  1. Great! Thank you both, I will look into that website, seems like a good start!
  2. Hello! I hope I'm in the right forum, if not, please correct me! I am a big fan of grower Champagnes, and as a semi-recent transplant to NYC I don't know where to go? With V-day quickly approaching, I'm looking to you all for a little advice? Thanks a lot! Miranda
  3. that sounds delicious!! and i've never been to zabars. Sounds like a plan, thanks a lot!
  4. thanks for all the thoughts! I am not worried about sight seeing as I'm moving to nyc at the end of the month. I'm fine without brunch, especially coming from Portland-land of brunches. Ok, so a bagel(or some similar snack) and a good (is that possible?) cup of coffee sound good, where should I go?
  5. I am going to New York for 24 hours and I will be with a friend who has never been before. We're staying at the Parker Meridian at, and we want to walk around all day sunday, but I think we will need a yummy meal to start out. Where in that neighborhood should we go? We aren't looking to spend a ton, but at the same time its only 24 hours, and we would like to have a memeorable meal. Thank you so much!
  6. You must have Breakfast at Podnah's Pit! It is straight forward, soulful food. The best biscuits and gravy in town and grits to dream about. Lunch options are many and varied, lots of new sandwhich spots that are getting lots of attention-- Meat, Cheese, Bread being one of them, and Bunk being another. Bunk is chaotic and crowded and I think it's very Portland-y. Also, there is a very special lunch to be had at a place called Evoe at Pastaworks. Definatly look into that. As for dinner, Toro Bravo is a good recommendation, but just know that the wait is usually about an hour, so plan to have a drink upstairs while you wait. Pok Pok / whisky soda lounge is a really fun and delicious meal-- Thai street foods and generally yummy things. Great cocktails. So much more. . . beast is a great option, as is DOC, Paley's is classic, Clyde Common is pretty fun. . . Depends a lot on your own tastes, too.
  7. Oh Excellent! I'm not opposed to Pig n pancake, but I've been there before and it can be a little fluorescent and full of teenagers/ small children. I will let you know what we end up doing! Thanks for the suggestions so far. . .
  8. I'm heading to cannon beach, OR pretty soon, and I know that I want to eat at the Ecola seafood restaurant for dinner/lunch, but I'm wondering about a good breakfast? We are late risers, but we welcome good coffee and mimosas too! Any recommendations are welcome. Also, pub recommendations are very welcome ! Thanks so much! ~Miranda
  9. oh man, i would totally kill to eat my weight in lobster. . . that said, i'm getting really excited about all these suggestions! Shake shack was something that I've been considering, so its good to know that it's not an unreasonable idea! thanks so much everyone!
  10. thanks for the help so far, sorry about not being very specific about budget, basically as cheap as possible but I'm obviously not wanting to eat cheez-its in my hotel room so cheap meaning I have about $20 a day I'd feel ok spending. I know, that's like nothing, right? I have no doubt I will go over budget, but I'm going to try to be good! I hate to miss all the great food in new york, but this is a scouting trip for a potential move, so I trust I'll have a chance later to fit in the really really great stuff. thanks again for all the great ideas so far!
  11. hi everyone! I'm coming to new york soon and i'll just be there a couple of days but my boyfriend and I are pretty much broke, so i'm feeling nervous about what we will be able to find in the food dept. We want something yummy, he wants pizza mainly i think, but otherwise we are totally totally open. suggestions? we will be staying in midtown, but i'm visiting nyu so we'll be down in those parts too. thanks a lot!!
  12. Hi! i'm overwhelmed and confused about where to eat in newport, or! any recommendations would be appreciated. thanks a lot!
  13. Great ideas! thanks, especially that she has conversions to wedding cake sizes, that is great. I was thinking I'd best make a library trip before buying, for sure.
  14. Hello! I have been asked to bake a wedding cake, and I want to get a book or two to have around as a security blanket! I would like it to be really helpful in the ways of fondant, buttercreams, decorations etc and maybe even contain some structural suggestions. What's the best of the best book that i should buy? I'm sure you guys know!! thanks a lot!
  15. Mirandar


    That's the cake! Thanks! that tart sounds amazing, too, though, so now which one do i make. . . .?
  16. Mirandar


    Chufi, Your Rhubarb cake from your first post in the forum doesn't seem to be on recipegullet anymore, and I absolutely want to make it as soon as possible! It looks so good! Could you maybe share it again?
  17. I'm afraid that the state of my finances hasn't allowed me to taste very many of them yet, so I don't really feel like I can say that I have a favorite, as I only have tried a few. One that really stands out in my mind is Gatinois Tradition Brut Grand Cru that I tried around Christmas, it was savory and salty and delicious! i'd love you know more about your experience! What made you want to do that and what did you think of the growers you you worked with?
  18. I do speak a little--i've taken a lot, but I'm not fluent. I understand and can get by, but I can't keep up with fast conversation. I'd plan to brush up a lot before going though! So you're experience was that it was fairly simple to pull off?
  19. Hello! I have dreams of opening a champagne and other bubbles bar someday in the future, and as much as I read about it, I think that the only way to try to really become qualified to have a buisness in which I spread the bubble-love is to go and really dig my hands into the champagne-making world. I'd love to work on a vineyard-- harvest, whatever! Anything to get past a tourist-y view and really get my hands dirty. I'd be happy to work just for room and board, and stay a while, too. Does anyone have any insight about how to go about setting this up for myself? Thank you so much!
  20. Mirandar

    Preserving Summer

    That's so awesome! I will definately make use of that. I'm just starting to share my jam with the outside world, and i want it to be all local and great! maybe I'll investigate Powell Butte too!
  21. Mirandar

    Preserving Summer

    hi Eilen! actually i am in portland too, so that really perfectly answers my question! i guess i will wait for early summer then, and watch the farmers market. thanks a lot! ~Miranda
  22. Mirandar

    Preserving Summer

    Hello! A quick question about Mes Confitures, I was wondering what the story was with the Green Apple Jelly that is called for in so many of her recipes. First is there an alternative (ferber mentions a longer cooking time, has anyone tried that?) Second, what kind of green apples do you think we should use? thanks so much!!
  23. a trip to seattle just to go to le pichet is my boyfriends' christmas present, because i'm sure that there is nothing that he wants more then to go back there. We stumbled into Le Pichet and lucked into a table right away on a sat. night around 9pm. we had been at wedding festivites all day and needed a totally restorative, and we had the most perfect evening there. perfect!!! you lucky seattle-ites
  24. I want to make a delicious mushroom ragout to properly enjoy the current bounty! does anyone have a really great recipe? I think I'd probably like to pour it over polenta and eat it so. . .
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